Range Report: Glock 45 9mm Pistol

Glock G45 pistol with several boxes of ammunition

A new offering from Glock is a pretty exciting pistol. The pistol isn’t just a black 19X, rather, it is a new take on the Glock line. It is configured in a similar manner to the Glock 19X but differs in important particulars.

In some ways, the Glock 45 may be an improvement over the Glock 19X. It really depends on what you expect from a service pistol. While each shares common parts and capability, the Glock 45 has features I like. The Glock 19X has been called a Glock-style Commander.

The Glock G45 carries on in this tradition with a full-size handle and short grip, a mating of the Glock 17 frame and the Glock 19 slide and barrel. This seems to make for excellent handling. While the full size grip makes for a good grip on the draw, the short slide clears the holster quickly. The pistol has Generation 5 Glock updates and a few features unique to the G45.

The G45 does not have the finger groove design front strap of the Generation Four Glock. The G45 has the Marksman barrel and ambidextrous slide lock of the Generation 5 pistol. A feature of the 19X that did not appeal to law enforcement was the Coyote Brown finish.

Glock 45 9mm right profile
The G45’s forward cocking serrations are service grade and functional.

The G45 is in some ways a black 19X. The black G45 has the standard hard coating applied to all Glock pistols. The pistol’s gripping surface offers a pattern that offers excellent adhesion and abrasion.

I have tested and used the Glock 19X without issue, however, some have found the magazine extraction cutout in the bottom of the handle pinches fingers. The G45 features an enlarged and flared magazine well, without the offending cut out. I found the G45 design quite fast to reload. The generous magazine well and tapered magazine makes for real speed in reloading.

The G45 features an ambidextrous slide release. The flat magazine release is well designed for speed loads and unlikely to be actuated inadvertently in the holster. A true tactical feature is found in the well-designed and effective forward cocking serrations. For press checking the chamber and clearing the chamber, these serrations are a welcome addition.

Compared to older Glock pistols, I detect a bit tighter fitting of the barrel hood, and the new pistols are clearly more accurate than previous Glock models. The trigger action of the G45 breaks at a clean 5.4 pounds on the Lyman digital trigger pull gauge—easily within Glock standards. Perhaps my favorite improvement over other Glock handguns is the addition of Trijicon HD night sights.

Self-luminous iron sights with Tritium inserts are an important part of a service pistol package. Trijicon’s HD sights feature twin rear dots and a bold orange front dot. These sights offer an excellent sight picture in daylight or dim light. There are also grip inserts to custom fit the pistol to your hand.

A shooter should have at least three magazines for each pistol, with one in the handgun, one on the belt, and one resting. The Glock is supplied with three magazines. This is a plus in today’s market.

Bob Campbell shooting the Glock G45 pistol
The G45 9mm is controllable in rapid fire.

Before loading the magazines, I dry fired the pistol to get the feel of it. It is standard Glock at with a clean break and fast reset. I loaded the magazines with Winchester 115-grain FMJ USA loads. I addressed man-sized targets at 5, 7, and 10 yards, firing as quickly as possible. The cadence of fire isn’t set by how fast you may pull the trigger but how fast you are able to recover in recoil and regain the sights.

The excellent high-visibility sights and controllable trigger of the G45 were an advantage. Glocks handle well and it isn’t difficult to achieve good results with practice. Polymer-frame handguns tend to fire low without the proper technique. You must control the pistol, press the trigger to the rear properly, and keep the sights properly aligned properly.

A true test of a handgun and shooter is firing at small targets at known and unknown ranges. I was able to connect with various targets at up to 50 yards with the Glock G45 after some acclimation. I have fired several hundred cartridges at this point, and find the pistol fast handling and accurate. It isn’t a target gun but a superb combat gun. It handles well, and to use an old expression, the pistol is lively in the hand.

Glock 45 Accuracy and Velocity Performance

15-Yard Groups are an average of two 5-shot groups fired from a solid bench rest.

Load Velocity Group Size
SIG Sauer 115-grain FMJ 1,165 fps  2.0 in.
SIG Sauer 124-grain FMJ 1,143 fps 1.9 in.
SIG Sauer 147-grain FMJ 980 fps 1.7 in.
Winchester 124-grain +P 1,205 fps 2.0 in.
Winchester USA 115-grain FMJ 1,144 fps 2.2 in.
Winchester 127-grain SXT +P+ 1,240 fps 1.75 in.

