If You Could Have Only 3 Firearms…

Remington 870 black pump-action shotgun laying on some wood logs

For the sake of argument and discussion, let’s say for whatever reason you could only have 3 firearms and 300 rounds of ammo for each. Which three firearms would you choose and why? I took a poll in the office, asking gun owners in all our different departments what guns they would choose—with one rule:  you could not say you would bury them or lose them in a tragic boating accident. After reviewing the list, clearly the AR-15 and GLOCK 19 are favorites, but there are some surprises, as well. These are some of the choices Cheaper Than Dirt! staff made when asked.

Employee #1

GLOCK 19 semiautomatic handgun, 9mm

  • Reliable
  • Comfortable to shoot
  • Holds 17 rounds
  • Fairly easy to carry without sacrificing accuracy

AR-15 personal-build semiautomatic rifle, .223 Remington

  • Can hunt with it
  • Self-defense
  • Reliable
  • Accurate

Colt 6951 semiautomatic rifle, 9mm

  • Low recoil
  • Utilize ammo allotment best

Employee #2

Picture shows a GLOCK 19 with magazine beside it.
The GLOCK 19—easy to carry and still be dead accurate

GLOCK 19 semiautomatic handgun, 9mm

  • Concealed carry
  • Full sized
  • Takes common ammo
  • Will accept other GLOCK 9mm mags

Remington 870 pump-action shotgun, 12 gauge

  • Close quarters self defense
  • Point and shoot
  • Easy for new and inexperienced shooters to use
  • Versatility

Springfield M1A semiautomatic rifle, .308 Winchester

  • Main battle rifle for rural setting
  • Long range
  • Large capacity magazines
  • Common ammunition
  • Integral optics

Employee #3

GLOCK 22 semiautomatic handgun in 9mm; accepts .40 S&W and .357 Sig interchangeable barrels

Thompson/Center Encore single-shot rifle

  • Switch barrel system
  • Accurate
  • Ammunition can be split up
  • Versatility

Remington 870 pump-action shotgun, 12 gauge

  • Self defense
  • Hunting

Employee #4

Russian SVT-40 semiautomatic rifle, 7.62x54R

  • Historical
  • Large Caliber
  • Semiautomatic
  • Love 7.62x54R

Polish-Milled AK-47 semiautomatic rifle, 7.62x39mm

  • Built like a tank
  • Reliable even without abuse and neglect
  • Cheap parts

Remington 1100 semiautomatic shotgun, 12 gauge

Picture shows a black, Remington 870 pump-action shotgun laying on some wood logs.
A pump-action shotgun is a trusty stand-by.
  • Versatile
  • Switch barrels for home defense and hunting
  • Well made

Employee #5

Remington 1100 semiautomatic 12-gauge shotgun; it’s versatile

Savage 10 Precision Carbine bolt-action rifle, .308 Winchester

  • Accurate
  • Long range
  • Hunting
  • Swap out optics

Kahr MK9 Elite semiautomatic handgun, 9mm

  • Concealed carry
  • Night sights

Employee #6

GLOCK 19 semiautomatic handgun, 9mm

  • Self defense
  • Easy to shoot
  • Conceal carry

AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, 5.56mm NATO; with 200 rounds of 5.56 and 100 rounds of .22 LR

Remington 870 pump-action shotgun, 12 gauge; with 200 rounds of birdshot, 50 rounds of slugs and 50 rounds of buck

  • Bulletproof
  • Versatile
  • Hunting
  • Self defense

Employee #7

Picture shows a digital camo AR-15 laying on some concrete bricks.
The AR-15 is a favorite because of its versatility and dependability.

GLOCK 19 semiautomatic handgun, 9mm

  • Ammo availability
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Parts readily available

AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, .223 Remington

  • Ammo availability
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Parts readily available

Remington 870 semiautomatic shotgun, 12 gauge

  • Ammo availability
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Parts readily available

We all pick different firearms in the scenario, whether it is an old favorite, or ones we know will not fail us. No one mentioned the hand-me downs or nostalgic rimfires. Though all vary slightly, you can see a common thread—a reliable pump-action shotgun, GLOCK and an AR-15 are obvious favorites.

If you are perhaps the type to bury your weapons instead, read “Long-Term Gun Storage.”

What about you? Which three do you choose? Tell us in the comment section.


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Comments (306)

  1. 1911 .45 solid weapon with a great battle history
    AK 47 can be dropped in the mud and dirt and still fought with without an issue
    A1 Grand old weapon but good for hunting as well as fighting.

  2. 1. Glock 26 with extra Glock 19 magazines and Xgrips (Almost as good as a Glock 19, but more concealable for 365 carry. If you add a TLR-6, metal guide rod, and threaded barrel, and it will be virtually as good but far more flexible.

    2. 28″ Mossberg 12 gauge combo with 18.5″ security barrel. This will literally give you everything you need for self protection and hunting. Hunt waterfowl, upland game, deer etc… You don’t need rifled barrels or even a scope in most cases (although you can add one).

    3. AR-15 scope with magnification to fit your needs (i.e. higher magnification west of the Mississippi River).

  3. I have to say that the person who picked the Glock 22 with a 9 mm barrel was sharp. Offers multiple calibers and maximum flexibility. The pump shotgun is a no brainer for the second weapon. They are cheap and reliable but the manufacturer isnt really important. That leaves the slot a rifle would occupy. I like the ar platform but I like the reliability of the ak so it has to be ano AR with a piston system instead of the direct gas system. Also, I would be looking for on with both a 223/5.56 upper and a 300 aac black-out upper. The 300 hits harder and is excellent against beefier targets or where some light penetration is needed. It’s always good to be ready for that…

  4. I am a glock man hands down (9mm due to the fact everyone and their mothers carries it), I would choose the AR15 because of interchangability and how much crap you can throw on it. Also the 5.56 round is not only carried by our military and police force, but other countries as well as NATO carry it as well, making it easy to find. unlike the others I would also carry a light bolt action 308 for hunting, Preferrably the Savage Hog Hunter. I do live in alaska so I prefer something with a little more “oomph” than a 5.56 to take down wild game.

  5. My 3 are…30cal. M -1 Carbine,with two 30rnd banana clips taped to-
    gether, foolproof, light weight, won’t quit!!! great street fighter.

    181/2″ barel 12ga. Pump Shotgun…ammo, ball&buck,
    . 00′, 0, #1 thru #4 buck, Slugs

    Ruger GP100 4″ the perfect heavy duty Revolver both 357
    mag and 38 special and +P…ultimately versitle for any

  6. RE: ‘ONLY THREE GUNS’ Since only the frame or actions are serialized:
    1st; Either NEF or H&R Single shot rifle w/ any number of assorted calibers.
    2nd; Any semi auto w / interchangeable barrel combos [ Glock: [ Mod.22;- 35; ( .357 Sig, 9mm, .40S&W etc.) .45cal. Gov’t models w / extra caliber-specific slides, barrels and ejectors -same calibers as above;
    3rd; Any .22 rimfire rifle (LR or Mag) which can accept barrels chambered for .17 HMR, or .17 Mach 2. either bolt or semi auto.

  7. So, I have multiple hand guns and rifles, Although my AR-15 is a good reliable gun, I have an 1968 Sears and Robuck JC wittney 22 that shoots 22 short,long and LR (semi auto with LR only), Handed down from my Father in Law, it shoots great every time. My Mossburg 500 12 gauge purchased 23 years ago is still as reliable now as it was then. As far as hand guns go, I have a Glock 17 that I like. I know that no matter what ammo is put in it, its going to fire and no FTE or FTL, what I don’t like is the way it ejects the rounds straight up. My favorite Hand Gun, is my Sig Sauer P229 in 40cal. Shoots dead on accurate at 25 Meters, All metal construction and never a FTL or FTE.,

    1. If I had to have just 3? I would have(and do) a Ruger Blackhawk convertable in 357/9mm. Uses 3 calibers of ammo. A Savage mod. 24 in .22 lr/ 20 ga, extremely versatile , and an SKS. Rugged, and cheap ammo..

  8. Well Mac II, sounds like you just had a “loser”. Once in awhile, like dogs and wives, the odd gun shows up that just ain’t worth a crap. My brother had a 742 Remington .308 like that. Never could get it to shoot straight and it jammed all the time. Finally he missed a nice buck one winter and bent it around an ironwood tree and threw the carcass into the smelter at the old Dodge Main plant in Detroit where him and my dad worked. I told him it just mighta’ been the magazines-so he threw them in too. Problem solved.

    1. I have that gun and you are an ass for what you did and should never be allowed to own a weapon again. Mine in 40 years old and works perfect!

    2. 1942HDMD,

      Were you having a bad day and that lead you to resort to name calling? Accomplishes nothing other than offending. Must be a Democrat. Probably a big fan of Obama. How does it feel to be insulted? What does it prove? Not one darn thing.
      As to the 742, I owned 3 of them and they are the reason I went to Browning BARs. Two of the three would not hold a group less than 12 inches at 100 yards off a bench. One shot just fine but did jam periodically. That was off the bench at the range under just about ideal conditions. Never had any of my several Brownings do that. The Remingtons were really nice looking rifles and fast handling but two would not shoot. Two different gunsmiths could not get them to shoot. Both gave up and said sell the rifles. So, in the end I did. Because you were fortunate enough to own one gun that did shoot doesn’t prove anything other than that you had one gun that shoots.
      But because someone has a different experience than you does not make them an “asshole” and is no reason to deny them the right to have a gun. It just angers others causes them to think your opinion is not worth a great deal.

  9. Hi Mac II
    Yep I did. And you’re dead right-it had some issues. You didn’t mention it but it kicked like a damn Clydesdale even in 20 gauge. Stock’s configured for a rifle instead of a shotgun, and its too light. I polished up the trigger parts judiciously and that helped a lot with the trigger, which was like pulling a chain through peanut butter and pee-gravel. Never had an issue with the accuracy of the .22 , altho I did put an old cracked Tasco scope on it, and it shot surprisingly well. I had an old 50″ Ford that I kept it in on my friends farm for many years and I think I shot just about everything in the world with it that was edible. I finally lost it in a poker game one night with the Snyder boys (I know dang well they cheated) and never did buy it back. Anyway I just included it because it gives you 2 choices to shoot, so two guns for one.

    1. Larry,

      Agree with just about everything you said. Except, my .22 just did not shoot. The .410 was fine and the .22 was OK out to about 25 yards. But, after about 25 yards, it just was not accurate, and that surprised me. I think part of it was the trigger but that could not have been all of it. I have had other guns with atrocious triggers and shot better than that Savage .22.

  10. 1. Model 700 Synthetic stock, Stainless steel barrel in 30-06
    2. Savage Over/Under 20 ga./.22 rifle
    3. Colt 1911A2 .45 ACP

    1. Larry,

      Do you own a Savage 20 Ga/22 O/U? I have a .22/410 Savage O/U and found it ideal for squirrels. However, the .22 barrel left a great deal to be desired in the accuracy department. It was my companion on a lot of trips, hunts, particularly squirrel hunts in Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. It flew many hours in my plane in Oregon and Alaska. But, it was not terribly accurate. Nice looking, fast handling but not terribly accurate and a trigger that almost made you cry. I hope yours is not that way, if you own one.
      I like your other choices.

  11. Secundius,

    Chiappa contacted me by return email. They do not have adapters for the 7.62X39 or the .308. I think you are probably correct in your conclusions.
    I have no particular interest in the gun now, as I have two models already the adequately cover the calibers supported.

  12. @ MacII

    I think the information on the companies Chiappa X-Caliber website is correct. I think what May have happened of the TFB website, is the person that wrote the review and the person that wrote the information. We’re two different people, or in the haste to write the review several typo’s were made and nobody bothered to check the copy for errors before posting the information. And as for the .380 to .308, they just reversed the last two numbers. As far as the 7.62×39, no clue.

  13. Secundius,

    Could not agree more on the .45 ACP. Plus P is as hot as I go ever and that is only for defensive purposes in potentially unknown or dangerous situations. For every day purposes, the standard .45 is fine for me.
    On a separate subject, I followed your steps exactly on the Chiappa X-Caliber and got the apparently same information as you. So, I have written an email directly to Chiappa requesting clarification on the 7.62X39 and .308 calibers. If they reply, I will pass it on.

  14. For those of you that fire .45ACP and don’t want over penetration, DON’T use the New .45Super ammo. It boosts the muzzle velocity by an additional 300-ft/sec. I don’t know what the Bore Pressure is, but It can’t be all that great for the pistol…

  15. Secundius,

    OK, but what about the 7.62X39 and the .308 you mentioned in the original post?
    All the pistol calibers are fine, as is the 12 gauge and even the .410 or 20 gauge in the right circumstances.
    But, I have long thought that the 7.62X39 might be a dandy deer/cougar cartridge when hand loaded with a better bullet then the FMJ. We have a great plenty of both deer and cougars in our area.
    My favorite rifle for some years was a 7mm-08 and it was just deadly on deer. It would seem to me that you ought to be able to come close with the 7.62X39mm when hand loaded. If I could have a survival rifle like the Chiappa with that kind of versatility, it would be of interest.
    Coupled with a good SKS, it would make a nice battery with a lot of versatility.

  16. @ MacII.

    I saw the original rifle of TFB website, and they listed different calibers.
    If you go to the TFB website, under search, enter chiappa x-caliber. Article will appear, the scroll down, until it says more in red lettering. Touch icon, more information will appear and a list of calibers available.

  17. Secundius,

    I was interested in the Chiappa and went to their web site but did not find reference to the 7.62X39 or the .308/7.62X51. Did I miss something?

    1. @ MacII.

      This what I did, step-by-step

      1. Google: chiappa x-caliber
      2. 1st site: X-Caliber – Chiappa Firearms
      3. picture of rifle, from left-to-right: Buttstock to Barrel
      4. below rifle – Item Number: CF500.124
      5. below item numbers calibers in order as shown.
      2-3/4-inch 12-gauge
      3-inch 12-gauge
      410 gauge

  18. There’s a new Lever-Action Over/Under out there called the Chiappa X-Caliber, which sell for $749.00 USD. Which also comes in 11-calibers in one Survival Rifle. They are as follows: 22LR, .38Special, .357Magnum, .45ACP, 9x19Parabellum, .45LC, .410Shotgun, 12-Gauge Shotgun, .223Remington, 7.62×39 and .308Winchester. Just thought you guy might like to know.

  19. After due consideration of survival needs I am going with simple, hard hitting and dependable.

    Ruger 101 in 357 magnum

    Marlin lever action 308

    Remington 870

  20. Looking at my ‘arsenal’, I would also choose the Remington 870. Nothing is quite as intimidating as the sound of a round being chambered in a pump action shotgun. I also have an extended magazine tube.
    It would really be a coin toss between a .45 or 9mm. But I think I would lean towards the .45. With an extended magazine it puts a lot of power in your hand.
    For a rifle, my current choice would be a Ruger Mini-14 in .223/5.56. It will take most game in the US. I would do my best to avoid any long range encounters, but is accurate for medium distance shooting.

    1. Dave,

      A couple thoughts. First, a deputy sheriff I worked with some time ago particularly hated domestic disputes, thinking that they were the most dangerous situation a cop could encounter. What he said, on one occasion, was that the scariest sound he ever heard was a high, obviously female voice, coming from a dark house. The voice said something like I have a shotgun and know how to use it and I am going to shoot anyone who comes through that door. He heard it just after he had started through the door. The comment was followed by the sound of a cornshucker racking. It took his wife several washings to clean up his pants.
      Second, I agree with you about the .45 ACP. A good 9mm has potentially too much penetration and may blow through the opponent. Generally, not a problem for the bigger, slower .45. If you can find one, Kimber made a high cap .45 using a Kimber upper and an Israeli (“IMI”) poly lower that took double stack mags. I have an average sized hand and I have no trouble with the size of the grip. I believe mine holds 14 rounds of .45 ACP. Also, ParaOrdinance makes a P14 double stack and a P13 double stack. I have the Kimber and it is a dandy.

  21. @Secundius
    the answer to the $64,000 question is …… possibly! I think the bullet might need resized so that over pressure isn’t a problem but from what I see at the moment it may indeed be a possibility. Im waiting to hear from one of my contacts who is an all things Mauser and every fact known about hunting in South America source of information to get back to me with the answers to these questions and a couple more I asked him. His wife texted me that he’ll be home in a couple of days from a fishing trip and will get to me then.
    So, there we are for the moment. bed early tonight, we can touch base tomorrow! Pete sends …

    1. Pete tell Secundius to read the Lutz Moller cartridge designation more closely: It is a RIMMED cartridge. The 7.92×57 is a RIMLESS cartridge. Will

    2. Pete, disregard the last note. I jumped in on the last page before I read the previous comments.. Still tryin’ to cram my size 10 1/2 right foot into my size 5 1/2 moufffff. Will

    3. @will-j
      No worries! You have just joined the elite ranks of ALL the rest of us who have at one time or another on this or another blog inserted foot wear at least ones big toe into various places where it didn’t belong! The company in which you now travel is strengthened by your number and reminded yet again that “there but for the grace of . . . A higher intellect . . . . Go us all” or something like that! Welcome to the fray! Look forward to addition comments from you! It is often hard to sometimes follow the comment train let along the thought processes sometimes found among this haystack filled with needles of information.

    4. @ will-j.

      I already took note in the differences of Rimmed/Rimless arrangement. I’m trying to determine whether the Lutz Moller Bullet is Specifically Designed to fire from a Rimmed Cartridge, and/or whether it can be Re-Seated into a Rimless Cartridge. A “Transplant” if you will, lacking a different “word” that fits the bill. If the proceedure can’t be done, then take the desin of the bullet as a “Template”. And 3-D printing a bullet, that can do the job. If the price of the cost of the project, exceed my resources, then I going to “cancel the whole idea”. I’m really starting to like 7.92x57Mauser Cartridge. It like the Enigma of the “US .30-caliber Club”, really fascinates me. And to the last part of yore comment, Take you time, we’ll still be hear, un-less the mysterious FO-forces of this website, closes the website and start-anew.

    5. ———–Mr. S. My foot is far enough removed from my mouth to where I can see what I’m thinking:. If memory serves me, the earlier 8MM cartridges were of .318″ diameter, and later changed to .323″ diameter; and one had a ‘JS’ designation, although I do not remember which one. Your and Pete’s experience in those earlier-period firearms far outweigh mine. Just thinkin’, maybe check the bore data of the Lutz and perhaps you might find the answer re: cartridge interchangeability. Good luck and happy hunting.

  22. @Secundius
    I have been looking for a current manufacture of the 7.92×57 i, is, or irs rimmed case munitions and have yet to find one, There is Loading Data, Cases to be had, some bullets and tools like molds, bullet sizing dies and reloading dies. there is also a company that specializes in small quantity production of no longer produced munitions that will make them. I have found several references to current production of this round but I don’t think its US based. Ive expanded my search to the UK, Germany and South Africa to see what turns up and also asked several friends who deal with this kind of rare item to tell me what they know. My dad says that there are several old boxes of this caliber for GranDa’s dbl .416 Rigby // R7.92x57is so I’m having him pull them out and take a few pics. Its made by Seller&Bellot and is at least 45 years old as that was the last Africa hunt this rifle was on to the best of family memory and records. All of both GranDa’s gun collections came to my father and me. I suppose that they will all come my way eventually but I’m in no hurry for that event. the families thru marriage go back a few generations and all were big game hunters and world travelers. They had a custom Weatherby (bolt) African in .416 Rigby made for me on the occasion of my first African Hunt when I was 14. Its a wonderful rifle and still sees the occasional hunt still.
    Anyway, my friend, im going to continue to look and see what I can find concerning this “rimmed” round. been a good research project at the least.

  23. @ Pete in Alaska.

    Thanks, I was afraid of that. I have to see whether I can get a Example of the bullet, Forward/Reverse engineer the dimensions to make a Modern Version of the bullet, through 3-D Printing Process. To see if it even feasible…

  24. I can’t quite make out if there is a difference in the bullet diamensions or not other than shape. However the warning seems to elude to there being some dirrerance in the bullet that might damage the chamber and bore. I’ll keep looking into it. The bullet shape is very European and I think a some what older design. I’ll keep looking and see what I can turn up.

  25. BINGO!!!!
    look at the very bottom of the Wikipedia page for the 7.92×57 Mauser and there is a picture of the difference in the case types.
    one is the RIMMED case for a breach loader and the other is designed for auto or bolt feed.
    The rimmed cases are the 8×75 . . . . . i, is, or irs identifiers. i think this answers the question.
    and i also figures out where i ran across this before! one of my grandfathers three barrel H&H Drillings is chambered in .416 Rigby with the lower center barrel in . . . . . 8×57 IS !! Mystery solved. That was an enjoyable hour. Thanks for thinking to ask me!

    1. @ Pete in Alaska.

      Thanks for the look up. I’m still get nowhere with DP-12 issue.

      But, here’s the $64,000 Question. Do you think the Lutz Moller 8×57 Bullet itself can be seated into a Mauser Cartridge Casing? It’s the Bullet itself that fascinates my the most. It looks like it is meant to break into two pieces upon impact with target. Like or similar to old style Canister Shot…

  26. so, it seems that although the designation is the same it is indeed a different round.

    from Wikipedia when searching the 7.92×57 mm Mauser :
    Current European civil C.I.P. designation[edit]

    German made unprimed cases with their packaging box displaying the C.I.P. 8 × 57 IS cartridge designation.
    The mainly European arms standards body Commission Internationale Permanente pour l’Epreuve des Armes à Feu Portatives (Permanent International Commission for portable firearms testing) (C.I.P.)—an organisation for standards in ammunition for civilian use—currently (2012) designates the 7.92×57mm Mauser as the 8 × 57 IS. This designation has the power of law for civil use in C.I.P. member states like the United Kingdom.[3]

    Warning: the 8 × 57 IS and 8 × 57 I (other non-military issued rifle cartridge developed by civilians after the 8 × 57 IS) are not the same cartridge and are not interchangeable. To avoid catastrophic firearm failures that could endanger users or bystanders, it is important to distinguish clearly between these two differing chamberings and bullet diameters, and only fire them in appropriately chambered/barrelled rifles.

    I believe that this warning includes the “i” , ‘is”, and ‘irs’ designations. If I’m not mistaken these were made for break breach rifles like the Drillings and so forth.

    Still researching. The “Wikipedia: 7.92×75 Mauser” is a good read and the info related here is at the bottom of the blog.

  27. @Secundius
    I’m researching to see what I can come up with, have run across the round once before but didn’t pay to much attention to it. will let you know what I come up with. it does seem odd to not allow it to be used in one of the strongest bolt guns ever made…. back at ya later. Pete sends . .

  28. @ Pete in Alaska and OLD&GRUMPY.

    I was PARUSSING through the ETHER of the INTERNET, trying to get more information on the FO-Connecticut Shotgun Company’s DP-12 Shotgun. When I came across a rifle round I’ve never heard of before. And I was just wondering weather and/or not either of you two might of heard of it. It’s called the Lutz Moller 8x57IS/IRS, Rimmed Cartridge. The manufacturer of this round, says that it can only be used in Bolt-Action Rifles of that caliber, but NOT the Mauser 98k (7.92x57mm) livery, WHICH IS a Bolt-Action Rifle I was wondering weather and/or not either of you two knows why. I mean, the both the same size bullet and cartridge…

    1. Was just re-reading comment thread and caught your confusion here. The “Rimmed” version of this cartridge was designed for break rifles or drop block type platforms NOT bolt or auto as misrepresented in the article. This is addressed in some of the comments in the following pages as additional information was passed on.

  29. @Secundius
    No worries my friend . . . Please feel free to answer either the Alaska or AK! I will in the future try and use only the “Pete in Alaska” handel.

  30. @ ss1.

    Currently I own 10-Guns, 6-Presentation Guns and 4 that I actually use. I’ve NEVER fired the Presentation Guns, because the depreciate in value after every firing. Their my Long-Term Retirement Funds, so to speak.

  31. @will
    My comment was intended to stop someone from firing a .308 in 30.06 because he was under the mistaken impression that they are interchangeable. They are not. If one wishes to risk an insert to attempt this then the risk damaging the engagement lands and groves of the .06 platform bring used not to mention the possibility that head spacing issues, case damage and/or catastrophic failure are increased by a substantial degree with the use of an insert.
    I appericated your comment, have even used inserts before but do not belive that they are either as safe as the should be or as well thought out as the should be.

    1. Appreciate your come-back. I, too, was a little apprehensive of using the inserts. But having learned that the Navy used them in their M-1s, I figured WTH? I gave them a try. Having been a reloader for 38+ yrs. , I check headspace VERY closely w/ go-no go gauges on all my rifles before chambering the first round. and as I stated, I’ve had no problems whatsoever; In fact, accuracy improved by 50% in one of the Savages- from little over 1.25-MOA to .645 “c-c (5shot string x 10 strings..) Maybe not scientific proof to anyone else, but the groups never enlarged in any rifle either; In truth, I did fail to mention that I expand All .30 caliber virgin brass with a .318″ expander and then neck down one piece of brass in increments until it chambers snugly in its respective rifle. The die is then locked down, and dedicated to that rifle only;.[ 4 rifles w/ their own set-up;] and the brass is dedicated to its respective rifle. I HATE wasting time adjusting dies, and consistency is maintained within the rifle / die / loading system procedure. to each their own, and that’s my way. I also expand all other caliber brass for my other rifles; Mostly with filed and polished larger-caliber expander buttons down to .012-.020” over caliber,( depending on the caliber ) and follow the above procedure. I know that I’m not the first or only person to follow this procedure, but it works for me. Happy hunting.

  32. Yep…gun state for sure… Found a brand new in the box NM- M1A at a Reno show. The seller wanted $2500, I offered $1800, he took $2000…
    Cash and Carry.
    I showed my CA. driver license and he said “No Problem”.

    1. @ larry.

      Consider yourself lucky, the last gun show I went to. I got taken, the next gun purchase I make is going to be on-line, no respect for the handicapped or veterans…

    1. @ Martin Pierce.

      Have you ever heard of Lutz Moller 8x57IS/IRS Rimmed ammunition, and why you can’t use it with the 7.92x57Mauser 98k Carbine/Rifle?

  33. Heat never bothered me when young. But now, we don’t get along well together. Where in Arizona are you?, My Gun Trust is in Mesa, Arizona.

  34. Answer # 2: From Long Beach, CA. to Henderson, Nevada. Wife wants to be by the kids and I want to be by more Guns and high capacity magazines. Close to lots of gun clubs and Lake Mead to feed my fishing and boating habit. Nevada is a gun state. Hot there, but will buy air conditioners as needed.

    1. @martin pierce:

      I totally understand. I’ve lived in Orange County a few years, and now I’m in Arizona enjoying the gun lifestyle. As far as heat goes, I love it and DO NOT use AC in my SUV in the summer.

  35. @ ss1.

    You might be able to find it on YOU TUBE, but I’m not 100% certain that you will. As far as the Bullpup Unltd. It’s like HALO comes to Shangri-La. I started to look through my HALO Weapons Guide and see if I could match weapons. Some came pretty damn close. I’m surprised that no gun manufacturer has tried to create HALO patterned weapons into the Real World. I know that several have made into the Real World, like the 3-barrel GAU-19. I tried to communicate with Beau this morning, on the Ebola website, but havn’t yet received a responds, Talkl to you later.

    1. @Secundius:

      Could you give me a link to that Ebola website? Or is it THIS website and just an Ebola article? If it’s another website, like not CTD, let me know what your name is over there. I want to see what you guys are saying.

  36. Mossberg 500 12 Ga
    S&W .375 revolver
    Henry Big Boy .357 Magnum
    to keep variety of ammo to a minimum


    Mossberg 500 12 Ga
    Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II .40
    Ruger Mini-30 7.62×39
    ’cause I’d really like to have these

  37. (*) After rethinking the whole thing, I’d choose a .308Win. (7.8×51.2mm) Bullpup Rifle firing platform. And use Caliber Chamber Adapters, too fire various Smaller Caliber Ammunition. Plus a Repair Kit, to repair and/or augment Bullpup Rifle. This saves Weight, Able to carry more ammunition and less things to worry about if something went wrong.

    1. @Secundius:

      Hi Secundius, I thought .308 was kinda the same as 7.62×51? Can you explain your caliber dimensions more?


    2. @ ss1.


      Theoretically .308Win., .300Savage, 7.62x51NATO, .30.06 Sprngfld. and 30.40Krag. Are all the same round, technically there NOT. .300Savage (7.7×47.5mm, actual), .308Win. (7.8×51.18, actual) @ 75,275psi), 7.62×51.18NATO actual @ 60,191psi, .30-40Krag (7.8×58.8mm actual @ 45,000psi, .30-06Sprnfld. (7.62×63.3mm, actual @ 60,200psi, 303British,(7.9×56.4mm, actual) and all .30-Carbine and .30-Cailber Pistol ammunition. Can be fired, from the .308Win. Rifle. The reason I chose the .308Win. Bullpup design (a.e. I’m a Wheelchair Driver), but you can use ANY .308Win. Rifle. is because the Rifle Barrel can withstand the GREATEST Bore Pressures. Out of all the ammunition’s mentioned.

      With the exception of the .30-Carbine and the .30-Caliber Pistol ammunition. You can fire ALL Rifle ammunition out any rifle, but after long periods of time, the HIGHER Bore Pressure Rounds are going too wear-out the LESSER Bore Pressure Barrels. By either CRACK or BURSTING the Barrels. That why I would go for the .308WINCHESTER Rated Barrel, for long-term safety reasons.

      PS. Please don’t, anybody ask me this question again, my brain like Martin’s. Is going NUMB, after explanation’s.


      With the exception of the Rifle Ammunition which probably can be loaded into a .308Win. Magazine, because they fall roughly into the same design parameters. All smaller sizes should be used in a bolt-action rifle, unless you are using Chamber Adapters Cartridges.

    4. @Secundius:

      Wow thanks for explaining! That is very educational. I’m a little surprised about the 30-06 being able to fire in a 308 rifle though.

      I’ll need to look up the Bullpup design on Google Images, but right now I’m rushing out the door. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to explain.

      Have a great night Secundius!

    5. @ ss1.

      Paul in Alaska, suggested an Outfitter called Bullpups Unlimited. I checked it out, and it was like being a kid in a candy store. And I wanted to stay until my teeth rotted out!

      How are you and Beau doing… Paul is probably the weakest link in the chain. Without AgingArine to prop up Paul, Paul will cave first…

    6. Sorry about the spelling, I’m having a hard time see the fine print on the screen. Due to probably the Light Blue on Field of White Background…

    7. Depending on which Internet browser you use, try typing “CTRL” and “+” or “CTRL” and “-” (without quotes) simultaneously to zoom in or out on the screen magnification. It can help a lot with fine print.

    8. @ Pete in Alaska.

      Sorry about that, Had to use iPod to respond to message, because laptop was back on charging station. And font type to small to see properly, even with glasses.

    9. No worries at all !! If the worst name I’m ever called is my Dad’s then I’m in good shape and great company! Another bull pup you might like is the Jugganute (sp?) made for the M1A/ SOCOM. It’s on the spendy side but then all the Bullpup and stock mod kits for this platform are. My SOCOM is fitted into this stock. It’s a very comfortable system.

    10. A 30.06 WILL NOT fire in a .308 as the .06 case is longer. Neither would it be advisable to attempt to shoot a .308 in a 30.06 chamber. Very bad JuJu either way . . .

    11. @ Pete in Alaska.

      Yes you can, been through this subject with somebody else several months ago on another website. While technically two-different rounds, you can in fact fire a .30-06Sprnfld. (7.8×63.3mm) through a .308Win. (7.8×51.18mm) barrel. You can’t technically fire the .308Win. through a .30-06Sprnfld. barrel.

      The difference is Bore Pressure, not Cartridge Size. The Bore Pressure of the .308Win. is 75,250psi and .30-06Sprnfld. is 60,191psi. You might get away with fire 100 or even 200-rounds of .308 through the .30-06 barrel. Eventually, you’ll either CRACK or BURST the .30-06 barrel.

      “While you can shot one from the other, you can’t fire the other through the one.”

      On a side note, you can even fire the 7.92x57mm/Mauser through the .308 barrel as well.

    12. @Secundius:

      Hi Secundius, regarding those guys on the other article forum, I just don’t have the passion for that topic, plus I believe no one has posted because I haven’t received any emails. Maybe another topic will come up where all of us 5 guys can interact together 🙂

      The bullpups I’m seeing photos of look pretty cool. Can you explain why they’re better for a wheelchair? I just don’t see the advantage by looking at the weapon. It looks like the magazine would get in the way.

      As far as the 30-06 in a 308 issue goes, maybe there’s a video somewhere that could resolved that issue?

    13. @Secundius:

      Well I did re-read your original bullpup post, and the “less things to worry about if something went wrong” looks significant. Are you saying that the bolt and/or gas port system is different and more reliable or simpler than an AR?

    14. @ ss1.

      No, I was refering to the ejection system of the AR-type Rifle. Some of the smaller calibers, that don’t come close to matching the characteristics of the larger rifle caliber, will actually jam the ejection system. Unless Cartridge Adapters are used. Example a 9x17Kurz/Parabellum inside the breech of a 308Win. barrel. I mean the two round don’t even come close to each other in overall size comparison.

    15. @ ss1.

      About the “Wheelchair” problem. It has to do with Newton’s 1st & 2nd Laws of Motion and Archimedes Law of Motion.

      Center of Gravity & Recoil vs. Length of Rifle. The Shorter the Rifle in relation too Center of Gravity and Recoil. The better overall control of what’s going to happen.

      Firing a Pistol, does have some problems, but you have better control of the weapon. And, that’s why I going with the Bullpup design, It I fire either my M1E5 Tanker/Garand, M1E6 Sniper/Garand and my new 98k Mauser Rifles. Their going to have to be Bench Mounted and Secured for firing.

    16. @Secundius:

      Thanks for explaining further about the wheelchair physics. Now I understand your reason for the bullpup.

      Boy you have a lot of cool weapons, don’t you!!

    17. @ Pete in AK
      Not to disagree with you re: .308 in .30-06, But you can– I have done so:. Idaho Surplus Sales a few yrs. back sold a chamber insert developed by, and/or used by the US Navy for their .30-06 Cal. rifles. It fills in the difference between the length of the .308 and the -06 body length. You insert it into an -06 chamber followed by a .308 rd. and fire away I bought three. I also ordered a broken cartridge removal tool to extract the insert after firing. The directions suggest using the insert in one rifle only. I dedicated one each to two of my -.06s; A Win M 70, and a Savage 116 Weather Warrior and the third I have tried in four other -.06s with no adverse effects: Just insert it dry, so it won’t have a tendency to become stuck.
      I ordered mine in ’04 and I love them. The address is-Idaho Surplus Sales: 6007 Marvin St. Boise, Id. 83709 Attn: Ron Shrimplin– Phone # 208-378-1727. Check them out. Give me a call @229-828-6540 and I’ll be glad to fax / forward a copy of the instruction sheet to you Take care.

  38. Did someone mention my name, or other?. I cant blog and move to nevada @ the same time.Too confusing for someone with a one trak mind–Me.

    1. @martin pierce

      Martin where are you moving from? What do you like about Nevada? I’m just curious. Nevada is on my list of states that I could move to if I wanted to change things up.

    2. @ Martin Pierce.

      No just me. Heard CHiP rumor the Space Aliens had teleported, you into the ship to work on fixing ship board space weaponry. Like your work so much, they offered you a space commission into their space fleet fixing ship board energy eapons, in the TRILLION plus Space Fleet.

      Honestly, haven’t heard form you in a while, and asking around to see
      that nothing BAD had happen too you. Just checking up…

    3. @ Martin Pierce.

      Ahhh Haaa. So, January 2015, or so. Is the Unofficial, official moving date. And October 2014, or so. Is the Official, unofficial moving date!

      So just remember this Gun related phrase and you’ll be unconfused, maybe. “There’s a Cross on the Muzzle with the Pistol with the Bullet, and there’s a Slash on the Handle with the Pistol with the Blank. Now just say that to yourself, three times fast, getting faster with each saying.

  39. Employee #1. Hey the Glock 19 doesn’t hold 17. That is the Glock 17. The 19 is my duty weapon. Unless you have some 17 mags that you put in the 19, which will work.

  40. Mossberg 590A1
    -Most Reliable/Durable
    -Versatile (self-defense, most game)

    Glock 19
    -Just because it’s common and easy to replace/repair

    -Longer Range touch
    -AK would be better for SHTF but the other two would be reliable enough to keep this as “scalpel” instead of a “machete”.

  41. Mr. S; Didn’t mean WDC politics; More like internal (w/ the websites). Seems like if you piss someone off or disagree / not fully agree with them ,they label you a troublemaker and give you the boot: So much for the ‘Forum’ concept, don’t you think? After all, it’s supposed to a discussion / exchange-of-ideas type of thing is it not? Just wonderin’? Take care; Catch you around.

    1. I@ wll.

      I know you weren’t, and neither was I. If it is Political, it’s either going too be Private or Social Politics. I really can’t see Government getting involved, not in the best interest. I leaning toward Private, somebody just does like my comments… How does like website so far? Made any enemies, yet? For the most part, If they don’t like your comments or your trend on somebodies soft toes. Your comments will be REDDIT’d… Several people already have being. Berserkers and Trolls afoot, watch yourself. A lot GOOD people on The Shooter’ Log website, others not so go. Spoiling for a fight. Take Care.

  42. @Secundius:

    Thanks for letting me know. It’s shocking that someone kicked you off. The guys you mentioned use some pretty rough language, and you seem to write in a nicer style. That’s very troubling that someone like you is locked out.

    I’m sorry but my heart and soul is not into that issue like it is with those guys. I can see both sides of the coin. My only issue is with the arguing style of “P-nut”. The first time I came across him I got pretty upset at him. But now sometimes he amuses me 🙂

    Hey I checked out dudeiwantthat, and I see how the comments sections can be very interesting. Thanks!! Please send more. Do you have the same name there? Let’s connect over there!!

    Hey, let me share something with you because you’re my buddy. Someone asked me once, on another website, about my ss1 name. They wanted to know if it had anything to do with Germany in WWII. I was shocked! It actually stands for Sam Snead #1, because I love golf, and I liked Sam, even though I’m not from his time period.

    OK, JUST TO KEEP IN LINE WITH THE THREAD TOPIC HERE, I can’t believe that anyone would choose a Hi-Point as one of three weapons to have. I can’t believe anyone would choose 22LR, or even 9mm for that matter. Doesn’t anyone get the premise? You are given 3 weapons and 300 rounds for survival. Economy is not applicable. I’m sorry that one of my choices was the Glock 10mm, because my Ruger Super Redhawk 44 magnum is actually more powerful and way more accurate (7.5 inch barrel). So in this scenario, that would be the pistol to have at my side.

    1. @ ss1, USNI News

      Yeah, I don’t When, Where or How It happen… Been trying for week now, I alway thought my comment MILD by comparison. Must have Royally Pissed-Off somebody. I’m surprised, though to still be receiving comments from that website. Maybe, they’ll get around to discontinuing that too, eventually. Say hello to Beau for me, or not. Don’t want to JINX you too… As far as the Hi-Point, probably because its Cheap and semi-reliable, Push-Comes-To-Shove. Use it as improvised projectile with your SLING-SHOOT. LOL

  43. @ ss1.

    Just to let you know, I’ve been effective kicked-off, the Gun Control Confiscation website by the Fo-Police. Its up to you and Beau. While I can receive posted comments, I can’t answer them. Give AG-nut and P-nut HELL.

    1. @ Secundius;
      Mr. S. Sad to hear about your recent situation. Being new to this scene (forums, blogs, etc.) It would be helpful to know what’s what. If you see my user anywhere else feel free to yell and let me know how things are. I guess if some points hit home, the ‘powers that be’ get upset if things do not go their way, or if someone questions/ voices differentiating opinions. It would be nice to know and keep in mind. Do you think Politics is being brought into play here?
      Look forward to chatting w/ you later.

    2. @ will.

      Glade you could come to the Circus, and join in on the Fun… As far as Political, Political from who and for what. It JUST a discussion group website. Is not like were trying to take over the world with secret plans.

  44. Is there going to be rules to this “sharp edge” sub-blog??
    For “everyday carry” it’s always a Swiss Army ‘Tinker’ and my spring actuated Boker.
    When going more than 50 feet from the house I’ll add my Parang. This is a blade I was introduced to in-country in 1970 and have not been without since. It’s a just about as versatile as blade can be.
    When traveling I often add a pair of Safe Maker II’s one in steel and one in plastic. The plastic one does not alert on a metal detector and if placed correctly will not show up on x-ray . . . or so I’m told.
    When hunting I carry a Cold Steel (CS) Outdoorsman, an the Alaskan Knife Co. small ‘ULU’, topped off with a Havalon Piranta Edge Folding Skinning Knife. This little folder is the best skinning and field dressing knife I have ever owned or used. Uses a replaceable 2.5″ or 3″ surgical steel scalpel blade! I’ve done a whole Moose with one blade and it was still sharp when done. Will help if you have a small ceramic ‘dog bone’ sharpener along as it will increase blade life. Weighs in at about 2.5 oz’s. The ULU is the best caping blade and general hunting blade devised by the mind of man. The design goes back beyond memory and it remains today as one of civilizations most enduring designs.
    I have no idea how many Leatherman’s I own. Most are of the ‘Wave’ variety and I don’t think there is a back pack, gear bag, tool kit, vehicle, boat, quad, snow machine or plane that doesn’t have one permanently assigned to it. I also have a ‘Mut’ too. It’s designed as a specific pocket tool for working with explosives and is very useful. I hate wearing these on my belt for some reason . . . That’s why I started to just put one in just about everything I use. I should have gotten stock in this company I think. At about $50 bucks or more each their getting spendy!
    I like the SOG Hawk as well, it’s a well made tool but I’m partial to the issue Vietnam hawk for its balance and lower cutting edge which the repro’s don’t have. I also like the thicker blade profile. Although it can be used for other things it was really designed for but one use. However, a wink being as good as a nod the SOG should make an excellent CQC tool , with the proper training of course. Other wise it’s just another cool looking hatchet.
    My other prize from 1970’s in-country tour and lovefest was an issue Gerber Mk II! I never used it in the field but it’s one of the finer examples of the ‘combat dagger’ in modern times. Neither the Hawk or MkII are in use any longer but reside with other nick-nacks and photos from back in the day that are in my study. I was taught the value and use of the common, square handled, 3/16 x 7″ tool steel spike, ice pick with its wooden tube sheath, as a CQ weapon. Was an effective stealth tool, we got them 24 to a box and would carry several per man on mission, I think they were made by Harry’s, Harper’s, Harold’s? I don’t remember now. Hell of a skill set for a young man to know.
    Moving on . . . .If I we were to say ” only allowed to have five blades…..” I’d choose . . .

    Swiss Army Super Tinker Knife. — General use and small tool kit
    Cold Steel Outdoorsman — concealed protection, hunting, occasional camp knife
    Mid weight, 10″ edge Parang — protection, smaller chopping, butchering
    Havalon Piranta folding skinner — hunting and back up surgical knife
    Firestone Carving Ax — Felling, Branching, shaping, carving, wood working, protection

    Add one each : Medium, Fine and Very Fine Diamond Steels.
    A large white ceramic 4″x 9″ w/ rods
    1ea large Japanese fine/ultra find wet stone
    1ea large course carborundum
    1ea 3.5″ Medium Ax stone

    1. @ Pete in Alaska.

      I didn’t mean to get flippant with you on answering you comment, sometimes my ID, gets the better of me. The reason it took so long, to respond to you last posting to me. Is because I had too review all note, of want I said during the day. My short-term memory is shot, until it catches up with. Two or three-months down the road, that’s what happens when you a stroke

      No, your “Alaska/AK” personna, is you. My notes didn’t mention whether or not I was talking to probably two-different people. Both living in Alaska. My “Secundius” personna was not my first choice, Secundus was. But to my dismay somebody else had it. So I just inserted a “i”, in my avatar personna. So now that I know “Alaska and AK” are the same person, go ahead and use both. But, I’m not going to address your “AK’ unless I have your permission to do so!

      I have a Parang, too , great machete alternative. And don’t laugh, but get the Boker Leter Opener (made from the armor of a German Leopard I Main Battle Tank) and extremely sharp blade, could be used as a skinning knife, too. I, also have two Spyderco Divers Knives, one of which is a “Divers Probe Knife” which included a Pry Bar and Metric/SAE Measurement Scale on it. And they stop making in 2003. Next to Gun, Naval Ships, Military Aircraft, Spaceships, and Military Weaponry. Knives are my favorite.

  45. Main rifle 5.56 AR Piston driven. This will run cleaner, cooler and run lower pressure ammo also. (223 for example )
    Sidearm 9mm glock. Not to under powered not over powered just right and comfortable if things get crazy one or two high cap. mags should get you out of harms way if not go to gun rem. 870 high cap tube heavy load (slugs and buck shot) all three can be used for hunting, taking game and protection. next question sharp edged items.

    1. @ Tony– “sharp edge”

      Same one I put in my pocket in 1972. Old school Buck folder. It’s beat up,ugly and my go to. It “served” me well in numerous ports -o-call and seedy non tourist “destinations” that our Uncle sent young men to back then. I did give it a upgrade. I drilled it and put on a para cord lanyard. This turned it into a heavy steal brass and wood black jack. I learned how to sleep with it open in my hand under the pillow. After this long it is part of my hand.

      SOG tactical Tomahawk.It’s a upgrade of the one Special forces used in Viet Nam. (get yours from CTD) It rides in the junk box in the cab of my truck. Grab the handle and punch right.Grab the head at the handle cross to punch left. Yes I do use both for work also.


      The difference between a combat knife and a kitchen knife is what you stick it in,

  46. Pistol – .45 ACP EAA Witness with .40, 9mm, & 22lr uppers.
    – can be carried cocked and locked, or double action 1st shot
    – 45 good stopper with fewest rounds
    – other calibers available from entrepreneurs
    Rifle – FAL version in 308.
    – good reach and power
    – versatile and accurate
    – as reliable as AK with better caliber
    Shotgun – Bennelli M90 12 gauge
    – light weight
    – 9 round capacity
    – classic configuration
    – recoil rotary bolt – no gas grunge or O-ring to wear

  47. Grumpy, Thanks for that info, but I think I’ll sell the .303 ammo just so I don’t make that mistake again. And yes, I too have made the mistake of putting a .22 in a Mag cylinder when I first got my single 6’s, they didn’t fit well, no, I didn’t fire the gun. I have marked all my Mag cylinders with a dot of white paint. (I Need glasses to read the “Mag” print)
    I have learned that “take nothing for granted” is the rule with all guns since then. Now all my guns and Ammo are well marked or not interchangeable. Your a very knowledgeable guy, thanks.

  48. This has truly been enlightening and some of these guys are starting to worry me. AP ammo and a 50 caliber M2 BMFMG! What are they anticipating going up against the National Guard or the cops? I don’t question your right to have it as a collector and they are fun to shoot but we were originally talking about a minimal amount of armament for protection and defense. Some of the attitudes that surfaced here I think are what scare the crap out of the other 90 some % of the population.

    1. @ Hank Alvarez.

      You forgot about possible Space Aliens Invasions, Wildlife Uprisings, Zoombies and all the rest of the Demonic Powers To Be too… LOL!

  49. New to this web-site/blog and wanted to say thanks for the article and following through with the tally sheets.

    A useful mental exercise. Like; if I had to leave in a hurry and couldn’t take the entire arsenal with, what would be the best three complimentary guns to take?

    My interpretation of the summary consensus;
    a 12 ga. pump, probably Rem 870 or Moss 500,
    an AR platform in 308 would be the AR-10
    and a reliable auto handgun in 45 or 9mm, either glock or 1911.

    Again, thanks for the thought provoking article and following through with the tallies.

    1. @Bob Kutz,
      Welcome! Always nice to have new voices in attendance and contributing!
      I don’t know that I would draw quite the same conclusions as yourself but then I’m deep in the forest and the trees rant quite so clear.
      The shotgun is a given and may be not only the clearest choice but also one of the “traditional” choices for many of us as a must have. 870 and 500 seem to be this decades “go-to” for lots of reasons but don’t discount a shorty SbS or OaU in 12ga either.
      The AR in .308 should be an excellent choice and I’m pretty sure that everyone how has one will agree. Also to be considered should be the M1A/M14/SOCOM group in .308. They offer a larger engagement envelope and are a somewhat stronger platform than the AR in most respects. But it two is a solid choice. I’m very partial to my SOCOM16. and more do since putting it into a Bullpup stock several years ago. I also have several AR’s in verious calibers of them the .300AAC upper and DMPS in .308 are what I reach for most often in the AR’s.
      The AK platforms are not to be discounted! Solid and reliable with a fair spectrum of calibers to choose from. Cheap ammo and and a good history. Aldo worth a look are the solid, simple and proven SKS asan option. 7.62×39 but the cost will allow for several “stash” rifles if needed.
      Pistols are more problematic as they are a much more “personal” firearm. My belief is that e pistol is designed for two primary functions. When your rifle runs out of ammo and when your trying to get to it because it’s not slung on your shoulder. Some will disagree with this precept I’m sure but there are only a few situations in today’s world that I see a pistol as a primary weapon. But that’s just me.
      I’m also not a Glock fan. Not cause there’s anything wrong with them but because don’t sit comfortably in my hand and that includes the Gen 4’s. Can’t explain why and it dosnt matter it just is. I’m an XD/XDm end user. For whatever reason these HiCap, autos fit and feel as if the were custom made just for me. It’s all about choice.
      The 1911 in its many forms is a long term love affair with a huge slice of owners. Theirs pros and cons but what is irrefutable is its Teaditional acceptance and following across the board.
      Train with your choices, shoot often and develope solid habits and mussel memory. Your target does not care what platform or caliber the bullet came from only where it impacts them. The Double Tap is a good skill to know.
      Will look forward to seeing more of your comments thanks for chiming in!

  50. @ Pete in Alaska.

    80F in Alaska is far more preferable than 100F in the shade with 80% humidity in WDC. Where you can see the Water Molecules in the Air. Consider yourself lucky, Yes I know about your winters, too Use to live near North Pole, Alaska back in 1968.

    1. You just named the primary reason I don’t come east of the Mississippi except in the Spring or Fall! I so understand and feel your pain!
      If it turned 80 in Alaska it would likely kill half the population from heat stroke in a day!
      I need to get back to DC some time in the near future. Haven’t visited with buddies and friends at the VN Memorial for a couple of years an its a duty I need to preform.
      I’m very lucky, have a good life and keeping it on top of the grass. The alternative is just not exceptable for any time in the near future. Must get some sleep now . . See ya tomorrow. Pete sends…

  51. SUMMERY CONVERSION OPTIONS, 4th CHOICES an odds and ends

    Many of you recognized that there was a loop hole in the Blog question that allowed for there to be multiple uses while having only one platform by using conversion kits. It may have been stretching the point just a tad but I happen to agree that the use of this “hole” is valid.
    Primarily we are talking about the AR platforms and to a lesser degree the AK’s

    AR Conversions:
    .223 / 5.56…..
    To .22 LR – 11
    To .308 – 2 (is this even possible??)
    To .300AAC – 5
    To .22 Mag – 1 (really?? Never heard of this one)

    pistol conversions suggested:

    .40 to .357Sig – 2 (Glock I believe)
    .45 to 10mm / .40 – 1 (Glock too I think)
    .40 to 9mm – 2 (Sig and Glock both)
    .357 an .38 -1 (Any wheel gun)

    SUPPRESSORS – were only specified a total of six (6) times in the ten pages of comments!
    What’s up with that????
    I found this to be very odd given the Blog Question, the level of thought that many applied to this question and the number of rifles and pistoles which either come with a threaded barrel or have an aftermarket available and considering how many states are legal to buy and own suppressors these days. their relative low cost, especially for 22LR/22Mag/.17HMR Cans and the ATF&E’s shortening of approval times for a Tax Stamp make these a “Must Have” on at least one of ones firearms. Lots of choices out there, I like the offerings of GemTech but there just one of several good ones. Remember, if you get a .22 or 9mm or .45 or whatever caliber … It will work on every weapon of that caliber you have once it’s set up to do so!

    OPTICS – I also found to be somewhat neglected in the descriptions. Several ACOG’s but not not much else. Kinda important I’m thinking if we’re only going to be allowed three guns . . .

    4TH CHOICES – Many, including myself, felt this should have been a question of “if you could only have FOUR guns ……” not THREE. This was I think why the ” Conversion Loop Hole was used and why many included a suggested “forth gun” anyway.

    A .22LR was suggested a number of times in various forms to include: Ruger 10/22, 45/22, Single Six LR/Mag, Tarus, Rossi, MP15/22. I think that if a FORTH gun had been within the original question that a .22LR or Mag and even the .17HMR may have been represented to a far greater degree. My guess is that about 70% of commenters mentioned one in their comment and choices. Pretty smart I’m thinking, my newest favorite is my Ruger 45/22 UltraLite it weighs 1 lb 4 oz out of the box. Add a GemTec OutbackII suppressor and that jumps to 1 lb. 7.5 oz. insert a loaded magazine and it leaps to . . . wait for it . . . 1 lb. 10.5 oz.!! The can is the same size as the barrel so it doesn’t get in the way of the adjustable sights. When carried, you forget it’s there! Very sweet, and one of my 4th choice options.
    Moving on . . . . .

    Additional 4th Choice suggestions included:
    Blackhawk .41 Mag, HK Comp .45, several mentioned the KRISS .45, Hi Point .45, HK 91.308, M&P 15/22 .22LR, IMI Baby Desert Eagle Compact .40, Browning A-bolt 30.06, CZ75 .45, HK .45, Winchester 1892, Bushmaster CAR15, and a lever action 44.40.

    Well this is what YOU guys were thinking! So . . Don’t be pissing on shoes you may have to walk in some time! Just saying.

    Now for the “WHAT IF” SUMMERY!
    Last and certainly least in all this are several “suggestions” that require an active imagination, and open mind and a sense of humor to consider.
    There was the suggestion put forward with supporting evidence that an M2, tripod mounted, belt fed, crew served, .50 Cal. BMG would be a viable 4th Choice. My first thought was “Where does this guy have to live that this is even thought of as an option?? Then after further introspection I wondered “I he a neighbor I haven’t meet yet??” Well, to each his own.
    The M79 Grenade launcher was also on a possible option list. I happen to agree with this possibility as it opens up so many new and exciting ways to do things …. Like FISHING! Not to bad for making the statement “you would be smart to stay away” as their vehicle is turned into a pile of flaming scrap metal . . . . OK, deep breath, chillll, chilllll.

    On the “Only in your Dreams, SiFy reading or movies” wish list” of a 4th of just a “wouldn’t it be fun if…?” Kinda platform, it seems that several platforms have been suggested.
    A Gauss or more commonly called Rail Gun that can deliver a Tungsten penetrator round at a percentage of the speed of light and obliterate its target with energy in the low kiloton range for a man portable system! So, what do I need an M2 for?!?! Several of these were discussed in the early comment pages of this blog.
    Several Plasma Rifles were also put forward. Given their potential in various asymmetrical warfare scenarios where one may have to take down low fling craft, multi-storied buildings or simply get thru that vault door in a hurry . . . Well, this may be the weapon of choice!
    I think that I want the man portable Destablizer. This thing shoot micro, limited duration Black Holes at ANYTHING, compresses it into near nothing and then disappears! Range is limited to line of site unless you have the over the horizon sensor package then you can get as much as 125 Knicks out of it! Yup, I’d like one of those for the gun rack in my truck!

    Well, that’s enough to of the BS, stupid crap and this is the end to date for the summaries. I hope they have been helpful in some way, to some of you, lot of good stuff here and still coming in. If we reach 15 comment pages I’ll tally them up and add to the existing summaries. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this Question. Maybe we could try one like ” IF YOU COULD ONLY HAVE FOUR EDGED TOOLS ……” That would be interesting. (Why did a Light Saber just come to mind???)

    Pete sends . . .

    1. @ Pete in Alaska.

      In lieu of the .22Magnum, I’d probaby go FN 5.7x28mm. Ballistics characteristics very close to each other, with a slight performance edge in the FN’s favor.

    2. I am intrigued with the 5.7! I like the pistol very much and am considering adding a P90 to my Bullpup collection. I’d also like to find a Varmit bolt gun in this caliber too .
      Here’s another to consider. .17 HMR. I have a Savage 93 that’s a tack driver out to 150 meters. It’s a parrie dog town sweeper. The ballistics are between the .22 Mag and the FN57 and defentaly closer to the 5.7. Far less expensive to shoot with several bullet types and weights to choose from. I do like the .17HMR.

    3. If it’s a pellet gun, I wouldn’t want to be standing in its engagement range. This is a necked down .22 Mag to fit the .17 bullit. Think of it as the tiny version of the Barrett .416. Neck down a .50 BMG case insert a .416 solid copper BT bullet and you suddenly have a munition that’s is still super sonic at 2750 meters down range. The same applies to the .17HMR. A pellet gun it is defentaly not. Got to wonder if the guys who are telling you this have spent any time shooting one. What their saying just ain’t so and the ballistics prove it out. The 17HMR is a workhorse, I’ve taken P-dog, Marmot, Coyote, Fox, Badger and Beaver, It’s a one shot kill and very accurate out of my savage. Turns a p-dog at a125 meters into a red mist. Very effective round from my expierance and POV.
      Ok, turning the light out now !

  52. SUMMERY – RIFLES and MUNITIONS aaaannnndd lets do SHOTGUNS too!

    FIRST . . . . the fine print ….. Just because,
    AGAIN . . . . This is a summery of the RIFLES and AMMUNITION noted by the employees in the base blog and by those that commented on the comment pages 1 thru 10. I may add to this all later depending on how many pages of comments we end up with. The data should be about 98 to 99% accurate but there were a few guesses due to those who provided just general data and of course I may have missed something too. If it was yours I’m sorry, but I tried. This should provide done idea of trends in munitions and platforms.

    AR Platforms – the AR category is inclusive of ALL AR’s found in the comments. Differences in munitions are noted in Ammunition summary.
    AK Platforms – the AK category is set up the same as the AR Category.
    Winchester 94 – are likewise grouped together.
    M1A – includes the M1A, M14, and SOCOM.
    There were a great many singles in this category and as I did in Pistols I’ll list them under a separate heading as one group.

    Ok, here we go and thanks for reading!


    AR – 31
    M1A – 15
    AK – 12
    Ruger 10/22. – 5
    Marlin Mod25 – 3
    Winchester 94 -3
    Unspecified Soviet – 2
    Unspecified Savage – 2
    M1 Carbine – 2
    Marlin 1894 – 2
    Remington 700 – 2
    Ruger Mini-14 – 2
    Mosian Nagant – 2
    Winchester 94 –

    The following were single ( commented only once)
    Thompson Center, Ruger (bolt I think), Browning BAR (civilian hunter), FN FNAR, Springfield 1903A3, Sagia, Barrett, Kal Tec, Sako TRG42, Swedish K (this is a submachine gun, Uzi, Sig 556, Sig716, Mossberg (bolt), Hi Point 40, Henry Lever, KalTec Sub9, M200 Intervention,
    SCAR 7, Colt H Bar.

    NOTE: several of these may belong to the AR category but I didn’t have time to research them out.


    .308 / 7.62 – 33
    .223 / 5.56 – 30
    7.62 x 39 – 10
    .22 LR – 9
    7.62 x 54 – 3
    .300 AAC – 3
    .30 Carbine – 2
    .338 Lapua – 2
    30/06 – 2
    .45 LC – 2
    .357 Mag – 2
    .9mm – 2

    The following were all single mentioned calibers.
    Ruger 6.8, .300WM, .338WM, 7.62×51, .50 BMG, .40SW, .45ACP, .458 (SOCOM), 30/30, .
    408 Cheytac and .45 (Blackpowder)

    One may read this and be SURPRISED that there are not more .22LR rifles in this category. Well…..don’t be, as you will find in the final installment of these summaries there is category called CONVERSION OPTIONS and 4th CHOICES. many chose the loop hole of in this Blog of the conversion kit! They will be listed here.
    There were no big surprises in this category given how the Blog question was phrased. If it had been phrased as “your 3 survival guns” I might have expected to see a bit more MilSpec Surplus called forth.
    Ammo also fell out as one would expect.
    There were some unique and different choices but nothing to outside the norm.


    I’m going to do the AMMUNITION CATEGORY first as it’s very simple and about as one would expect to see as it relates to the blog question.

    With the exception on one commenter who choose a .410 (and for what I thought were valid reasons by the way) the remainder of you chose 12ga, like ALL of you! Good Job!

    There was a HUGH spectrum of type of 12ga munitions. A lot of 00 Buck, and “slugs” were suggested with some birdshot and one or two speciality Tac rounds.
    I would suggest that anyone who has a shotgun and who thinks that all 00 Buck or “slugs” are more or less ALL the same, as the comments I read seem to bear out for the most part, need to do some in depth research. I would suggest starting with a company called “DDupleks” these guys specialize in superior and unique shotgun munitions. Also, don’t forget to look at the various Buck an Ball loads that are out there.

    NOTE: as in other summaries I lumped variants of the same type under their parent Platform. So, if you called out a Remington 870 with an extended mag in tactical configuration it was simply listed as an “870”. This applies to several types listed here.
    Ok then!! Here we go . . .

    Rem 870 – 33
    Moss 500 – 19
    Moss 590 – 5
    Rem 1100 – 4
    Ithaca 37 – 4

    The following were single mention:

    Dbl Brl coach gun, KalTec, Rem 48, Sagia, Balkal SXS, MOSS 535, Win Defender 1300,
    Win #12, H&R Pardner, Benelle M4, Rossi Lever Action.

    I was a bit surprised to not see more Benelle’s represented here given that they have several that were designed and built as MilSpec/LE weapons and are available to the public. Other than that this is pretty much what we would expect to see in answer to the Blog question.

    Ok, if I can keep my eyes open I’ll do the last Summery, if I can’t I’ll finish it tomorrow.
    If I missed something, I’m sorry, I tried to be as accurate as possible. Lot more information here than I had anticipated when I started.

    Pete sends …

  53. 1. The ever popular Glock 19.
    2. Some sort of semi-auto 20 gauge shotgun – I just wish the Saiga piece was reliable
    3. An AR15, with 50 rounds of AP ammo – you never know when it might come in handy.

  54. Pete – I wouldn’t dare bite your head off for all of that – great work, and thank you for sorting that all out. I’ve been following this thread and have wondered how each gun/brand/caliber was faring. A lot of really great info here, looking at everypne else’s picks for their 3 guns… and why they chose them. Won’t say that anyone has changed my mind about my own picks, but it has caused me to think. Thanks again.


    Sorry about that first go……. My formatting didn’t work out to well, let’s try this again!!

    I have attempted to create a summery of the BLOG and COMMENT choices thru comment page 10.

    I figure that it’s about 98 to 99% accurate even where I had to take a guess at a caliber or a platform type because someone was to general. This is going to be a long read so settle back and enjoy.
    I’m only tabulating what’s here as best as I can but it should give a pretty good picture of the trends and the options that are out there and being considered by us all.
    Here goes……


    # by Name.

    Glock – 28
    1911 Platforms – 19
    Ruger 22/45 – 4.
    Beretta 92 – 3.
    Ruger LCR/SR10 – 3.
    Ruger BH & 100 – 4
    SW MP – 3.
    FR- FNS – 2.
    XD, XDm – 5.

    # by specific call out
    22LR – 5
    9mm – 23
    .40sw – 20
    45acp – 29
    .357 Sig – 4
    .357Mag – 9
    10mm – 2
    5.7×28 – 1
    .45LC – 2
    .44 Mag – 1
    .410 – 1

    One (1) only mentions.
    KAHR , Springfield, Sig22, ParaOrd P13, SW4506, SW686, Calico M950, SW Sigma 40, FN57, Smith 66, HK USP, Ruger RH, Smith 59, CZ75, Hi Point 40, Ruger SinSix, Browning HP, Colt Python, and Tarus Judge,

    If I missed a few I’m sorry as there were more here than I expected and I did the best that time would allow
    I grouped all the Glocks together as one group only their calibers were counted as separate.
    The same was done for the 1911 Platform. Everything else was small numbers and easer to collate.
    I was surprised at the break down in caliber between 9 mm, .40 and .45 I had expected to see 40 as the high number.
    Auto are in favor over Revolvers as expected. Was also surprised at some of the choices that only received one or two thumbs up.

    Like I said at the top . . . This is only the blog thru page ten of the comments and it’s not perfect but it’s close!! SO DONT BIT MY HEAD OFF PLEASE!

    Comments coming on RIFLES, SHOTGUNS, 4th CHOICES & Conversions, and the “Whatifs an Oddballs” as with this comment they will be titled as: SUMMERY – ( and the name) I should have them all out by end of day tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for the summery–I was wondering about this. Look forward to the rest.

      Winter must be in in Alaska. Lot of time to fill? “summery” days must be over.

      Was 80 today in so cal today.

    2. Winter has begun in the Great White North! I’m currently near Chicago visiting my parents and getting them settled in for the winter. When done here Its back up for the last Carabou and a Sitks Blacktail hunts then down to Colorado by early December to ski for a couple months and wait out the Dark, Hard Cold time in the North Country. The chest freezers in AK and Colo are almost full. These last hunts will top them off.
      I make time for the important stuff as I see it theses days. Writing on several blogs is some of that stuff so I find the time. My days and evening are pretty full fall, winter or summer! The Springs are slow and its mud season anyway so I go to the shop and tinker and make things. That about covers it …. Everything else is subject to change without notice or intent but as the whim takes me!
      Got a sister in Oakhurst outside of Fresno that what she tells me too ;-).


    I have attempted to create a summery of the BLOG and COMMENT choices thru comment page 10.

    I figure that it’s about 98 to 99% accurate even where I had to take a guess at a caliber or a platform type because someone was to general. This is going to be a long read so settle back and enjoy.
    I’m only tabulating what’s here as best as I can but it should give a pretty good picture of the trends and the options that are out there and being considered by us all.
    Here goes……


    # by Name. # by specific call out

    Glock – 28 .22LR – 5
    1911 Platforms – 19 9mm – 23
    Ruger 22/45 – 4. .40sw – 20
    Beretta 92 – 3. .45acp – 29
    Ruger LCR/SR10 – 3. .357 Sig – 4
    Ruger BH & 100 – 4 .357 Mag – 9
    SW MP – 3. 10mm – 2
    FR- FNS – 2. 5.7×28 – 1
    XD, XDm – 5. .45 LCR – 2
    .41 Mag – 1
    .410 – 1
    One (1) only mentions.
    KAHR , Springfield, Sig22, ParaOrd P13, SW4506, SW686, Calico M950, SW Sigma 40, FN57, Smith 66, HK USP, Ruger RH, Smith 59, CZ75, Hi Point 40, Ruger SinSix, Browning HP, Colt Python, and Tarus Judge,

    If I missed a few I’m sorry as there were more here than I expected and I did the best that time would allow
    I grouped all the Glocks together as one group only their calibers were counted as separate.
    The same was done for the 1911 Platform. Everything else was small numbers and easer to collate.
    I was surprised at the break down in caliber between 9 mm, .40 and .45 I had expected to see 40 as the high number.
    Auto are in favor over Revolvers as expected. Was also surprised at some of the choices that only received one or two thumbs up.

    Like I said at the top . . . This is only the blog thru page ten of the comments and it’s not perfect but it’s close!! SO DONT BIT MY HEAD OFF PLEASE!

    Comments coming on RIFLES, SHOTGUNS, 4th CHOICES & Conversions, and the “Whatifs an Oddballs” as with this comment they will be titled as: SUMMERY – ( and the name) I should have them all out by end of day tomorrow.

    1. This didn’t format to well so I’m going to try it again in a bit after reformatting the comment . .
      SORRY! Hang in there …..

    1. Old & Grump I have a question for you and the rest of the knowledgeable people here. It’s a little off subject but.. I have a 8 mm M24 Mauser- I accidentally fired a British .303 through it one day (about 8 rounds) the gun fired and ejected the rounds with no problem. Have you ever heard of that? the 8 mm and the .303 are close to being the same size only the length is mostly different..

    2. Could be dangerous but the mauser is one of the strongest made .303 is smaller than 8mm . I teach my son to ALWAYS Check then check again.There is no reset button if you make a mistake. Box and label all ammo. Quite a few calibers are about the same size and will chamber. You can fire form brass for one out of another. Distracted shooting is like distracted driving — don’t do it. You got lucky. A fatter bullet would make it blow.

      As with ANYTHING guns-Safety first. I have been shooting for 50 years and still gladly accept a safety reminder. Been barked at by the range master.

    3. Thanks for your input. I can’t say it was an honest mistake – it was a mistake not checking what that loose ammo was. Yup, I got lucky. Lesson learned. J hope others reading this remember the lesson too.

    4. Have a Ruger single 6 with .22 lr and mag cylinders.Put LR in the mag. Caught it in time. Your not the first.

      Started shooting Cap&Ball. Danger of double powder or no powder if distracted. Had to develop a routine.

    5. @ Roger.

      A British .303 (7.9×56.4mm) round is olny slightly smaller than the 8-mil Mauser (7.92x57mm) and the bore pressure is far less then that of the Mauser. You can fire literally any .30-caliber round through a 98k Mauser, as long as the bullet dimensions and bore pressure doesn’t exceed that of the host weapon. Hell you can even fire the .45ACP through the damn thing.

  57. Glock 23 accepts 9mm and .375 sig bbls
    M 14 greatest battle weppon ever
    Mossberg 590 versitile for protection and foragening.

    1. @ Sasquatch.

      Not Quit… Probably the two best Battlefield Rounds produced, are 7.92x57mmMauser and .30-06Sprnfld. (7.62x63mm) rounds.

  58. @ Pete in Alaska.

    I was thinking of a Asymmetric Recoilless Gauss (Rail Gun) Carbine, in .63-caliber (16x65mm) firing a M645 FTP-HE Adamantium projectile, with a equivalent muzzle velocity of 9,200-m/s. (0.000030688c) in atmosphere. “Mountains Beware”. Chance of me actually seeing one operational in my remaining life-time, between “Nil-&-None”.

  59. 1) It’s just about a consensus; Remington 870, versatile self-defense, upland game and slug gun.

    2) For me, its the 1911A1 of the U.S. Army. Want more than 8? Get a 10 round mag. Either way, drop dead reliable, I can disassemble it and reassemble it blindfolded . . . no question which handgun to choose.

    3) This one is interesting. I have lots of guns, but it really comes down to a couple of questions; zombie apocalypse/self defense or putting food on the table. For the simple reason that a .223 is just not as versatile as .308, I will excuse the .223 AR from the conversation. Of the guns that I own it would have to be a model 94 Winchester in 30-30 or the SKS. Fairly comparable rounds, one I reload, one I don’t. The SKS clearly superior for a combat role, the model 94 the better hunting rifle.

    But the correct answer is, of course, the AR-10. Neither the 30-30 nor the 7.62×39 Soviet is capable of performing the work of the .308.

    But I don’t actually own an AR-10. So personally, I’d go with the model 94 Winchester in the gun cabinet with the SKS and 800 rounds of ammo buried under the garage for time of civil strife.

  60. I would have to choose the glock full size 45 acp # 2 choice AK 47 Russian with a sniper night vision scope # 3 would be a Remington 100 semi automatic shotgun

  61. Functional analysis would more appropriately balance mission, weapon, and ammunition selections plus stipulate a tactical limitation for carriage and storage using a single molle rig, with cleaning equipment.
    Receiver #1, personal defense, Springfield XDM-40, seven 16 round (rd) magazines with 180 Grain Bonded HP Winchester Ranger LE (112 rounds) No look status sensors definite advantage over Glock
    Receiver #2, home defense and game hunting, Izmash Saiga 12 Gauge semi-automatic shotgun, 19 inch barrel with 3 inch cartridge capable chamber, folding stock, fore grip. 60 ’00’ buck, 28 deer slugs, 100 number 7-8 shot, two five round, three 12 round magazines (188 rounds)
    Receiver #3, defense, game and other operations, AR-15 pistol lower receiver assembly.
    Medium game, field ops <450yards, AR carbine upper assembly with 300 blackout 16 inch barrel, grip pod, 3×9 scope, two 120 rd bandoleers with Barnes 130gr TTSX bullets on stripper clips. Seven 30 rd PMags, two five rd hunting mags, 60 subsonic rds with Hornady 208gr AMAX bullets (300 rounds)
    Small game, urban ops <150yards, AR pistol upper assembly with 5.56, 7-11 inch 1:7-8 twist barrel, Burris AR332 3x sight, CMMG stainless 22LR conversion kit. Four double diamond 15 rd, conversion mags. 150 Aquila 60gr sniper sub sonic 22LR, 150 CCI Mini Mag 22LR (300 rounds) suppressor

  62. Remington Model 1100 in 20 ga. 3″ adjustable choke barrel & extra rifled barrel.
    100 rds #6, 100 rds. #7 1/2, 50 rifled sabots, 50 #4 buck. this will cover any scenario in the shotgun spectrum while keeping it lighter on me.

    Springfield M1A in .308 Win. – for all the obvious reasons.
    300 rds. of prime ammo loaded with 168 gr. Sierra MatchKing bullets. Schmidt & Bender all weather 4x16x50 on top.

    H&K USP compact in .357 Sig with a extra S&W .40 barrel.
    150 rds. Federal 155 gr. “hi-shok” jacketed hollow point, 150 rds. 125 gr.JHP in .357 Sig.

  63. My three would be:

    A semi auto 7.62×51 rifle… most likely Sig 716

    Add an Ithaca or Browning BPS in 12 ga. drops shells out the bottom and has a better “administrative un-load than others.

    I’d go with a Browning (FN) high-power, with a modern load.

  64. Many skip over weight and bulk as considerations for their selections as if they will be driving to the “party”. In real life you will more than likely be walking. Weight and compactness is king. I’ll take the Kel Tec SU 16 on my hike. It’ll place a bullet just as nice and then slip into my back pack as concealed as my Beretta PX4 pistol. I’d take that as my pistol because It’s very accurate. I can hit mass at 100 yards with both of them. Weight and accuracy Isn’t that what counts the most?

  65. Secunidius, can fully understand the stroke event and the necessity of vigorous mental stimulation to keep that internal Cray super computer of yours humming. Having spent long years in the neurosurgery environment I understand the importance and applaud your personal dedication to aggressive self care, believe me the mental excersises do pay off.

    Many happy continued shooting experiences for you and thanks again for your timely witty comment.

    1. @ Scotty.

      Thanks I appreciate that. The strange thing about Strokes, its like the movie “50 First Dates”. Some are long-term memory loss, short-term memory loss or total-memory loss. I have short-term of ~two month durations. Have to keep ‘Crib Notes, Posties and Print Outs” just to keep track of current events. But, after two to three-months, its like it just happen yesterday. Everything floods back at the same time. Like a TSUNAMI, first it pull back, then it all comes flooding back in with a vengeance.

  66. Sig 229, in .40 S & W, 300 Rd. 165 gr HP – Reliability, flawless functioning.
    Rem 870, 12 Ga 200 Rds #6, 100 Rds 000 (Same reason)
    DPMS AR-15, 20″ HB, 300 Rds 62Gr SP.

  67. Sig P 226 always faithful
    UTS 15 Shotgun 12 ga switch to the load needed in a second, plenty of crowd pleasers loaded.
    FN 17s heavy 308 x 51 works CQB Or reach out long distance to say hi.

  68. Rem870 for all above reasons

    AR platform in 300 BlackOut, versatile and suppressed

    S&W M-327, .38/357; light .38’s to heavy mags,
    8 rd moon clips, ‘nuf said!

  69. While a few people might say and believe that the 9mm doesnt have the “knock down” power of a .45 etc. consider using the correct ammo for the job. Remington’s Golden Saber in say a 124 grain has plenty of “know down” power. Placement of the shot is greater than the caliber your shooting with. Obviously if your shooting with target ammo, FMJ, yeah a 9mm round is most likely gonna pass right through what your shooting, UNLESS you hit the spine or other critical area. Besides, if the goal was bear hunting I wouldnt choose neither the 9m or the .45…..i’d go straight for the 10mm shooting 200 grain ammunition.

  70. My picks would be Kimber 45 acp for my sidearm , My trusty M14 for long range, and Remington 1100 semiautomatic shotgun for up close and personal.

  71. McRuger,

    Like you, I think the Ruger SR40C is an excellent gun. I opted for a .45ACP but have a Ruger for a pocket pistol and like it a great deal. Accurate, not bad on recoil and supremely accurate. Just a dandy. I did replace the factory sights with XS large dot tritium sights and it makes an excellent combination for old eyes.

  72. You stole my thunder, Robert.

    Winchester 94AE in .45 Colt, Taurus Public Defender in .45 Colt/.410, and Rossi lever-action .410. Two calibers, three platforms, formidable.

  73. OK
    3 maybe not typical mix.

    1. Winchester 9422 .22lr
    300 rounds having to hike across the continent, this is my #1.

    2. Colt Python 4″
    Utter reliability. Defense, game getting. Concealable. Potent.

    3. My trusty Colt SP1 CAR
    A half century of military reliable speaks volumes.

    1. @ Hank Alvarez.

      Depends on which side of the coin your looking at. Heads, being polymer and lightweight. Tails, quality control has really tanked under new management, and nobody what’s to buy.

  74. The 3 firearms that I would pick if the flag went up are:

    M1 Carbine – US Militaryversion

    Browning Hi-Power in 9MM

    Remington 870 Auto 12 ga.

  75. @ OLD&GRUMPY.

    Not a LIB… Joe Sarborough-type Rhino, will work with anybody willing to work with ME. aka. Old School Republican, like the GIPPER or Senior Bush!!!

  76. 22 all s,l,lr prefer shorts attract less attention. 870 with smooth and rifled barrels,equal amounts of ammo. mossberg that accepts ar type mags in .308. Stealth,power,and distance. Any critters big or small can get em all.

  77. AK47 – Not just is it the most prolific gun ever made but it has easy to find parts its easy to use and 300 rounds would be ten mags. By the way it is going to shoot the same weather dirty or clean.

    Remington 870 – A friend of mine is an FBI agent and his comment to me was if you ever want someone’s attention “Just rack the thing and people look.” It’s and old stand by and with the correct ammo and an educated person holding it you can dish out a lot of justice.

