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Charter Arms Bulldog left profile


Range Report: Charter Arms Classic Bulldog — Iconic Conceal Carry Revolver

The Bulldog Classic is Charter Arms’ iconic revolver that was first manufactured in 1973. It looks old school with the tapered 3-inch barrel, exposed ejector rod, and checkered walnut grips. In hand, the Classic is lightweight and feels a lot like a .38 Special except for the fatter cylinder which holds five rounds of .44 Special ammo, but the proof of a pistol’s worth is on the the range.

Charter Arms Pitbull revolver with American Eagle ammunition


Range Report: Charter Arms Pitbull in .45 ACP

This Pitbull—like all the other models in the Pitbull series—is designed to fire a rimless, semi-automatic pistol cartridge. The unique feature of the Pitbull series is the ejector has a built in spring loaded plunger for each chamber that is depressed when a cartridge is inserted into the chamber and snaps back out into the extractor groove of the rimless cartridge case. With this system there is no need for moonclips. The chambers are also stepped, so .45 ACP cases headspace on the case mouth.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Choosing and Packing A Range Bag

One of the inevitabilities, and greatest aspects of our sport, is the accumulation of gear and accessories. Somewhere, deep down inside each of us, is a little devilish voice convincing us to get more stuff. This isn’t a bad thing, but you need to be smart to make the most of your range time. Here are our top dos and dont’s for range bags.

Charter Arms with a box of Winchester #12 ammunition


Range Report: Charter Arms .22 Pathfinder

This is a neat and affordable little kit gun—what more could we ask? It is a ball of fun to fire and use! As a kit gun or fishing gun, the .22 revolver is an American classic. There is little muzzle blast or recoil, and the revolver is useful for those who cannot tolerate heavier recoil. And, you just have to have a Charter Arms Pathfinder revolver in the bug out bag.