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Black Dutch oven kettle hanging from a rod iron tripod over a fire with a wood area in the background.

Hunting and Outdoors

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman: Go Dutch!

We often associate the image of a Dutch oven with camping trips or even chuckwagon cattle drives from days gone by, but the truth is many folks still use Dutch ovens. In a nutshell, the Dutch oven is a timeless alternative for cooking delicious, homemade meals without using electricity or propane. In this post, read how Becoming and OUtdoors-Woman (BOW) is teaching women how to use this cooking method.

Picture of a bright blue like through 2 trees in the foreground with a kayak tired up at the lake's edge.

Hunting and Outdoors

Beyond BOW

Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) workshop is a great way to learn the basic skills of traditional outdoor activities. To take your skills to the next level takes time and practice, which is so BEYOND BOW is such a great organization. Check out this article to learn more about how it is making a difference in women’s lives.

mangled broadhead that failed to deploy blades


Coping With a Loss — Wounded Deer

Failing to recover a wounded animal hurts on many levels and stirs a plethora of emotions. Join this hunter on his journey with the ups and downs of tracking a wounded buck.

Hunter in camo shooting crossbows from 4-foot high shooting sticks


Hunting Horizontal

Are crossbows so easy to shoot they should’t be allowed? Some say they’re easier to shoot, or hold steady or have greater accuracy. Maybe. Maybe not. The author shares his personal experiences. Are they the same as yours?

Three young archers shooting Olympic recurve bows


Women Afield—The Art of Archery: How a Compound Bow is Made

Did you ever wonder what goes into making a compound bow? There are many different bow manufactures and so many great models to choose from for every level of shooter. Archery season is in full swing around the county and may very well be one of the most exciting ways to hunt whitetail. Read this article to learn more.

Becoming an Outdoor Woman with help from a local expert

Safety and Training

Women Afield — Awaken the Wild Woman Within

Outdoor activities are no longer the private reserve of men. Discover how women around the world are enjoying out-of-the-ordinary activities liek fishing, shooting kayaking and cooking outdoors with the unique training programs provide by organizations such as Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW). With workshops in every state in the US and in many countries around the world, women learn from local experts and discover the wonders waiting in the woods near where they live.


The Loss of a Legend — Gail Martin

Gail Martin — if you have ever shot a bow, it is likely that Gail Martin had a hand in its design. Perhaps directly, more likely at least an influence, but a hand in your equipment’s design nonetheless. Gail was a man who loved archery with such a passion, that he retained an active role in Martin Archery until very recently. Unfortunately, the archery industry lost an icon on July 21, 2013 when Gail passed at the age of 93.

Beman ICS hunter Pro Lost Camo


Product Review: Beman ICS Hunter Pro Lost Camo

If a game animal can see your arrow and identify the color of the fletching or whether or not it has camo, believe me when I tell you the game was over some time ago. That being said, I love camo arrows. Even if the camo is only for the hunter. At times I have matched the camo of the arrows to camo on the bow. Other times, I have used it to distinguish my arrows from other shooters’ arrows using the same target. Whatever the reason, camo matters!

TSX Pro Series Micro-Adjust


Range Report: TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin

I have the envious position of getting to play with a lot of equipment and calling it work. With bow season rapidly approaching—at least in my mind—I have been crawling through catalogs and samples looking for a new bow sight. One product that caught my eye enough to order for a review was the TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin.