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Bob Campbell with AR-15 Shooting out of a doorway

Safety and Training

The Rifle for Home Defense

When considering a firearm for home defense there are three choices, the handgun, rifle, and shotgun. Many arguments can be made for each and the choice must fit your lifestyle, but the AR-15 is hard to beat, so get the AR-15 rifle out of the closet and into a first tier role in your home defense. After all, this is the most effective and useful firearm in the battery.

expanded 62 grain vital shok bullet


Range Report: Federal Trophy Bonded Tip Vital Shok

Federal’s proven reputation for quality is secure its new Trophy Bonded Tip Vital Shok. The 62-grain Trophy Bonded loading is accurate and as you will see, expands reliably. If you only have one all-around .223 Rem round, Federal’s Trophy Bonded Tip Vital Shok is a contender for the top of the list.

Hornady Full Boar ammunition


.223 Remington Load Selections — Picking the Best .223 Load for the Task

The 5.56mm/.223 Remington is America’s cartridge just as the AR-15 rifle is America’s rifle. The rifle is used for recreational shooting, competition, varmint hunting, medium-sized game hunting, and personal defense. In fact, the same rifle will handle all of these chores—given a skilled shooter. While the rifle is versatile and may fill each role well, no single loading will serve in every pursuit. Which load do you need?

Colt LE6920 AR-15


Colt Defense Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Late last year, Colt dodged a bullet with an eleventh hour stay when it secured enough financing and struck a deal to keep the creditors at bay. However, the end may be in sight. Monday, June 15, 2015, Colt Defense LLC is ready to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Read more to peek at Colt’s future.

Colt 1911 Commander with three different boxes of ammunition


Range Report: The ‘1911 Commander’ Way

The Colt 1911 Government Model served law enforcement well for a long time. However, there was one complaint—it was too large and heavy for carrying comfortably. Even before World War II, Colt experimented with smaller handguns. With the maturity of aluminum technology, the smaller Commander-sized 1911 was possible. Today, the Colt Commander is built from steel and proves itself an excellent carry gun. Read our range report in this post.


Colt’s Competition-Ready Bloodline 

Colt’s ARs are going through a heretofore-unseen evolution of design modifications — many of them tricked-out for match competition by Colt Competition in in Breckenridge, Texas. Here’s an overview: