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No, You Aren’t Dreaming. Magpul Releases the Glock PMAG

Breaking news from Magpul! The company just announced on its Facebook page the GLOCK GL9 PMag. The PMag that will fit the GLOCK 17, 19 and all other GLOCK 9mm handguns. In a tongue-in-cheek promotion, Magpul says, “The same boring reliability you expect from an OEM magazine.” It is made in the United States and MSRP is set for $15.95. Read the news on the Shooter’s Log and watch a video of the GLOCK PMag in action.

With the all the straight lines the Glock 19 balances nicely for photos!


The Ultimate Guide to the GLOCK 19

It is 09/19 and Cheaper Than Dirt is declaring it unofficially GLOCK 19 Day! Introduced in 1988, the GLOCK 19 9mm pistol is the German company’s second pistol produced and has grown to become one of the world’s most popular pistols. Today, all hail the GLOCK 19 and read The Shooter’s Log Ultimate Guide to the GLOCK 19 pistol.

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GLOCK 19 Pros and Cons

The GLOCK 19 9mm is highly regarded by GLOCK fans and others. It is perfect? No, nothing this side of Paradise is perfect, but the GLOCK 19 just might be a little bit of heaven in some hands. Check out this post to see if it is the right fit for you.

Everyday Carry Loadout

Blades and Knives

EDC—Everyday Carry

Everyone’s choice is different when it comes to their EDC—everyday carry gear. From the bare essentials—a gun, knife and light—to primary gun and a backup gun—whatever you choose should be dependable, reliable and easily fit in your pockets or bag. Rather you are just starting out in concealed carry or an old pro looking to upgrade your equipment and would like to see what everyone else is carrying; I got six anonymous men to snap a picture of their EDC. How does yours compare?


‘Top 10’ Most-Read Articles

This compilation of the most-read Shooter’s Log articles from the last quarter talks about a range of topics, from gun taxes to the sticky issue of legal deadly force to how to buy an AK-47. Click the headlines to check them out for yourself.

Glock 19 in black leather holster resting on swatches of exotic skins.


Do You Need a GLOCK 19 Pistol?

The Glock 19 pistol is an innovative solution with a unique trigger design and little need for maintenance. You can easily add night sights so you have a 24-hour option and it is easily carried because it is so compact and light.


The ‘Second 10’ Articles as of August 17, 2013

This compilation of the most-read Shooter’s Log articles by all-time rank from No. 11 to No. 20 talks about a range of topics, from exercising good manners at the gun store to the provocative question, “Will you turn over your guns” if the government demands them? Click the headlines to check them out for yourself.

Glock 19


The Most Popular Handgun—GLOCK 19

Looking for an affordable gun with the right mix of durability, reliability and shootability? Look no further! I have the perfect gun: The GLOCK 19. Introduced in 1988, the GLOCK 19 quickly became popular with law enforcement agencies nationwide. After successfully selling the model 19 to United States law enforcement, GLOCK moved on to win the hearts of U.S. civilians. And win them they did. The GLOCK 19 is one, if not the most, popular handguns in the United States—quite possibly the world.