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Colt M45A1 CQBP in Box

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USMC Re-ups with the Colt 1911

The Marines’ new M45 CQBP (Close-Quarters Battle Pistol) is based on Colt’s rail gun and is a “highly enhanced version of an already excellent combat weapon.” We take it on a test drive.

Picture shows a black, steel CZ 75 9mm pistol.

Range Reports

The Merits of the Full-Sized CZ 75 for Home Defense

Even though smaller handguns may look easier to handle, the shorter barrels and lighter weights of pocket pistols actually make perceived recoil worse. Though full-sized semi-automatic handguns are more difficult to conceal for women, they make excellent home defense guns. Due to the full-sized, all-metal frame of the CZ 75, I can shoot incredibly accurately with it. In this article, I explore the merits of a full-sized 9mm pistol for home defense.

Taurus First 24 To Go Bag


Taurus First 24: Superior Go Bag

We all talk about a to go bag but how many of us manage to put the time and effort together to assemble the to go bag—and even then, have we covered all of the bases? The Taurus First 24 Series offers a credible choice.

S&W M&P Shield Handgun


The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield—A Small Handgun, A Giant Step Forward

Among the most impressive of the new generation of wonder 9 pistols is the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, chambered for the 9mm Luger. Although a a variation on the Smith and Wesson Military and Police self-loading pistol, it differs considerably from the other M&P pistols. It is trim, lightweight and has a great fit in the hand.

Young man in gray t-shirt and sunglasses with light brown hair points a silver Taurus Judge at a target with miscellaneous items in the background against a wooded area.


The Versatile Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge is a pure defense revolver, lightweight, portable and versatile loads. Read the post for load recommendations and more details.

The Gen 4 models introduced an upgraded double recoil spring and guide rod.


Glock 23 Made in the USA

Glock gave us the model 23 in 1990—an incredibly significant year in the firearms industry. First, was the introduction of the .40 S&W caliber. Collaboration between Smith & Wesson and Winchester, gave the world a 185-grain bullet that flies over 1,000 feet per second—a cartridge with nearly perfect balance of weight, mass, firepower, and consistent energy transfer. The FBI needed a gun to fit the new round and Glock answered the call with the models 22 and 23. The Glock 22 is full-sized, while the 23 is the compact model. Inspired by the Glock 19, the Glock 23 shares the same specifications as the iconic 19, except for the difference in caliber.