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Picture shows a black, stripped lower receiver (the firing part) of an AR-15.


DIY ARs — Building Your Own AR-15

Curious about black rifles? I don’t blame you. The AR-15 is after all, the most popular rifle in America. The AR-15’s versatility, adaptability, reliability and ease of operation make the gun the nearly perfect all-rounder—from plinking to home defense, from competition to hunting—you can build it in any configuration you need. Further, building your own AR-15 means you get the parts you want at a price you can afford. Building an AR-15 from the ground up might seem overwhelming and confusing, however with this guide, “DIY ARs — Building Your Own AR-15,” Cheaper Than Dirt! breaks down part by part everything you need to build an AR-15 rifle.


AR-15 Barrel Basics, Part 2

In Part 2, High Master Glen Zediker writes about important considerations in choosing a barrel for your AR-15, including contours, length, life expectancy, crowns, cryo treatments, and chambering choices. Read this article article to learn more.

Black AR-15, barrel to the right on a white background


Build a More Accurate AR-15

Making the AR-15 rifle shoot a little tighter is not that difficult with attention to detail and a little elbow grease. Step by step, cut-and-dry methods work well with America’s rifle. Check out this post for suggestions on tweaks to everything from the receiver to the grip.

Picture shows an aluminum 30-round pink AR-15 magazine.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Five Cheap Ways to Dress up Your AR-15

They say the AR-15 is like Legos for adults, but I say it’s like Barbie Dolls for grown women. One of the best things about the AR-15 is its adaptability, versatility and interchangeability. There are so many aftermarket accessories for the black rifle and now that the firearms industry has taken notice of how many women shooters there are and women’s buying power, we are seeing many of these AR-15 accessories come in pink. If you like a hint of color and do not want to spend a lot, check out these five colorful and cheap accessories for your AR-15.

Picture shows a close up of a KeyMod rail system on an AR-15 rifle.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Fad or the Future? The KeyMod Rail System

A new rail system for your rifle is slowly catching on. Officially announced to the public in July 2012, the KeyMod mounting system uses old principles to lock down rails and accessories. In collaboration between then General Manager of VLTOR Weapons Systems, Eric Kincel and Noveske Rifleworks, Noveske developed the KeyMod handguard. The lightweight and thin handguard uses a series of keyholes to mount accessories and rails. Kincel mentioned it was not originally intended to replace the 1913 rail, but some speculate it will.

Using the key tool, you can quickly and easily swap out LitePipes for a different color.


SHOT 2013: HiViz Shooting Systems Releases New Fiber Optic Sight

HiViz listened to consumer concerns and created a new option for shooters. HiViz, known for making fiber optic sights of all kinds for nearly every type of gun, has had two main problems: either the sight allows in a good amount of light and is vulnerable to damage, or the sight is reinforced but more difficult to see.