After evaluating the Glock G45, I find it has certain advantages over other Glock service pistols. The Glock 17 is a formidable pistol but the G45 is easier to carry and conceal. The Generation 5 improvements, including the ambidextrous safety and Marksman barrel, are genuine advantages. The HD sights are an advantage, and so are the forward cocking serrations. The Glock 45 9mm may be the best service pistol Glock has yet offered. It is well worth a hard look.

The Glock 45 is billed as a “Service Pistol.” Do you like the long grip/short slide concept? What about black versus the coyote brown on the G19x? Share your review in the comment section.

About the Author:

Wilburn Roberts

When Wilburn Roberts was a young peace officer, he adopted his present pen name at the suggestion of his chief, as some of the brass was leery of what he might write. This was also adopted out of respect for families of both victims and criminals. The pen name is the same and the man remains an outspoken proponent of using enough gun for the job.

He has been on the hit list of a well-known hate group, traveled in a dozen countries and written on many subjects, including investigating hate crimes and adopting the patrol carbine. He graduated second in his class with a degree in Police Science. It took him 20 years to work himself from Lieutenant to Sergeant and he calls it as he sees it.
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  1. Did I miss the ambidextrous “safety” mentioned above? Where exactly is that on the G45?? Also, I agree with Morgan, why not have the smaller G19 frame with a G17 slide. Makes a heck of a lot more sense.

    1. Because this wasn’t intended for the CCW crowd, but more of a duty weapon where barrel length does become a factor when sitting or getting in and out of vehicles.

  2. You’ve got it all backwards. The grip length is what’s hard to conceal in most traditional concealed carry positions. The barrel length traditionally runs parallel to the body when carried and is irrelevant.

    If you’re trying to make a concealed carry pistol, mate the G19 frame with the G17 slide. Then you get the longer sight radius and barrel along with the slightly higher velocity of the G17 with the more concealable grip length of the 19 and only sacrifice two rounds capacity.

    Another interesting option would be a G26 frame with a G19 slide and some +2 mag bases to give your pinky somewhere to go. Then, you can always drop down to standard 26 mags if you need a really small package. With +2 mag bases you’re only 3 rounds down on a standard G19.

  3. To each is to own…personally, I loved Appendix while walking…hated it in any other situation…found Mitch Rosen Holsters, side carry…maybe a rare print. Perfect.

  4. “The G45 is an ideal size concealed carry handgun.”
    This giant block is the ideal size for a concealed carry handgun?
    Either this guy is Andre the Giant or he’s spouting bupkis.

    1. Most likely the latter. I wish people who were writing firearms reviews would drop the BS hyperbole and simply give a decent, factual review. Too often they go off on some verbal self masturbatory ramble that does nothing but increase word count and try to make the look cool, but in reality only increases the word count and makes them look like an idiot.

    2. Perhaps you should read my book Holsters for Combat and Concealed Carry. I am 5 10 and weigh 200. I have carried a Colt Government Model for years in an inside the waistband holster although these days it will be a Commander .45 more often. The Glock 45 is light enough for concealed carry. With proper holster selection the piece is ideal for those that practice and who wear a good holster and a proper gun belt and a polo or sport shirt worn over the holster

  5. What cutout on the bottom of 19x frame were you referring to? Your remark, “I have tested and used the Glock 19X without issue, however, some have found the magazine extraction cutout in the bottom of the handle pinches fingers.“
    And I think you have this wrong, in your remark, “The Glock G45 carries on in this tradition with a full-size handle and short grip,”

  6. Wow talk about sour grapes, IMO,Glock did a great job with bringing out the Gen fives, an ambi pistol that really works, and everyting else about these Gen fives works well also, I never cared for the earlier Glock models, they were like holding a brick, but then came the Gen 4’s and now I have several and in different calibers, and I think they’re all great and reliable, then the Gen 5’s. and I have to say they are just better in all ways IMO, than any of my Gen 4’s. and I will be replacing the 4’s with 5’s as I go along, and they keep coming out with more models, but lately I picked up the new Gen 5 G45, , and once again Glock has come out with the perfect Glock for my needs, and sorry guys I have nothing bad to say about this gun, it;s just fantastic, and I think anyone that says different hasn’t picked one up or taken it for a spin, the G45, rocks period IMHO….

  7. “The Glock G45 carries on in this tradition with a full-size handle and short grip”
    You really should edit properly properly. 😉

    That said, why the heck is there so much negativity? If I don’t care for a particular thing, I generally ignore it unless it may hurt someone. Life’s too short to waste it on things we don’t like.
    My Austrian G19 with 100k rounds through it is still my favorite, but I retired it for a 19x which works like a champ, but definitely needs some break in time that I am more than happy to provide. Bang, bang……

  8. I” have tested and used the Glock 19X without issue, however, some have found the magazine extraction cutout in the bottom of the handle pinches fingers”

    Wrong gun..No cutout on the 19X..

