Review: SIG P210 Carry — Lightweight and Concealable

SIG P210 Carry 9mm handgun with loose rounds on the side

SIG’s legendary P210 pistol just took a step toward another page in its history. The SIG P210 Carry is the first P210 designed specifically for concealed carry. The result is an extraordinary blend of precision, ergonomics, and accuracy.

The original 1940s-era P210 was certainly an accurate and well-made pistol. The safety, however, was not designed with tactical use in mind. A safety in front of the trigger guard limits rapid manipulation. Despite the pistol’s service for generations as the standard Swiss issue military handgun, no one improved this glaring tactical fault until SIG redesigned the pistol a few years ago.

SIG P210A 9mm handgun with wood grips
There’s nothing wrong with the new P210A 9mm. The P210 Carry simply makes a better carry piece.

SIG P210 Carry Features

The new P210A bears a resemblance to the original but is upgraded in several particulars. The pistol is all stainless steel and Nitron finished. The thumb-friendly safety is an improvement over the original and so are the sights. The trigger action is even better than the original.

The P210 Carry is also a hammer-fired handgun with a single-action trigger that is in common with the full-size P210A 9mm handgun. The P210 Carry, however, features an aluminum frame for lighter weight in concealed carry.

The pistol features the new version of the elongated thumb safety of the modern P210. The pistol also features G10 grips. These grips feature a good balance of adhesion and abrasion with a very positive pattern. The grip strap — both fore and aft — is nicely checkered. This is a pistol you can maintain a firing grip without difficulty.

The pistol features SIGLITE night sights. These three-dot sights are bright and make for a good sight picture. The pistol is shipped with two 8-round magazines.

P210 Carry Specs

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Overall length: 7.75 inches
Overall height: 5.63 inches
Overall width: 1.44 inches
Barrel length: 4.1 inches
Sight radius: 5.6 inches
Weight (w/magazine): 29 ounces

The P210 Carry features good balance. The pistol is practically the ideal size for concealed carry. It isn’t so small that it cramps the hand, but not so large that it is difficult to conceal either. We may ask what is so great about a single-column magazine pistol with a nine-round capacity? That is with one in the chamber…

CZ75 D top, SIG P210 Carry middle, and Para 1911 Commander .45 bottom
Compared to a CZ75D, top, and Commander .45, bottom, the SIG P210 is a nicely done package.

The SIG offers excellent hit probability. The pistol fits the hand well and offers a well-shaped handle that aids in a rapid presentation from concealed carry. The trigger action is crisp with minimal take-up and a smooth break. In other words, this is a pistol that compliments a trained shooter.

The SIG P210 Carry continues the P210’s most important features. These include reversed slide rails. Similar to a trait of the Petter pistols — such as the French 35 — this design allows full contact with the long bearing surfaces of the handgun. The CZ 75 also uses this design.

The P210 Carry features the famous hump on the slide that houses the rear sight. The slide design, owing to reversed rails, rides lower in the frame than most pistols. Therefore, the bore axis is lower.

Quartering view of the SIG P210 Carry 9mm pistol
SIG’s SIGLITE self-luminous iron sights feature three shock-mounted vials of radioactive tritium.

The pistol is well-balanced in both ergonomic and mechanical terms. The pistol isn’t designed to lay down covering fire but to make every shot count. I have test fired the pistol — as extensively as the current ammunition situation allows.

Range Time

Over the past six weeks, I have fired more than 300 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition. There have been no failures to feed, chamber, fire, or eject. The pistol’s practical accuracy in firing offhand at man-sized targets at 7, 10, and 15 yards was impressive. Hit probability was high.

Most of the firing practice was accomplished with SIG’s FMJ practice ammunition. These loads are designed to fire to the same point of aim as the SIG V Crown hollow point loads making for good practice potential.  Firing off the bench rest, the pistol showed its SIG P210 heritage.

muzzle end of the SIG P210 Carry pistol showing the inverted slide rails
The P210 features inverted slide rails. They certainly pay off dividends in accuracy.

I used three loads, the SIG 124-grain FMJ, SIG 365 short barrel load, and the SIG Elite 124-grain V Crown. Firing was accomplished from a solid bench rest firing position at 25 yards. Most of the five-shot groups went into less than two inches.

One exceptional group sent five 124-grain V Crown loads into 1.25 inches. The pistol is clearly far more accurate than the average 9mm handgun. Balanced against this is the fact that this type of accuracy doesn’t have a great deal to do with combat shooting. It is nice to have and reflects on the pistol’s manufacture and quality fitting. There are few handguns as capable and well-mannered as the P210 Carry in offhand fire.


I am not one to recommend stuffing a pistol that doesn’t fit into an accommodating holster. That being said, few makers are set up for the P210 at present. I found the SIG P210 Carry a good fit in holsters that are designed for the 1911 Commander, even a perfect fit with good retention. The Galco Summer Comfort was tested, as was the Galco Sto-N-Go with good results.


