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Nosler Custom Competition Ammunition


SHOT 2013 Preview: Nosler Custom Competition Ammunition

Nosler’s Match Grade ammunition is designed for precision target shooters and competitors who are looking for match winning accuracy in a factory loaded round. Nosler Match Grade handgun ammunition will be offered in 50 count boxes and is loaded to the strictest of tolerances for maximum accuracy, consistency and dependability.


Cartridge of the Week, the .44 Remington Magnum

Here comes an ashtray at 1,420 FEET PER SECOND! This train needs no tunnel it makes them. This week I am going to make my hero Dirty Harry so proud of me. However, Harry one correction it was not the gun, it was the bullet that made this the most powerful handgun ever made, the .44 Remington Magnum


Cartridge of the Week, the .22 Long Rifle Rimfire

So, you think the .22 Long Rifle is a kids round? Do not bet your life on it. This grand old cartridge predates anything we have previously reviewed. It came about in 1887 and up until 1890; manufacturers loaded it with only black powder. It is one of the oldest self-contained cartridges still in mass production—and it is lethal.