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Gas rings on an AR-15 rifle


Six Troubleshooting Solutions for AR-15 Function

When something goes wrong and the rifle won’t fire, the first question should always be, “What changed?” Before answering that, we have to determine—or at least I determine—whether we’re talking about a “fresh” rifle going through its shakedown period, or a (previously) trusted gun that’s suddenly decided to stop running. If it’s the first scenario, there’s a longer list of possibilities that include original parts, conditions, and installation quality. This article will focus on the previously-functioning rifle that’s taken a vacation from operation.

Bolt Carrier Group BCG AR-15

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Video: How to Clean the AR-15 BCG (With Froglube)

In this video, FrogLube gives step-by-step instructions on how to clean the Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) of an AR-15 using FrogLube products, which are billed as the world’s first Bio-base Weapons Care System. Push Play and get ready to learn how to strip down and clean the BCG as well as the effectiveness of FrogLube’s line of cleaning and lubrication products.

REar view of a pistol barrel showing unburnt powder

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How Often Should I Clean My Handgun?

We all may know of handguns that have been going since World War II without changing the springs, but this simply isn’t optimal performance. We purchased a high-end pistol so that we would not have to worry about reliability, true, but maintenance is part of every firearm. The question that is often asked is how often should we clean the handgun? The answer really depends upon the firearm.

Swab-Its Bore-whip in the chamber of an AR-15

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Swab-Its — Simple, Cool, Reusable, and Durable

I first saw the Swab-Its at the 2015 SHOT Show and simply didn’t get the concept of them—hmm… disposable foam bore cleaners. Yeah, the concept was cool. However, I wondered why anyone would buy such an expensive single-use product. Like many times in life, I was wrong. I learned my lesson, even though it took me a full year. My mistake was thinking, “Swab-Its are a one trick pony.” In actuality, Swab-Its are a well made, non-damaging, bore cleaner that can be cleaned and continually reused many, many times.


Rifle-Cleaning Tips Video

In this NSSF video, former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner describes how he cleans his bolt-action rifle and lets shooters in on some tips and tricks. He also challenges some cleaning conventions many shooters believe.