Springfield Armory XD Mod.2: A Whole New Feeling

Springfield Armory XD and XD Mod.2 together

Springfield Armory unveils its most recent model XD—the Mod.2. The Springfield XD Mod.2 is a subcompact 9mm or .40 S&W pistol made for concealed carry. The Mod.2’s redesign places your hand higher in the grip for better control during shooting and a grip texture that is softer and more comfortable to hold. Other notable features are the updated sights, no-snag trigger guard, Posi-Wedge slide serrations and the new slim and contoured frame and disassembly lever.

Updates Features

  • GripZone
  • High-Hand grip relief and beavertail
  • Red fiber optic front sight and combat rear sight
  • Slimmed slide
  • Ultra slim, contoured frame
  • Slim and contoured disassembly lever
  • No-snag trigger guard
  • Posi-Wedge slide serrations
Springfield XD / XD Mod.2 handgun side-by-side comparison grip close up
The Mod.2’s redesign places your hand higher in the grip for better control during shooting and a grip texture that is softer and more comfortable to hold.

It’s All About the Grip

Springfield says, “The GripZone has been carefully, intentionally designed to combine multiple principles of biomechanics in order to enhance your shooting experience.” Springfield Armory says, “It just feels better.” When holding and comparing the new Mod.2 to the old XD, you can noticeably feel the improved ergonomics of the Mod.2.

Without extreme close-up inspection of the GripZone, you cannot visibly tell the difference in the three different textured areas on the handgun’s grip. However, Springfield Armory engineers closely studied where your grip on the pistol matters most and meticulously developed the GripZone for shooters grips to remain consistent and solid. Divided into three different zones, the grip on the Springfield XD Mod.2 keeps your hand from slipping or shifting.

Aiding in the enhanced ergonomics on the Mod.2 is the high-hand grip relief and high-hand beavertail. The Mod.2 has a deeper curve at the top of the grip, naturally placing your hand higher onto the grip for improved control during shooting. The recontoured grip means your hand stretches less, resulting in less fatigue. The softer texture of the GripZone versus the XD combined with the less aggressive stippling and finger grooves on the Mod.2’s grip makes the new XD noticeably more comfortable. With all the updated features on the Mod.2, Springfield never sacrificed its Point and Shoot accuracy.


Springfield XD handgun front sights close up, red fiber optic and 3-dot sights
Springfield upgraded the sights on the Mod.2 incorporating a red fiber optic front sight and low profile combat rear.

Springfield upgraded the sights on the Mod.2 incorporating a red fiber optic front sight and low profile combat rear. The older subcompact XD model utilizes fixed three-dot sights.

No-Snag Trigger Guard

The trigger guard is more contoured and rounded all the way around the Mod.2 to prevent snagging, making drawing, and reholstering smoother.

Springfield XD Mod.2 handgun rounded trigger guard
The trigger guard is more contoured and rounded all the way around the Mod.2.

Posi-Wedge Slide Serrations

The Mod.2 eliminates the two levels of slide serrations. Instead, the Posi-Wedge slide serrations are cut deeper; an additional serration makes grasping and racking the slide on the Mod.2 easier.

Springfield XD side-by-side with XD Mod.2 handgun
The Posi-Wedge slide serrations are cut deeper with an additional serration.

Slimmer and Contoured Frame

The slide on the Mod.2 is slimmer than the original XD, as well as the disassembly lever and frame. The lever and frame both are more contoured on the Mod.2. A noticeable difference on the takedown lever and slide release is the slightly raised pyramid shape at the top. This makes manipulating the lever easier. Less noticeable is the changed magazine release button. The aggressive, horizontal serrations on the ambidextrous magazine release make it quicker to locate, as well as creates a positive operation.

Part of the redesigned frame is the thumb rest. The thumb rest on the Mod.2 is wider and elongated to accommodate all shapes and sizes of hands.

Springfield XD 3-inch and XD Mod.2 handguns side by side
The slide on the Mod.2 is slimmer than the original XD, as well as the disassembly lever and frame.

The basic specifications of the XD have remained the same. The Mod.2 will be available in either 9mm or .40 S&W with a 3-inch barrel. It is 1.2 inches wide, has a 1.9-inch grip width, is 6.25-inches long overall and 4.75 inches tall. The Springfield XD Mod.2 has a polymer frame with Melonite finish and a forged steel slide. In 9mm, the standard magazine holds 13 rounds and 16 with the X-Tension. In .40 S&W, the XD Mod.2 holds 9 rounds and 12 with the X-Tension.

Caliber 9x19mm / .40 S&W
Capacity 13+1 Rds / 9+1Rds
Barrel 3-inch hammer forged
Grip Width 1.19 inches
Weight Unloaded 26 oz. with empty magazine
Length 6.25 inches
Height 4.75 inches
Slide Forged steel
Frame Polymer
Finish Melonite
Magazines 1 stainless steel flush and 1 full-sized with X-Tension

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What do you think of the new Springfield Armory XD Mod.2? Will you buy one? Tell us what you think about the improvements in the comment section.


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Comments (58)

  1. I recently purchased, and shot at the range my XD Mod.2 45 cal. I love the trigger pull, and how easy it is to shoot accurately. However, I do not have big hands, but the 13 rd. mag with the X-Tend was much easier to shoot.than with the concealed carry 9 rd. mag. This pistol fits perfectly with my Glock 19 Gen 4. for self defense and range shooting, those two pistols are just what I wanted.

  2. We own the Mod 2 9mm. Over 1000 rounds through it and love love it! WHEN will we get this in a full size is my only questions? No regrets with this gun.

  3. I own the XD-M 3.8 45 caliber Ilove it but i wish it came with fiber optic site,but I guess Ican always order one online,unless you guy’want to hook me up with them including the low profile rear combat site with even the glow in the dark type of sites.

  4. I own an the older xd 40 subcompact. But I love the way the mod. 2 looks with the grips and everything. I was wondering if the slide of the older xd 40 subcompact would fit the receiver of the new xd subcompact mod.2??

  5. I recently purchased a Xd mod 2 in the 9mm size. It is a great gun and I would recommend that you try it out for yourself and then buy one. I have shot bout 200 rounds though it with out a problem. I also have a tendency to limp wrist which can cause me problems with guns. For some reason, this gun and me are meshing very nicely.

  6. Oh and worth every penny! even with the extra xd gear i will probably sell.
    Paid $400 some for my 1st xd used and got the mod .2 NEW for $533 Tax included! (Daniel Smith) You just need to know where too look, i paid maybe $65 more for the whole package than the cost of the standard xd essential package before tax.

  7. I own a xd .40 subcompact already (my carry weapon) and i love it!! i swear it was made for me. I ordered my mod .2 today and will have it in a few days and I’m excited about the changes, especially the higher hand grip and new contours as i have large hands. Cant wait to carry it, with the new changes and the reliability of xd’s in general i would hate to be the person on the other end in a life or death situation! Thank you Springfield, I personally would trust my life to no other firearm manufacturer.

    “a guy you wouldn’t want to try to rob!”

  8. obviously paladin is no shooter or ccw owner from his comments has to have a bigger site display cause he can’t see past his nose and don’t want or need the accessories that really come in handy

  9. GET RID of the big plastic box; the holster; the loader; the mag pouch; strip out at least 1/3 of the weight and narrow the slide; and give 3 mags and a big dot tritium front sight

  10. i have the XD9( sub) with essentials includes hard side foam lined case,cable lock, 10 and 16 round mag, dual mag holster, mag loader,and OWB polymer holster, cost 650.00 both holsters have adjustable tension

  11. I’d really like to see an essentials package like the XD 9 subcompact for the budget conscious buyer. If I bought the XD, I’d buy the essentials package. I don’t want to cough up an extra $150 or so for the changes, that, while they appear nice, are incremental. If you came out with this, it’d be at the top of my list. Otherwise, I’m still considering an S&W M&P 9c as well.

  12. I’ve been looking for a 9mm for my CC. I wanted a Glock 26, but like all the Glocks 9mm or larger, they grips just feel too fat in my hand. I looked at other single stacks and the SCCY CPX-2 whick is 10+1 and also fits my hand well. My local dealer showed me this new XD-2 It fit my hand very well, love the smooth crisp trigger, the illuminated front site was great and with 13+1 even better. It is more than twice the CPX-2 but may be a better buy. I may be the one for me.

  13. I’m going to buy one, and the #1 reason is because they don’t make the xd-s in .40. I’ve been patiently waiting for it, but I don’t think it’s coming. My question is, why did they make this an xd mod.2 instead of an xdm mod.2?

  14. Sounds great. What I don’t understand is why there is no option for standard (non-fiber optic) night sights. This would be desirable to many, myself included, in a concealed carry situation. This goes for the XDS as well. I’ve had tactical instructors tell me that FO sights get dislodged all the time in their classes. Then it happened to my Sig 226 during normal range practice. Since then, I’m not a big fan.

  15. I test-fired a mod. 2 at my local range during a promotion a couple of weeks ago and loved it! The fact that it’s made in Croatia matters not to me because I look at it from the standpoint that the Croatian company has created a product that is sold here in the States and jobs have been created for those who distribute, sell, and service the product. Additionally, as a shooter and gun enthusiast I have a right to spend my hard-earned money on the gun that works best for me-regardless of what country it’s made in. That is why I bought the XD mod. 2. I also own several Glocks including a 42, made right here in the good ole’ USA, so I don’t feel the need to apologize for my purchase.

  16. For me, at least, I don’t care so much as to where my weapon was made. What I am concerned with, is accuracy and reliability! I would rather feel good that I can pull out my firearm, acquire my target, squeeze the trigger, and put a round down range without a mishap! And if it can be done for less than $600, I’d be pleased!

  17. unless you have ccw permit no concealed weapon is legal on
    NY unless your one of bloombergs bodyguards or a criminal oh yea that the same thing

  18. Got a chance to shoot the XD mod 2 40S&W last week, sweet grip, will put one of my Wish list. Wonder if there’s a way to get the grips on my Glocks to feel and fit like that?

  19. i carry a standard XD9s and love it light weight even with 18 round double stack very little recoil fits nicely in my hand with the extended 18 round mag the 10 round mag is a little short on grip I shoot 124 grn hydroshock both for practice and defense loads and with high accuracy at 30 feet

  20. if this grip is so good, why don’t they put it on all their models.
    I was just about to buy the XDS4.0, now I don’t know what to do?
    Is this gun legal in the safe act state of NY?

    1. The XDS 4.0 Kicks ass. I bought one about a month ago. It shoots like a dream, it is a great concealed idea. I want that MOD2 now.

  21. I have a small stature and really like my XF9 Sub Compact. Shoots straight and has very low recoil. A Crimson Trace makes more versatile.

  22. I own several 1911’S, all quality guns, I love my XDS 45ACP
    Very nice carry gun, I also own several glocks. my favorite
    carry guns are Kimber pro carry 45, and XDS 45.

  23. I own two XDs, one 3.3 in .45 and 4.0 in 9mm and really like both , I was looking for a double stack in 9mm and I just found it, this will be my next purchase!

  24. For years I have owned an xd40. I never really was a fan of polymer handguns. I have always favored the 1911 style, and solid metal feel of handguns in my hand. I opted for the xd40 over a glock simply for the feel of the gun in my hand. I don’t have a problem with glocks, just never favored the grip angle. My only issue with the xd, was the grip and not enough texture to keep it in your hand in harsh conditions. Although that was fixed with personalized stippling that was done by me.

    I love the look at the new Mod 2! I will definetelly be looking into getting one for carry, probably in .40. I love the look of the new grip textures and can’t wait to hold it. The new sights are definetelly an upgrade and overall, I’m impressed with the new design. I will purchase one to have for my collection.

    1. hey Craig I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt this way about the glock and how it feels in my hand. i have friends that buy glock because of it’s popularity and i too have nothing against the brand just the grip itself. to me the Springfield does feel better and i gotta admit i really don’t like the way the glock looks, too square for me.

