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Colt Expanse AR-15 rifle right side


Range Report: Colt Expanse Carbine AR-15

Colt’s cut-down price leader is still a first-class rifle, and while the author believes this rifle will be a force on the market, the question of whether it really lives up to the hype has to be answered. In the past, Colt’s rifles stood at the top of the heap on quality, and the cheaper rifles stood on cheap. Where does the the Expanse rank? Read the full article to find out.

ArmaLite M-15 3-Gun rifle with KeyMod rail and LUTH-AR stock

Competitive Shooting

ArmaLite’s M-15 3-Gun Rifles Come Out on Top

ArmaLite introduced two new models of AR-15s at SHOT Show 2015. Now in full production, the M-15 3-Gun rifles are taking competition shooters to the winners circle. Find out how these two right-out-of-the-box straight shooters are winning championships in this post.


Colt “Pro” CRP-18 Competition Rifle

Colt has a rich history on the battlefield and in law enforcement, so there is no surprise it would be a top choice in service rifle competition and 3-gun matches. However, Colt has upped the ante with the Colt Competition Rifle thanks to its partnership with Bold Ideas to offer a purpose-built rifle specifically for 3-gun competition. Bold Ideas is not just a name, it’s a concept, and the innovative adjustable gas block of the CRP-18 is proof. While gas blocks are not uncommon on gas piston guns, Bold Ideas’ design on a direct impingement system is incrementally and externally adjustable without tools.

MSR shot by youngster from a bench

Competitive Shooting

At the Range: A Non-Tactical Guy Goes Tactical, Part 4

I introduced my kids to a tactical gun, and they found it so much fun they beg to shoot it every time we go to my gun club. Finally, I was introduced to and became excited about competing in a different type of competition—3-gun—that was entirely beyond the scope of my experience, practice and passions. If you had told me that I would move into the “tactical side” of shooting as little as three or four years ago, I would have responded with a polite, but firm “not interested.” Today, I say “Come on over, you need to experience what you are missing!”

Cheaper Than Dirt Sponsored Shooter Clint Upchurch


Upchurch Tears up Competition with Solid Record of Top-10 Finishes

Quality begets quality, and Cheaper Than Dirt! sponsors some of the top shooters in the business. Cheaper Than Dirt! sponsored-shooter Clint Upchurch has been tearing up the competition with a solid record of 10 Top-10 finishes in 2013 including the 2013 3-Gun Pro Series Tour, Colt 3-Man 3-Gun Championship and the Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun.