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30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 3: Get Your Car Ready

Seventy percent of injuries reported in winter weather are due to car accidents. Hazardous weather conditions like blizzards, heavy snow, freezing rain and sleet can cause poor visibility, slick roads, road obstructions and damaging road hazards. It is best to stay off the roads when winter weather is predicted. However, road travel is sometimes necessary. Preparing your car for winter weather may make your driving less treacherous. Following is a checklist for getting your car ready for winter. Many of them you can do yourself.

Camping & Survival

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 1: Educate Yourself—What is a Winter Storm?

Even though the official start of winter is not until December 21, 2013, the United States has already experienced its first great winter storm of the year. There are a few different types of winter storms, varying in precipitation amounts and severity. However, four of them stand out as the worst. Not only do winter storms cause flooding, treacherous travel conditions, power outages, structural damage, they can also cause life-threatening conditions due to the wind chill index. Join me, as I take you on 30 days of preparing for the upcoming season to keep you safe, dry and warm for the winter.

AR-15 Stripper Lower on Wood Floor


What You Need to Build an AR-15

Purchasing a factory AR-15/MSR certainly satisfies your need for instant gratification. Perhaps you are new to the black rifle world and intimidated by the seemingly never-ending array of choices on lowers, uppers and parts that buying stock just seems easier. However, building your own AR-15 rifle satisfies in the long term. To start, you will need a lower receiver. The lower receiver is the part of the gun that makes it a gun and comes with a serial number. For your first entry-lever AR-15 build, the Del-Ton stripped lower will handle hundreds of thousands of rounds.

AR-15 rifles on wall rack


The Best of the Best: AR-15 for Beginners

There is a reason why the AR-15 is the best selling rifle in the United States. For its versatility, flexibility, modular design, and ease of use, everyone from beginners to expert shooters love the AR-15—the modern sporting rifle. The love for the AR-15 derives from how easily it is to customize and change. It goes from self-defense to competition to hunting to plinking with a few minor adjustments and accessories. Accessories and add-ons are widely available. Created by ArmaLite Chief Engineer Eugene Stoner the semi-automatic AR-15 uses either a direct gas impingement or gas piston system to operate. Originally chambered for the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO round, now you can find AR platforms in a variety of calibers such as .22 Long Rifle, .300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC, and .450 Bushmaster.

Camping & Survival

Camp Like Champ!

Even though I’m a very independent woman, I’m not afraid to admit there are things that I just don’t do when single. Camping was one of them until my best friend in college and I decided we needed to float the Guadalupe River. This trip required an overnight stay in a campground. In a tent. Without electricity. She grew up participating in Camp Fire and had all the skills needed for us to not only have a fun, but also a successful and safe camping trip. Since then, I have not let anything stop me from spending a few nights out on the lake camping with the girls. With a few basic skills and equipment, you can too!

Camping & Survival

Prepping Skills 101: Bartering and Trading

Throughout history, people have returned to the barter system when money has become scarce or lost its value. During the Great Depression and a long recession during the 1980s, Americans returned to a system in which people traded goods and services without the exchange of currency. Many Americans are losing faith in the American dollar and believe economic collapse is inevitable. Only time will tell if that will happen, but David A. Stockman, former Republican Congressman and President Ronald Reagan’s budget director has said, “The future is bleak.” If our paper money becomes meaningless do you know how and what to barter?

Gun Display Stands. Pistols for sale in the store.

Consumer Information

How to Shop for a Gun

There is one thing us women know how to do with certainty—and that is how to shop! However, if you are anything like me, shopping for an item you don’t know much about like cars or electronics (in my case) can be daunting and exhausting. I’m skeptical of salespeople and mechanics pulling the wool over my eyes, selling me something I don’t need or over priced. If you are new to the gun world, you might not know exactly where to start when shopping for a gun. To make things a little easier, let us look at shopping for guns like we would shop for clothes or shoes—by occasion, size, price, and looks. To narrow down your choices, first figure out the primary reason you want to purchase a gun. Decide how much you can spend on the gun of your choice. Having a budget will narrow down your choices further.

K-frame revolver grip


Handgun Basics 101: Get a Good Grip

When I first started shooting handguns, I had issues correctly gripping my handgun. A proper grip will help absorb recoil, provides shots that are more accurate and is safe. Your instinctive grip might be unsafe, especially on a semi-automatic pistol. Every time you pull the trigger to shoot a semi-auto, the slide moves back. If your thumbs are in the way, there is a possibility of the slide hitting them. You can solve many accuracy problems by correcting your grip.

Safety and Training

It’s Okay to be Nervous

I have a confession to make. I’m not a huge fan of the gun range. Now don’t get me wrong—I love to shoot, just not at the range. Why don’t I like the range, you ask. Quite frankly? Because it makes me nervous. Its loud, there are weird people, and I’m self conscious. I’ve gotten over my issues and I hope you can too after reading my blog “It’s Okay to be Nervous.”