A deterrent to the buyer may be the pistol’s price. The SIG P210 Carry will retail in the $1,500 dollar range and isn’t the easiest pistol to find. My personal pistol is the only one I have seen and handled.

I am certain all SIG P210 Carry handguns will perform as well as this one. All SIG pistols I have owned have been well-made, reliable, and accurate. The P210 Carry has great appeal. While it isn’t inexpensive the money is well spent.

Not the most popular model in SIG’s offerings but a SIG with To Hell and Back reliability nonetheless. How does the SIG P210 Carry compare to your favorite carry gun? Is 8+1 enough capacity in a carry gun? Share your answers in the comment section.

  • SIG P210 Carry with slide moving to the rear after the shot
  • SIG P210 Carry 9mm semiauto handgun on a soft case
  • SIG P210 Carry 9mm Commander handgun, right profile
  • G10 grips on the SIG P210 Carry 9mm pistol
  • SIG SIGLITE night sights on the SIG P210 Carry 9mm semi-automatichandgun
  • muzzle end of the SIG P210 Carry pistol showing the inverted slide rails
  • rear of the receiver on the SIG P210 Carry handgun
  • bullet holes in a silhouette target
  • SIG P210 Carry 9mm handgun with loose rounds on the side
  • Quartering view of the SIG P210 Carry 9mm pistol
  • grip tang, G10 grips, and night sights on the SIG P210 Carry 9mm Commander size handgun
  • SIG P210 Carry in a black leather Galco Summer Comfort holster
  • SIG P210A 9mm handgun with wood grips
  • CZ75 D top, SIG P210 Carry middle, and Para 1911 Commander .45 bottom

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Wilburn Roberts

When Wilburn Roberts was a young peace officer, he adopted his present pen name at the suggestion of his chief, as some of the brass was leery of what he might write. This was also adopted out of respect for families of both victims and criminals. The pen name is the same and the man remains an outspoken proponent of using enough gun for the job.

He has been on the hit list of a well-known hate group, traveled in a dozen countries and written on many subjects, including investigating hate crimes and adopting the patrol carbine. He graduated second in his class with a degree in Police Science. It took him 20 years to work himself from Lieutenant to Sergeant and he calls it as he sees it.
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Comments (13)

  1. I’m older and own the 210 target, 210standard, and the 210 carry. It’s my EDC since I’ve shot 500 rds thru it. I’ve carried since 1971 owned way too many handguns. I practice 2 times a monthly.
    The single stack holds enough for those who are competent.
    Great quality and superb accuracy

  2. I recently picked up the carry P210. I’ve long been an owner and admirer of all the P210 models and I’m not disappointed in the carry model. For shooters who are already P210 fans and who love these pistols, you’ll be happy with this carry pistol and appreciate it’s features and design. If not, you’ll be much happier with a polymer framed wondernine with optics cut and pic rail.

  3. Bruce

    I saw a P210 for sale today, two P210A and a P210 C in a shop 20 miles away.

    They are not plentiful but if you want one you can find one.

  4. I have a correction to my previous comment regarding a recommendation on a holster. It should be Diamond D Custom Leather EDC. It comes in two sizes, single stack and double stack.

  5. The price tag, provision of only two low capacity eight-round magazines, lack of an ambidextrous safety, no light rail, and no way to mount a modern reflex optic makes it more 1960s retro than modern defense pistol. I’ll pass.

  6. Thanks, but I will stick with my Springfield Hellcat. 15 rounds and half the price. If I carry a full size pistol it would be a 1911 or a CZ-75, possibly a Springfield XDMe with 22 rounds on board.

  7. I would like one, however, I have not and will not buy a gun that has a thumb safety only on the left side of the gun for right handed shooters – It doesn’t cost that much to put a thumb safety on each side and it increases your pool of possible purchasers by 10% or more.

  8. They didn’t fix the fact that it’s still 9mm. The prisons are full of gang-bangers with healed 9mm wounds. I’ve never seen a healed .45 ACP wound. Not even once.

    The Colt M-1911: Like a Sig, but made for a man.

  9. I would gladly give my Springfield EMP 4 and my Sig 365 X for one of these. I wanted one of the old guns but could not justify the expense for something I would not carry. Only accurate guns are interesting. I’ve gotten old and can’t shoot anymore but still only accurate guns are interesting and this is one of the best.

  10. Having carried a single stacl, single action pistol for many years I find that comfort and concealability are major obstacles to overcome on many pistols. My favorite pistol is a .45 custom but it is heavy and harder to conceal than my glock .380 of course but the glock doesn’t have the knock down power either. I of course can’t wait to see tocuh and feel this new offering from Sig,

    Just maybe someone has finally built the perfect carry piece!

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