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No More M1 Garands


Keeping Surplus Military Weapons Off Our Streets?

President Obama’s latest Executive Action targets the importation of what is referred to as “military grade” weapons. This actions bars the importation of primarily WWII-era weapons such as the M1 Garand. The White House argues that some of these weapons end up ‘back on the street.’

Mossberg 500 Lisa Methany and Turkey


Mossberg Model 500 — 10 Million Strong and Growing

In just a few short years, the Mossberg Firearm Company will be celebrating 100 years as one of this country’s top firearm manufactures. Wilhelmina and I plan to return to the fields of South Dakota to celebrate and to prove she has indeed taught me a few things over the years.

Smith & Wesson 108485 1911 SC Enhanced E-Series Pistol 45 ACP


Five Guns I Really Want in 2013

2012 is mostly in the rearview window now, and some guns I’ve handled and shot in the past year have come and gone without making a ripple in my consciousness. But others made a big impact, and now I want them. So for 2013, I may slake this gun-buying thirst with a handful of interesting rifles, pistols, and shotguns that I knew only too briefly this year, and whose absence I now regret.


The Top 10 Lists of 2012 (Jan 5, 2013)

Everybody likes lists — such as this compilation of the top-10 list-type articles in The Shooter’s Log. These stories put specs, buyer’s guides, and other handy bite-sized bits of advice into easy-to-navigate items.


The Top AR Platforms of the 1870s

Your position is under attack. You need to fire copious amounts of bullets. You need to overwhelm the opposing force. Firepower is the essence and it must come from a small group of soldiers. At the very least, you need to double your enemy’s rate of fire. You need a short fast rifle that is quick into action. You need a carbine platform that is easy to carry. You need an assault rifle. The AK47 is solid, the AR-15 runs like a sports car. Your problem is that it is the 1870’s. What do you do now?