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Butt of the Magpul SGA stock right


Review: Magpul SGA Stock/Mossberg 500

Firing 20 full-power buckshot loads from a 12 gauge Mossberg ended with my wrist resulted in Epsom salts the next morning. The pistol grip shotgun is acceptable for entry team use, or crowded areas, and ideal for keeping handy in fishing trawlers to take out flipping, gnashing sharks brought in with the more mundane catches. However, for extended shooting sessions, upgrade to Magpul’s SGA stock.

Kel-Tec KSG shotgun with a box of Winchester AA Shotshells


Range Report: Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

There are shotguns that do not look like shotguns. All are not practical but a few have merit. Among the most innovative and interesting is the Kel Tec KSG shotgun. The KSG is unmistakably a Kel Tec; the modern design and engineering shows. This is a shotgun you should immerse yourself in to learn the nuances of the design and operation if you plan to deploy the shotgun for personal defense.

Tan box of Hornaday Buckshot with red lettering on a white background


Using the Shotgun and Shotgun Loads

There are three ranges of the shotgun: short, medium and far, also known as A, B and C ranges. You have to know which is the likely engagement range and plan from there. The intended use of the shotgun has much bearing on the load you choose and the details in this article steer you in the right direction.


How Does Buckshot Perform at 50 Yards?

Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing recently conducted an eye-opening ballistic gelatin test of buckshot at 50 yards distance. The rounds were shot from a Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun with 20″ barrel length and full choke. This video shows the results.

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RIO 12 Gauge Buckshot

Discover the versatile Rio 12 gauge buckshot: It’s inexpensive, readily available and works great for home defense and taking out a pest. They’re great for moving from a training with birdshot to training with the real thing so students get the “feel” for the field.

How Gauge is Measured


Shotgun Ammo Guide

A 12-gauge means that you can make 12 balls of equal size out of a pound of lead and they will each fit the diameter of the barrel precisely. This is why a 20-gauge is smaller than a 12.