  25. I guess I started a storm here by asking simply, “Is it made in Croatia?”
    I frankly don’t care what your buying habits are and don’t know why you would waste time caring what my buying habits are. I fully understand that I can’t buy a 100% American made TV, stereo, computer or microwave. Even my Jeep, an American icon, is not 100% American made. However when it comes to firearms I have a clear choice. I can buy guns from American Companies and made 100@ in America. I do not feel I have to compromise on quality. The guns made here are as good if not better than anything made. Yes I know that Ruger, Sccy or any of the other American manufactures could be buying parts made in Mexico or Zimbabwe…. Wherever.
    I do own a few foreign made guns and yes even a Chinese SKS. I understand we live in a global economy. I don’t lose sleep over it but when buying guns I know I can buy quality products and support American business and those guns are my first choice. If the next guy wants to exercise his purely American Right to Keep and Bear Arms by purchasing foreign made arms, have at it. This is for me and I Don’t Care what you buy. I certainly understand that Croatia, Austria, Italian and German economic systems need your support too.

  26. The Mod 2 looks like an HK p2000sk. It’s almost 2015 and now Springfield makes their new gun look like the HK I bought 8 years ago. This might be more bang for the buck but I’ve never had any problems with my HK’s. I’m sure this Mod 2 will go over well though. I’d definitely recommend it to someone not looking to spend a grand on a gun.

  27. I see there’s another “Steve” here, so I’ll change the name I go by. I don’t want anyone else to catch the wrath for things I say.

    I just bought a new xd9 2 weeks ago, and shot it for the 1st time today. It’s not the mod 2 though, and it is a compact, not a sub compact. Now I kind of wish I waited for this new mod 2. A few of the changes look good. I did get a really good deal on the one I bought though. As far as what I think about the gun, I’ll make some comparisons to my Glock 19. First, the “feel of the gun in my hand. I have to says it is comfortable and feels good. It’s different than my Glock, but it’s hard to say that it is better or worse. The trigger, is smoother than my Glock, but a longer pull. I think I prefer the Glock trigger. If I wanted it to be smoother I could do some polishing and make it better. I’ll keep it as it is. Recoil is a little harsher than my Glock, but not much. Probably due to the barrel setting higher in my grip. The new mod 2 looks like it might remedy that. Accuracy, I have to give it to my Glock. Not by a lot, but I am more accurate with my Glock. Overall size and weight goes to Glock.

    Probably a lot of these comments weighing so much in favor for my Glock has to do with me being used to it. I’ve
    shot the xd9 once, my Glock for years.

    All said, I’ll stick with my old friend Glock. I will continue buy other guns though.

  28. I shot this MOD2 yesterday at the range as a rent gun. It shoots well and felt great! My buddy had a full size XD and YES the old mags do work in the new MOD2. This is a great gun. The only downside is it is thicker / bulkier than the XDS i rented at the same time, as well as my S&W Shield. These two guns are MUCH easier to conceal and carry than this one. For those that don’t mind or are currently carrying a XD sub compact, I like it better than the old version! They had a new one available to purchase for $499.00. It came with 2 clips.

  29. Pete, maybe you see folks that prefer buying “Made In The USA” as weird, but I find you, the source of many problems in this Country, being shallow and naïve. If you prefer Croatian, Russian or Chinese Products then buy them, but don’t be so shallow as to feel the need to criticize Americans who prefer American Products. I personally prefer to buying things manufactured by fellow Americans, keeping American Dollars in the USA. Plus, the quality of American Products far exceeds the junk you buy from China… So please keep your name calling to yourself.. No one wants to hear your rage opinion.

    1. I’m with you Bill! Thank you for your posting. I’m pleased to see that there are still Americans that are proud to buy American.

