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Father and son sitting in a pickup truck after hunting in forest. Dad showing boy mechanism of a shotgun rifle

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4 Best Youth Shotguns

In many households across the country, there will be a new hunter ready to go afield this season. Before that happens, your youngster will need his or her own shotgun that has been selected and properly fit to ensure their best chances for success. Here is your how to guide of tips and tops picks.

Kel-Tec CP33


New Product Round Up — SHOT Day 3

Guns, Guns, and more Guns! Taurus has a new .22 LR target pistol that rocked the range. If you liked, Maxim Defense’s CQB stocked, you are about to blown away with the PDX! Beyond some of the finest ammunition on the market, Hornady is owning the security segment—and for good reason. Check out all of these offerings and more in The Shooter’s Log’s latest SHOT Show coverage.

Bob Campbell shooting a semi automatic shotgun with two shells in the air


Tactical Shotgun Loads

The shotgun is a great problem solver and best regarded as a tactical system. This is primarily due the respect and homage we pay to the great versatility of the shotgun and its payload. Why many shotguns may fit the bill, it is the ammunition that delivers the lethal blow. Will your load be up to the threat?

Benelli Nova Field Pump


Benelli to Hold “What’s Your Benelli Story” Contest at NRA

Benelli is inviting you to become part of that legacy by sharing your story today. Tell Benelli your story of inspiration or adventure. Benelli wants to hear about friendships and memories made…the kind of stories best told around a campfire or in the blind. Put yourself on the map today and invite your friends to do the same.

Wood stock over/under shotgun made by Benelli with nickel-engraved receiver


SHOT 2015—Benelli’s First Over Under Shotgun The 828U

It may look somewhat traditional, but the new Benelli 828U is nothing but. A totally reimaged and rethought over/under, the 828U is Benelli’s first ever. With a brand new operating system that captures all pressure in the monoblock, there is no stress on the receiver. Meaning Benelli could add a lightweight alloy receiver on this new over/under shotgun. That isn’t the only innovative idea on the Benelli 828U. Read the Shooter’s Log coverage of all the new firearms and learn more about Benelli’s new over/under shotgun.

Ace Luciano shooting Benelli Ethos


SHOT 2014 — Benelli Ethos, Fast Handling and Smooth Shooting

The Ethos is Benelli’s next generation of Inertia Driven autoloaders. The Ethos is elegant and features fine lines and balance. In fact, the Ethos relies on many of Benelli’s latest innovations and design concepts, but a close examination will show that it is a new platform.

Mossberg 500 JIC Flex 57340 6-Shot 12 gauge shotgun


SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 1: New Shotguns

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have filed their first reports on new shotguns introduced at the show, and based on what we’re seeing, consumers will see a full spectrum of new shotguns in 2014. This year’s selection encompasses the entire smoothbore spectrum, from personal defense and serious 3-Gun competition to high-end engraved over/unders and practical field and clay-target models. And that’s not all: We’re also seeing new magnum waterfowl guns, turkey guns, and some interesting new sub-gauge field and Mounted Cowboy competition guns. In addition, a number of new camouflage patterns will now be available on proven designs from several manufacturers. In this edition are details about a new Duck Dynasty entries from Mossberg, Benelli USA’s Ethos semi-auto 12 gauge, and a Model 1883 side lock and the Model 1889 box lock from Cimarron Firearms.