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Blue Book of Gun Values

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Blue Booking an Old Relic

I’m betting that if more people knew the monetary value of their firearms, they’d be less likely to just let them sit. I wonder how many people let their guns go for small sums of money, never knowing they let a real gem slip through their fingers. Knowing the value of your firearms could help you to collect a big payday. The Blue Book of Gun Values is a must own for all gun owners.

Winchester Model 1886 Takedown

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James D. Julia Auctioneers’ Outstanding March Firearms Auction

I understand that most of the people reading this (like me) do not have the buying power to own a firearm featured in a premier auction such as James Julia’s Outstanding March Firearms Auction, but that does not mean you cannot have fun fantasizing, window shopping or just looking at a piece of history. If you are someone who can afford one or more of these incredible firearms I have two things to say. First, bless you for keeping the dream alive and preserving these treasures. Second, please remember I am available for immediate adoption.


Manufacturer of the Week—Beretta, Fabbrica D’ Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A., Beretta USA

The Beretta factory grew from an area that has seen weapons designs since the Roman era. Julius Caesar controlled the area before crossing the Rubicon. The area has witnessed Hannibal’s elephants, the Huns, untold barbarians, and over time standing armies from Napoleon to even the United States Army. It exudes history and is a fitting location for one of my favorite manufacturers. Beretta crawled from the cave and became a true international company.

Classic M1A Carbine with wood forend and metal folding stock


Firearm of the Week, the US Caliber .30 M1 /M1A1/M1A3/ M2/M2A2/M3 Carbine

And so ends our story of the little rifle that could. It almost never made it to the range must less the war, laughed and scoffed at it still came to game and was loved and revered by those who carried it. For several years, I trusted my life to one. Today I would choose something different but back then I never had a doubt in the little brother, the M1 Carbine.


The Top AR Platforms of the 1870s

Your position is under attack. You need to fire copious amounts of bullets. You need to overwhelm the opposing force. Firepower is the essence and it must come from a small group of soldiers. At the very least, you need to double your enemy’s rate of fire. You need a short fast rifle that is quick into action. You need a carbine platform that is easy to carry. You need an assault rifle. The AK47 is solid, the AR-15 runs like a sports car. Your problem is that it is the 1870’s. What do you do now?