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Picture shows a all-black AK-47 rifle.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

7 New Products for Gun Lovers

Hunting season has officially started! Have you geared up yet? This week’s new product spotlight from Cheaper Than Dirt not only includes the SIG Sauer P227 TACOPS and Magpul’s newest AR-15 accessories, but also everything hunters need to be successful in the field. Check out these seven new must-have products for hunters and gun lovers.

Blades and Knives

What Makes a Folding Knife Tactical?

Sales of tactical folding knives have swelled in the past few years. Hundreds of different models are being offered and it’s rare to see a major knife manufacturer that doesn’t offer some sort of knife in this category. But what makes a folding knife “tactical,” and are they popular for a good reason or is this just a dumb fad?