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Gray haired man in red shirt and ear protection shows the cocking rod for the black PTR 91 with a wooded area in the background


PTR 91 Rifle is a Slam Dunk

A .308 battle rifle is a good thing to have. Accurate, powerful, immensely interesting and a well-made rifle, the PTR 91 is among the best of the breed. In this feature, we field test the PTR. Get all the details by reading this post.


PTR Industries Makes Good on Fleeing Anti-Second Amendment Legislation

Interested in a black rifle that blows away the competition in looks, caliber and class? PTR was a leader in moving production as a result anti-Second Amendment legislation. Now in its new home of gun-friendly South Carolina, PTR created a commemorative rifle with custom serial numbers to pay back a few favors, but once the word got out, demand has skyrocketed! Read the full story here.


Shooting the Russian 7.62×54

There is no reason to fear the surplus ammunition. Clean up is quicker, and easier, than black powder with these few simple steps. If you enjoy shooting surplus ammunition or own a WWI vintage rifle such as the Mosin Nagant, you need to read this article. P.S. Bob Campbell also shows why the 7.62x54R is also an ultimate prepper round…