  9. Funny people get so hiped up over the same old GLOCKS. I love GLOCKS and if you actually shoot them you’ll know then Gen 3’s are absolutley the most reliable and functional. The gen fours are a joke with those pathetic might it might not work recoil springs. You guys see a new barrel and some sights and all of a sudden are so impressed… Hilarious. The marksman barrel from what I hear is still the same old GLOCK barrels that don’t allow you to shoot certain types of rounds like reloads due to the GARBAGE rifling that instead of getting rid of the fouling keeps getting worse… Great upgrade;)! And it’s funny people want these GLOCKS with no finger grooves which is just plain stupid! There’s not a SOLE ON EARTH that TRULY shoots BETTER with a straight framed grip… EVER! They’re there for a reason! Of you want a NEVER FAIL GLOCK, Gen 3’s ARE IT! Or fours with the gen 3 conversion adapter for the slide so a gen 3 guide rod can fit and run reliably in a gen 4.

  10. Wilburn,

    I think you’re confusing the magazine cut out on the Gen 5 Glock 19 with the 19x. The 19x doesn’t have the problem with pinching, its the Gen 5 Glock 19.

  11. I’m not really a Glock fan but it’s nice to see improvements, i.e. catching up with the market, especially with the night sights. SOP for Glocks has always been, replace the plastic sights and replace the trigger then you have a good gun. Sure it’s a workhorse in any configuration, but I like guns that are accurate and fun to shoot- a lot. However, what’s with calling a 9mm a 45? This is sure to cause confusion for everyone, writers, sellers, owners, news stories, police reports, courts, etc…

  12. I am sorry, my mistake. I kept thinking that Glock had a new 45 cal. pistol and had named it Glock 45. Sorry about that. Rather confusing for me and just what Glock needs, another 9mm. pistol!

    1. You’re obviously a dumb ass…Just kidding…yeah not the smartest name for a 9mm…45…yet skipped the 44. I deal with dumb mfg names all day in the motorcycle industry that confuse the heck out of people. First thing I thought about when I heard “glock 45” was…cool, new .45

  13. I believe that there has been a mistake made on the statistics for the rounds. I believe that the statistics shown in this article belong to 9mm. Example: 115 GR ,147 GR (those are 9mm loadings),

  14. Gotta be honest…for me Glock rules…in terms of ‘pull trigger, go bang’. I hadn’t purchased a new Glock since my g27, which I do not enjoy, but it always goes bang. I got my 3rd glock about a year ago, g43. Super cool in how nicely it shoots and how small it is.

    However, with the advent of the p365, I do wish glock can replicate something close. I’m afraid of purchasing the p365 due to all the hit n miss on the quality…or, it’s ability to, well…go ‘bang’!

    My g43 has 5k rounds, with about 1 failure with some cheap ammo. You can’t beat that!!!

    With all that said, I’m not at all excited for the 19x, 45, 45x, 17x, whatever you wanna call it. It’s basically a very nice, reliable Glock version, frankenversion of their already solid firearms.

    Wanna get me excited? Get a gen 2 G43 with 8+1 in the same size, 9+1?

    Remember, Glock gave us the g17 and said, revolvers will be antiquated law enforcement tools with their 6 round max capacity. Now I’m back to my 6 round capacity…hmmmm.

    It is difficult for me to CnC anything bigger then a ppq SC….and since I have a very nice full size 9mm for home defense, this firearm won’t be seeing my credit card any time soon.

  15. Given that the key issues for concealment tends to be grip length and overall width, given that the G17 and G45 both have the same width and grip length, how does half an inch in barrel length make it easier to conceal?

    1. The shorter gun is much better suited to the popular appendix carry

      The short barrel clears leather more quickly from any position and may handle more quickly at very short range

    2. Given that appendix carry is something that a small fraction of the total CCW community use, I don’t consider that supportive of the blanket statement that was made. It still doesn’t address grip length.

    3. Appendix carry is the second most common location for CCW. This firearm is a duty weapon, designed for law enforcement. If it were meant for CCW it would obviously be a sub compact with a two finger grip. The writer was making points, not blanket statements.

    4. I carry the 19x daily with zero problems in an iwb..Not sure why people keep bringing up concealabilty issues..

      There are none…Wear the right clothing and rig and you will have zero issues…

    5. Phil,
      You are correct. With the proper gear and study the GL 19 size 9mm is ideal, for those that prefer the SIG P229 or Colt Commander, they are also ideal concealed carry handguns with a proper IWB rig

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