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Picture shows five different large machetes.

Blades and Knives

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, 5 Machetes

This set of five machetes is one of Cheaper Than Dirt’s best bargains on blades. Each individual order is a grab bag of five different machetes with a variety of blade shapes and lengths with different styles of handles. Every machete has a full-tang blade and have good weight and balance for swinging, whacking and chopping. At around four dollars a blade, these five large machetes are truly worth the price per blade.

Picture shows a blue training pistol with laser and laser reactive target.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Save Money and Shoot Better with the LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit and Plinking Cans

Experts and professionals agree—shooters should regularly train to keep proficient. Cost and availability of ammunition can be prohibitive to lay people and many may not make it to the range as often as they would like. You can still train at home with dry fire, which helps with drawing for a holster, speed and muscle memory, but never tells much for your accuracy. If you aren’t accurate, then what’s your piece worth? A few pounds of metal? LaserLyte has a solution.

Picture shows a red, propane-powered hot water heater.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 24: Winter Prep Overkill

There are quite a lot of adventurers out there—many who brave extreme temperatures to have an adventure of a lifetime. Like the 2,000 plus people who have successfully climbed Mount Everest. Others live in far Northern places— I’m looking at you, Alaska — where no one blinks an eye at minus freezing temperatures. When weather is going to be really nasty, for a while, wouldn’t you prefer to have the best winter-rated gear? Call it overkill or call it more comfortable, the following five products don’t come cheap, but you will be much better off than your neighbors.

White multi-layered dehydrator with a teal rimmed lid and a on a white background.


A Prepper Gift List for the Non-Prepper

If you’re not a prepper, check this list of not-so-common gift ideas for your favorite prepper and maybe even for yourself. Whether you’re drawn to a simple shovel or a fancy food dehydrator, there’s something on this holiday gift list for every prepper you know.

Picture shows a fire ring made of large rocks, a tee pee-style fire in the woods covered in snow.

Camping & Survival

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 16: 10 Tips for Building a Fire in the Snow

Making a fire on the fly is tough already without snow and ice on the ground. I hope you never have to fend for yourself over night in a winter storm, but in case you must—knowing how to start a fire in wet and adverse conditions can save your life. First, get the basic fire building skills down. Since building a fire in wet weather is a bit more challenging, here are 10 tips to get a fire going in the snow.

Picture shows a close up of a KeyMod rail system on an AR-15 rifle.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Fad or the Future? The KeyMod Rail System

A new rail system for your rifle is slowly catching on. Officially announced to the public in July 2012, the KeyMod mounting system uses old principles to lock down rails and accessories. In collaboration between then General Manager of VLTOR Weapons Systems, Eric Kincel and Noveske Rifleworks, Noveske developed the KeyMod handguard. The lightweight and thin handguard uses a series of keyholes to mount accessories and rails. Kincel mentioned it was not originally intended to replace the 1913 rail, but some speculate it will.