Review: Beretta 92X — A Step Forward

Beretta 92X pistol right profile

I am not a Beretta 92 fan in the pure sense of the word, but I have great respect for the pistol. I have trained police, military, and civilians armed with this pistol. I keep an example on hand to aid in this training. I have owned several examples that I added custom grips, a couple of trigger options, and when possible, different sights. I have owned the Wilson Combat version. The Beretta 92X is by far my favorite, and the one I shoot the best. There is no more proven pistol than the Beretta 92, and this one is among the best of the breed.

The Beretta 92X retains the positive features that made the Beretta 92 a great handgun. These include reliability, accuracy, and quality of manufacture. However, anything made by man may be improved.

Beretta pistol with TruGlo combat light
The TruGlo combat light offers great value. This is a combination light and laser.

The pistol is supplied with a dovetailed front sight. This allows the pistol’s front sight to be changed easily compared to the standard 92’s integral sight. When coupled with a combat-style rear sight, you have an excellent system for getting fast hits.

The rear sight is serrated on the rear face. It isn’t a wedge type — not quite — but you could rack the slide on a belt if you tried. The front sight features a red dot insert. The barrel is chrome lined and nicely crowned.

The action is the proven Beretta 92 double-action first-shot. Perhaps, a tad smoother than in the past and certainly capable of excellent first-shot hit capability in trained hands. Some get the double-action pull and some do not — it must be mastered if you carry this pistol. This pistol also features a light rail on the aluminum frame for mounting combat lights.

The pistol features a slide-mounted decocker safety. With the hammer cocked to the rear, simply press the safety lever and the hammer is lowered without touching the trigger or the hammer. The pistol may be carried on or off safe, simply relying on the double-action trigger for safety.

Vertec grip on the Beretta 92x pistol
The Vertec grip was a huge improvement in the author’s opinion.

The pistol features a positive firing pin block and Vertec-type grip frame. This is a huge improvement in handling and hand fit for this shooter and most anyone with average-sized hands. The bore axis is improved, and trigger control is enhanced. Just the same, for those preferring the original grip, a special grip cover is included that converts the Vertec grip to the Beretta 92 standard size.

I like the pyramid-style checkering found on both the front and rear straps. The grips offer a balance of adhesion and abrasion more toward abrasion. They work well, and I cannot imagine anything that would work better for maintaining control.

The pistol is supplied in a locking box with three 17-round magazines. Beretta magazines are famously well made and finished. The Beretta 92X 9mm field strips in the same manner as any other Beretta. Unload the pistol, check the chamber as you rack the slide to the rear, rotate the take down lever, and slide the slide forward. The recoil spring, recoil spring guide, and barrel are easily removed.

Rear sight picture on a pistol with a high rear sight
The high-profile rear sight will serve well for combat applications.

Overall, this is an impressive handgun. The single-action trigger press was nice and tight, registering 4.65 pounds on the Lyman trigger pull gauge. The double-action press was 11.87 pounds.

I have fired this pistol extensively. I find it reliable, which is practically a given with a Beretta product. Since the Beretta 92 design features a straight-line feed, hollow points do not present a feed problem. Most of the ammunition used was Winchester USA FMJ with a good portion of my dwindling supply of handloads thrown in.

small pistol taget showing an offhand group and group fired from a braced position
At 15 yards, the author fired the group on the left offhand. The group on the right was fired braced. This is an accurate firearm.

The pistol features a long pull for the first shot. After the initial trigger press, the slide cocks the hammer for single-action fire. Firing from a standing position at 7 and 10 yards, the pistol was quick from leather and fast on target. The double-action trigger was smooth enough to keep hits in the 10-ring at 7 yards and in the 9 and 10-ring at 10 yards.

Accuracy Testing 25 yards

Load5-Shot Group in Inches
Winchester FMJ USA 115-grain2.5
Winchester Active Duty 115-grain1.9
Winchester Silvertip 115-grain             2.0
Winchester PDX 147-grain2.25
Firing from a solid setting bench rest using the MTM Case-Gard K Zone shooting rest.

Firing in the single-action mode, control was excellent. Muzzle flip was limited. I believe the Vertec grip-style results in an improvement in overall practical accuracy for this shooter and many others.

HandloadSpeed5-Shot Group in Inches
124-grain RNL1,008 fps1.9
134-grain SWC999 fps2.2
Firing from a solid setting bench rest using the MTM Case-Gard K Zone shooting rest.

During the test program, I drew the pistol from a DeSantis Speed Scabbard. This is a well-made holster with excellent stitching, fit and finish. Tanning and edging are good. The three belt slots offered a good option for adjusting cant.

The Beretta 92X is a good all-around combat pistol and one that will serve well in any defensive duty.


The Beretta 92 certainly stood tall and served well in its time. The Beretta 92X continues that rich legacy, but how, in your eyes, does it rank among today’s top offerings?

  • DeSantis Speed Scabbard holster with a pistol inserted
  • field stripped Beretta 92x handgun
  • Beretta 92x pistol on an orange silhouette target with multiple bullet holes
  • Beretta pistol with TruGlo combat light
  • DeSantis Speed Scabbard holster with a pistol inserted
  • small pistol taget showing an offhand group and group fired from a braced position
  • front post sight with red dot insert on a pistol
  • Rear sight picture on a pistol with a high rear sight
  • Vertec grip on the Beretta 92x pistol
  • Beretta 92X pistol left profile
  • Beretta 92X pistol right profile

About the Author:

Wilburn Roberts

When Wilburn Roberts was a young peace officer, he adopted his present pen name at the suggestion of his chief, as some of the brass was leery of what he might write. This was also adopted out of respect for families of both victims and criminals. The pen name is the same and the man remains an outspoken proponent of using enough gun for the job.

He has been on the hit list of a well-known hate group, traveled in a dozen countries and written on many subjects, including investigating hate crimes and adopting the patrol carbine. He graduated second in his class with a degree in Police Science. It took him 20 years to work himself from Lieutenant to Sergeant and he calls it as he sees it.
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Comments (6)

  1. Opinions are like noses, we all have them. I fully agree that a 92X is about as good as it gets in the 92 series handguns. Trigger in DA is smooth with no stacking, once one hears the click as it passes half-cock it will go bang. In SA it’s like a good revolver. Best factory trigger out of the box: any 92!
    I would use this over any good S & W revolver for training a newbie. My H & K P30 wishes it had a trigger assembly this good. Accuracy is excellent: I can chew out the center of a target at 21 feet free hand & I’m no expert. Offer this without the damn rail on the bottom & I will get another Centurion 92X.
    Oh, spend a couple of bucks for the plastic bit that goes around the return spring.
    SHOULD have been made in Italy is my beef!

  2. The Beretta 92 is underrated these days. Very smooth trigger and very accurate. It really likes 124 gr Rem golden sabers.
    Albeit it can be prone to limp wristing, which may have given it a bad rep for some, but runs flawless for me. Grip is greatly improved with the use of Hogue Handall grip enhancer.

  3. Sorry… but the Beretta M9 or any crap variant is still crap, along with any 1911 or variant there of. They just are not good handguns. Don’t care. Call me the most un-American ever. I don’t like any AK variant like WASR. Tough knickers. I like what I like.

  4. “There is no more proven pistol than the Beretta 92”. Ahh, 1911? If someone would ask: What is the most proven pistol ever? My guess is the “poll numbers” would put the 1911 not only at the top, but at a huge margin to the #2 spot. Not saying the Beretta 92 isn’t in the running, just believe the answer to the most proven pistol question, would be hands down, the 1911.

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