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The key to Mountain House foods’ high quality longevity is the specialized packaging.

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Mountain House: Comfort Food You Can Count On

As Mountain House/Oregon Freeze-Dry, Inc. celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, it is safe to say the company has the longest proven shelf life of any modern-day preserved food in the industry. In fact, the company recently pulled out 30-year-old pouches archived in its warehouse for a taste test. Since Mountain House packaging contains such low levels of moisture, oxygen and includes a foil barrier, the food tasted almost as good as the day it was packaged. Mountain House cooks its foods together—always using 100 percent real meat —just as you would make a meal at home and then freeze dries it. Mountain House is the only brand that cooks food in this manner. This means that its food rehydrates faster and tastes better.

Grey Cicada, isolated on white

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Shrimp of the Land: A Quick Guide to Eating Cicadas

All cicadas are nutritious and tasty. With the emergence of Brood II magicicadas, there will millions of tasty critters ready to be harvest and cooked. Here are some tips for people who have never eaten cicada before. Being able to live off the land is a valuable skill no matter what your situation. When you’re out all day working the fields or stalking dinner through the woods, a couple of fresh cicadas will give you the protein boost that you need to keep on keeping on. And if dinner doesn’t come easy, those cicadas might be your best bet for a decent meal, so you should start trying recipes today in preparation for the future.

A bookcase makes a great cover up

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Caching Food

One of the first things about prepping is you don’t talk about prepping. With over three million Americans identifying themselves as preppers, you probably have been in the home of one of them and never knew it. Thanks to the art of hiding in plain sight, many preppers have figured out ways to stockpile a year’s worth of food supplies without basements, root cellars or sacrificing space. If you want to know how to cache food, read this blog.