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woman learning how to shoot an AR-15 rifle.


10 Top ARs for 2018

Legislators are proposing all sorts of new legislation that ranges from changing the legal age to buy certain to firearms to outright bans on entire types of firearms, primarily Modern Sporting Rifles such as the AR-15. Although no one can be certain what the future may hold, these situations always cause a spike in interest among first time buyers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. It would be an impossible task to whittle any Top AR list to 10, so instead, we decided to pull a handful of favorites that cover law enforcement, home defense, sporting, and hunting just to get you started.

Savage Model 110 rifle with user-­adjustable AccuFit system


New Rifles for 2018 — SHOT Show Edition

There was little doubt that 2018 is going to be a gun worthy year. Savage Arms alone launched about 100 new models. Weatherby announced that is is done with California and plans to pull up stakes and set roots in the gun-friendly state of Wyoming—and then the guns…

Colt LE6920 AR-15


By the Numbers: America’s Top 5 Rifles

If there is one thing we all love, it is a good debate over which gun is best. The regulars all make the list, and that is fine, but the creativity and opinions of the readers is really what’s eye opening and makes it a good a read. That being said, this list is strictly based on national sales numbers, so it’s perfect fodder for a good shredding—do your worst. This first, of a three part series, focuses on the top five selling pistols.

Black Noveske-built Gen III AR-15 rifle with many upgrades


The Best AR-15s for All Budgets

Many readers and customers ask us “what is the best AR-15?” Ask 5, 10, 20 people and you will get that many different answers. There really are no true criteria for defining what “the best” truly means. However, here at Cheaper Than Dirt! we are shooters and we are shooters who shoot a lot and love the AR-15. In this article, I highlight what we think are some of the best AR-15s on the market for all budgets.

DPMS Sportical AR-15 Right profile


All Business, No Flash—DPMS Sportical AR-15

The DPMS Sportical carbine might just be the most simplistic, straight forward AR on the market. Lightweight barrel, adjustable stock, and a slick-sided low-profile upper make this rifle the perfect choice for the recreational shooter on a budget.

Windham Weaponry CDI AR-15 rifles black left side profile


Top 10 AR-15 Rifles of 2019

Shooter’s Log writer, Dave Dolbee has compiled a top 10 list of ARs—in no particular order—for 2104 with at least one notable exception. Can you spot it? Match your top 10 list against other readers and see how your list compares.



Top New AR-15s of 2014!

Perhaps one or two old favorites slipped onto the list, but Cheaper Than Dirt! writers scoured the web for the best of the new tactical long guns and compiled it here for you.

Remington Logo


Remington Moves Several Plants to Alabama

Remington Outdoor Company is closing plants in Georgia, Utah, North Carolina, Montana, and Minnesota and moving those production lines to Huntsville, Alabama. Read this to learn all the details of this significant change within the shooting sports industry.

Picture shows a black, fixed stock AR-15 A2 style rifle with fixed carry handle and carbine length handguard.


When Teaching a New Shooter, Does the Gun Matter?

Over Spring Break, CTD Suzanne introduces one of her girlfriends to the shooting sports by getting out with an S&W M&P 15-22, S&W M&P .22 pistol and the DPMS Classic 16 A2 carbine. Do you think gun choice matters when introducing someone to shooting? Read on to find out.