    2. @bill from Texas
      OMG, Really?? That’s what you got from my comment? Shallow? Naive? Do you even understand the definitions of theses terms in relation to your comment? LOL!
      If it says “Made in America” is it your understanding that it’s then a “100% USA” product? If so your mistaken but there’s nothing that can be done about that unless you want to put some thought into your buying habits.
      If you took away from my comment that I think that those that want to buy US produced products are “weird” then I guess I’m about as weird as they come then and thank you. However, when I buy “made in USA” products its with the understanding that a percentage of the product ..often.. Isn’t. That our government has decided that only a percentage of a given product must be either some percentage of USA materials, produced in, labor provided or grown for it to get the “Made in America” label is a fact of life. It’s just another governmental way of using smoke and mirrors on the American consumer and keeping up with its Foreign trade agreements/profits or something along those lines.
      The label that we would all like to see more of is the “100% Made and Produced in the USA”. We don’t see it nearly as much but on occasion they are found on some US products.
      Most of the products from China are indeed not to our standard of production or very well made for the most part. Their steel is substandard and below most US specifications. You are right on the money in this concern. I don’t think I said differently. US products are indeed superior to what China produces and sells around the world. No argument there! Now if the US can find a way to bring down their cost on their products and make them even just a bit more less costly to the US consumer then perhaps the China market wouldn’t be taking such a big bite out of our economy. But, I’m sure you recognize those issues and understand them.
      I to prefer to buy from American producers, especially the smaller entrepreneurial products, services of small business. I’m a bit more carful of buying from some of the larger companies.
      I find it odd that you lump the Croatian products such as the Springfield XD, an excellent product, with sub standard Chinese products. You seem to be putting apples and oranges in the same basket. But, maybe that was your intent.
      I’m honored that you think me the source of so many of the problems in this Nation, I had no idea that I held so much power and sway over the issues and the opinions of the decision makers in this nation today! When I woke up this morning I certainly didn’t feel such omnipotence, or illusions of grandeur! I’ve inspected at leant, my “contacts” list on both my phone and computer, and found no contacts of any people or sources that make and/or implement such decisions in our country either. Well, I think I can assure you that not only am I not the source of many “problems” in our country that you think I am. I’m not even a member of that mind set, truth be told.
      I’m pleased to see you feel so strongly about the issue of the hypocritical attitude and position of many US consumers who buy “Made in USA” without understanding what there buying. A lot of money gets spent at places like COSTCO, Walmart, Target, food stores, Lowes and the like and go to foreign investors instead of those in the US. I hope you can keep up that fight! It’s worth our time. Spend in the U.S. Supporting US companies! I’m all for it.
      As to what a person may have as an opinion.
      It is my privilege and duty as an American, a veteran and a Constitutionalist to defend your right to your opinion even when I don’t agree with it. There is a responsibility to stand up and speak in defense of another’s privilege and right in this nation, to be heard just as those who would disagree with you, may be heard. At least for the foreseeable future this will be true. This is even more important when one who defends your right doesn’t agree with you. However, that right does not extent to a declaration by one party that no one wants to hear another’s opinion when it conflicts with their own.
      That kind of statement in effect disrespects ones right and privilege to their opinion because it doesn’t agree with what another thinks and/or believes and in so doing says that the persons opinion is wrong and there for of no value. In doing so one seem to have choose to become part of the very problem as has been alluded to of which it’s thought I’m a participating architect of. How odd.
      I’ve nothing more to say, my opinions are my own and I’ll be responsible for them, I’ll defend them, and I will defend and support the privilege of others to disagree with my opinion. They will not however be allowed to think that they may disrespect my right to have said opinion or make declarations which do so.
      I meant no disrespect if that is what was understood by you from my prior comment. If you thought my comment was anti-US products you are mistaken. I’m simply tired of the sweeping generalizations made by many that they won’t buy anything that’s not “Made in America”. When very little is. Not all is lost, there are still 100% US made and produced products . . . You just have to search them out.
      Well, this was fun and I enjoyed being able to explain and clear up your misunderstandings concerning my comment. I look forward to seeing more of your comments and insights on future blogs here.

    1. Hey Bill,
      I agree, this is going to put yet another dent in my XD Fund! Now . . . If they would just offer a 10mm. If wishes were horses . . . . .

  30. Hey Pete… So why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel? 😀

    So, does anyone know if the magazines from my other .40 SW XD pistols will also work in the Mod.2?

    1. Hey Suz,
      Yup, that’s what I said in my earlier comment ( para1 line 3)! The XD is my go-to fro a number of reasons. Much more comfortable to my hand than any of the Glocks ever were, just a personal idiosyncrasy on my part.
      IMO the only place that the XD series is lacking is in offering a 10mm, which I’d buy in a minute!

  31. Yes, I’ll be adding this platform in .40 to my collection. If they have applied the same level of superior design and manufacturing that currently produces their other XD variants, and ther is no reason to think otherwise, it will be a success and very well received.

  32. “is it made in Croatia?” What in the hell kind of question is that? You may wish to also take some time and do a little research on Springfiels Armory. The, very successful, XD series of pistol offering is only ONE, that’s 1, of its product lines they offer that just happens to be made in Croatia. Further, you might look to see that even in the beginning of the Armory they imported, maintained and issued GRERMAN rifles and French muskets.
    My bet is that your one of those short sighted Americans with selective buying habits. Your will to diss a firearm or car if it doesn’t have a “made in USA” tag on it but arnt will to see what exactly that gage means. Fact is, you narrow minded, short sighted elitist, is that almost everything that says “Made in USA” in in some part or percentage made from non- US materials, parts and/or labor.there are very few things that one may find that are tagged with “100% Produced and made in the USA”. If you shop at Walmart, Costco, Target, Kmart, Sportsmans Whearhouse, Ace Hardwear, Safeway, Kohls and …… Well, you should get the idea now. Then you need to stop making stupid, ingnorant, and shortsighted statements like ” Is it made in Croatia?” It just shows how shallow you are and the limit of your intelligence?
    Are you a Glock fan? Wonder where that’s made?. . . .
    If indeed you are one of those very very rare individuals who only buy or own that which is 100% USA Produced, Made , Assembled, Grown, using ONLY USA materials, labor, facilities, agriculture, banks etc….. More power to you but you must live a vary narrow and austere life with very little variety.
    And just in case you missed the lesson …. Ones target is not EVER going to ask or be greatly concerned with what platform, it’s country of origin or its is caliber when it is lined up on their center mass!
    A .22LR or a .45 in the minds eye of the target looks like the opening of a train tunnel and that’s what there looking at. The minds eye isn’t thinking about what country the “tunnel” was made in!
    I’m so tired of the elitiest,, holier than thou, attitudes that continue to surface amoung the right and left and Inbetween. Wake up and look around you. There isn’t any room or time to waste in the world for that mind set. If you don’t like it don’t buy it but don’t diss it because it’s not “AMERICAN”. Face the fact that the rest of the world is moving ahead and we are now in the position of catching up and if it’s posdible growing up.
    “Springfield Armory. . . . . . . Now made in Croatia” Really?!?!? I’m ashamed for you.

    1. Wow you made a lot bigger deal about this than you really needed to. It is not a big issue for me as I said.. “just sayin”. You may want to settle down a bit before you have Apoplexy.
      Oh and by the way I am not a Glock fan.. Don’t own one. I believe however Glock is now made in America as is Beretta, Ruger, Kimber, M&P, high point, kel tec,Wilson Combat
      CMMG, DPMS….several others.

      Have a wonderful day tough guy.

    2. LMAOYSH!!
      Your apology is excepted in the manner it was given! I’m glad to find that your not a Glock fan as we both know the world dosnt revolve around Glock as much as they would like the world to think so. I’m always settled and I don’t think that apoplexy was an option. I save that for the really important things like . . . missing one out of three in the nine ring at 1000 meters on the range. That’s worth getting upset a bit about. I hate that when that happens on those rare occasions. Your choices of American firearms producers are applauded, don’t forget Savage and Browning!

      To old to be tough but still wirey!

    3. LOL….
      I guess Glock is a fine tool but there are many just as good and some better. For me personally I think they are ugly as hell which I can live with but the ergonomics of a Glock is beyond terrible. Certainly I could get use to it but why should when other guns feel right as soon as I pick them up. What I really dislike about them is that the people that own them think if you don’t have a glock you don’t have a gun.
      To each his own……………

    4. For Petes Sake Alaska. Lighten Up. It is Just Fine if some Americans want to buy American Products only. I have a lot of American Products and a lot of Non American Products. I own an XD M in 40 cal but I have to say that it would Please me a little more if they would set up an XD Factory here in the States. I am sure the Quality of a XD would be the same if it were produced on either Continent. As an American though I would Prefer that American got the Jobs over peoples from other Nations.

  33. Is it made in Croatia?
    Springfield Armory, the US Government’s original federal armory founded by President George Washington. Now made in Croatia….. Just saying.

    1. “Springfield Armory” licenses use of the name and has no relation to the historic Springfield Armory. The (XD) guns are produced by CZ in Croatia, a reputable manufacturer, and are “re-branded” as Springfield for sale in the US (maybe other countries as well).

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