    1911 or anything shooting a 45acp – I know a lot of people out there like 9mm. Not me. It docent knock down what it is suppose to and goes through things that it shouldn’t. Me I want a big round going fast that hits like a baseball bat. If you read about Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper you will get what I’m talking about. I would say any pistol that shoots full power 10mm but ever since the FBI deemed the round to big for its female agents the round slipped into obscurity and is too expensive. Only true believers and re-loaders shoot it (i.e. people that know their shit). For the people who prefer 9mm. During WW2 the Germans had 9mm Lugar’s and the US had 45acp 1911’s. Who won that war?

    1. You need to get out of your world and come to ours here at present time USA and test ammo again. I have all types of weapons and firearms but to believe anything lower than a 45acp is not a knock down ammo is argumentative. 🙂

  78. @ Scotty.

    Just mental joke to myself. Had STROKE about two-years ago now… Neurologist told me too keep my mind active, too prevent possible second stroke… Currently on approximately 90-something we Websites, not just, The Shooter’s Log…

  79. Glock 19 or 17. The 19 for concealed carry and the 17 for open carry.

    Mossberg 500 more robust (read that easier to repair in the field) than the 870

    AR-15 or AK-47

    Depends on how the crash happens and what I find the most to pick up, 5.56 x 47 or 7.62 x 39.

  80. This has been lots of fun. Real big turn out.

    It will be interesting to see if the advertising we get from CTD will reflect our choices as voiced in these posts.That would be good marketing.When I look for a product on line I start to find adds for that type of product from that dealer on other unrelated sights. Found CTD on TMZ! Thats ok– free market.

    BUT. Do the libs in DC also read and collate this stuff?
    Might not want to show all your cards in public.

    1. @ OLD&GRUMPY.

      I tried several times in vane, to answer a question of your on another website. But everytime I tried to submit my answer, nothing happened.

      Its the one about Archie Bunker. I think the .45ACP German Submachine Gun he was referring too. Is actually Fraco-Spanish made Star Modelo Z-45, which is a Nazi-German copy of the MP-40 in .45ACP caliber.

    2. Secundius– The Archie Bunker line was Archie being a big mouth mixing up words. A “.45 cal German schnauzer” was a Bunker-isim, Archies mixed up brain mixing Mauser with what ever else was in his head. Will try to find it on You tube. It was for the funny line. Dont think it was a real gun.

    3. @ OLD&GRUMPY.

      Actually Mauser did, it’s designation was the M48. It was a field conversion kit which allowed German troop to covert existing Mauser 98k (7.92x57mm) to .45ACP. A great idea when ammunition is running low, just use your enemies “captured” ammunition.

    4. @Secundus
      You got way too much stuff in your head. Thanks for the info. You should come over to the blog at We lost a few guys with lots of info lately. We can EDIT! and start new topics. Could use your brain.

  81. Mosin Nagant. Good solid, reliable, Mosin. The brutal recoil would make you want to hit the first time because second round hurts.

    12 GA pump (Mossberg 500 with 28 inch barrel is what I own but I’d opt for something shorter like Serbu Super Shorty or pistol grip 500 persuader)

    .44 Magnum Revolver (Ruger Super Redhawk short barrel because my 9.5″ barrel is too big to be convenient in the wild)

    I’d skip anything semi auto or meant for high volume due to the limited ammo supply. Also, i’m assuming we’re not talking for heavy combat.

  82. @ ss1.

    Good to hear form you too… I thought you might being teleported off this rock a long time ago… haven’t seen any of your comment in a while…

    Live just outside WDC, since ~1962. Before that the Austria, Germany, Indonesia and Taiwan. Government Diplomatic Corp BRAT!!! lol…

    Good to see your still alive too, Martin P. You know those Inverted Sharp Knives… Also, LOL.

    1. @Secundius:

      Yes I’ve been hanging out at other non-gun websites. I believe you told someone else you’re on 90 website forums? That sounds fascinating. If that is correct, I wish I knew the top 5 or top 10! I’m looking for exciting and rowdy forums to have fun on.

      Good luck on your stroke recovery. I’m using tequila and wine, lightly and in moderation, to maybe prevent a stroke. Sure that is tongue-in-cheek but maybe it has some merit….I don’t know?

    2. @ ss1.

      Took me a while to compile a list for you, but here they are
      1. New Legislation Proposes Gun Confiscation.
      2. Court Upholding Ban On Militia-Suitable Firearms Ignores Key Second Amendment Purpose
      3. ProMag Industries Leaves California.
      4. Did You Know A Handgun Could Expire.
      5. Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence Try To Shutdown Online Ammo and Firearms Sales.
      6. Hurricane Preparedness Check List Katrina — Nine Years Later.
      7. What I Carry When I Fly.

      I listed them from Most Extreme to Least Extreme. There are probably more out there, But I have stumbled into them yet.

      The first one on the list, had ~700 comments on that website, the last time I looked

      To Quote the Billy Crystal character “Miracle Max”, Have Fun Storming the Castle!!!

    3. @Secundius:

      First of all I want to say thanks much for making a list for me. I appreciate your work.

      I do see 2 of them on your list that I want to look into, however, when I read your “Currently on approximately 90-something we Websites, not just, The Shooter’s Log” comment in another post, I thought you meant you were hanging out on non-gun related forums. So I was asking you along those lines, looking for something new and interesting.

    4. @ ss1., DudeIWantThat.

      I tried to send you some more website to follow. But, The Shooter’s Log “REDDIT” them, just after I posted them. I guess I could add them “Piece Meal” to the comments. Let me try something.

  83. I’m with employee number 2. Glock 19, I have recently found, is accurate, easy to use, and I can shoot one hand very well. Remington 870 and M1A speak for themselves.

  84. I am a long time hunter with 29 years of law enforcement experience, including commanding a SWAT team, as well as being involved in and investigating many shooting incidents during my career. I also conducted a major study of firearms effectiveness when my department decided to upgrade its handguns.. My picks are 1. Glock model 23 semiauto in 40 caliber due to this calibers demonstrated stopping power. It is concealable, but extended magazines can be also be used. In my real life law enforcement experience the 9mm is simply an inadequate round. For example I am aware of a robbery incident where the suspect was shot nine times with a 9mm without being stopped 2. Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun due to its short range stopping power and it versitility for hunting. 3. Colt HBAR 223 semi rifle due to the availability of ammo and a reasonable effective range.

  85. Mossberg 500 12 gauge – Toughest shotgun I ever owned
    Springfield 1911 45ACP- Durable, reliable, powerful & accurate
    AR-10 Rock City- long range-short range, and plenty of stopping power.
    If I could have a 4th gun it’d be a Ruger 10/22, no explaination needed

  86. Beretta M92fs – Nice, and reliable 9mm pistol with a high capacity mag.
    Mosin Nagant – Cheap, reliable, cheap ammo, accurate
    M1 Garand – “The best battle implement ever devised” by General George S. Patton says it all. A great weapon with good fire power, good stopping power, accuracy, and a good dose of Americana spirit.

  87. I hope thats a more modern model 59 than the last one I saw yrs. ago. It was over- driven and blew off part of a guys’ face–or too many over-hot loads.

    1. I don’t shoot hot loads as a rule in anymore my guns. I load my own and develop loads just over what cycles the weapons, it gives economy of powder and saves me some effort because the brass tends to gather in a smaller area

    2. @ Martin Pierce.

      Good to hear from you again, and I, 2-Dimensionly see your still alive…

      But a far as the IDIOT that blew-off his face. Well some people can’t understand that that some guns won’t handle Compression Loads. I mean its one thing to use Black Powder, too double load a round. But, with 21st century propellants, “Moron-In-the-Making”, or the quoit Forrest, “Stupid is as, Stupid does.”

  88. My choices, odd as they may be to some ~

    Ruger 10/22 Breakdown – great for birds and small game, easy to pack

    S&W Model 59 – 15 round mags are adequate and 30 round mags for firepower

    Kel-Tec Sub 9 – accurate to100 yards +, shares mags and ammo with the S&W

    All are proven accurate, rugged and dependable through my personal experience shooting thousands of rounds.

    You said 3 and 300 rounds each so the 9mm handgun and rifle sharing ammo is a big plus.

    The rifles can be hidden relatively easily because one folds and the other breaks in half.

  89. How did the Ruger 10/22 not make this list anywhere? One of my first firearms as a child and still one of my favorites..

  90. A rem. 870 semi-auto shotgun?. I’ve never seen one — where do you get them. Not my Story from employee #5.

  91. 1) AR-10 with manual sights and quick detach scope. (My DPMS needs upgrading or replacing).

    2) Glock20 10mm Gen4. (I own it)

    3) Eastern block AK-47 for simplicity and reliability. Must have manual sights and quick detach scope. (I own a WASR-10 with my requirements)

  92. I’d take my Remington 870 with its 18.5″ Imp. Cyl. barrel.
    My Ruger Mini-Thirty with its collapsible/side folding stock.
    And lastly my CZ75 P-01 in 9mm.

  93. Agreed. Single most dependable and versatile weapon out there for 0-150 yds. I’m accumulating shotguns too. The other consideration is ease of use & training. Great way to arm your liberal friends who suddenly believe in guns lol!

  94. The hardest part of this question is only 300 rounds per firearm.
    So I would pick
    1. A kriss 45 acp
    2. HK usp 45 acp
    3. AR10 .308

    1. Need to add why I made my picks 🙂
      1. Kriss 45 acp carbine .. Easy to take down. kicks less then a 9mm… And can fit in a backpack for bugging out. Only need one shot with a 45
      2. H&K usp 45 acp . Best back up gun for the other two. Use few rounds of my 300 leave the rest for the kriss. Fits in a backpack or better on my side.
      AR10 .308 say hi from far off. Can break down and fit in a backpack. I would save every round for self defense I live in the city so a 22 would be my last pick. One can not count on luck finding more ammo or parts. Or others with me.

  95. Note to my friends on the post.
    If you read all of the posts you will notice the 2 most common guns are the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500.
    This is exactly why my personal arsenal has 8 -870s and 6 -500s. When I find them in good shape and priced right I buy them and will continue to buy them. Always private party buys. They are off record and will be priceless in the aftermath or are the perfect tool for family members not use to handling firearms. If SHTF never happens they make great trading stock.
    P.S. Yes I maintain a ton of 00 and 04 buckshot.

  96. My choices would be any 1911 steel frame model in 9 mm, Ruger, S &W, etc. Proven reliable, no plastic, interchangeable parts. Rifle: 308 bolt action, stainless barrel. Savage 16/116 or equivalent. Again, stone rock reliable, long range, hunting approved, can use 762×51 steel cased in a pinch. Finally, shotgun: Mossberg 590 A1 US. Military grade 12 gauge, s QCB or hunting approved. The bottom line is your choice needs to be absolutely reliable, proven and purpose of use defined

  97. Pistol would a Ruger SR 1911, yes it only holds 7 rounds but it is 7 rounds of hard hitting 45 caliber.
    Rifle would be a Springfield M1A being chambered in 7.62 it can double as a hunting rifle or be used for for defense purposes. Many of our soldiers defended our freedom with this rifle.
    Shotgun would be a 12 gauge Remington 870 it is a very sturdy shotgun for both hunting and self defense

  98. I’m sure that someone will rip on my picks but, this would be a poor man’s pick.

    Hi-Point .40 cal carbine $300

    Hi-Point .40 cal pistol $200

    H&R pardner 12ga pump shotgun $150

    total weapon cost $650

    600rds of .40 cal

    300rds of 12ga

    900rds total

    Nice basic package for the beginner prepper. these aren’t flashily but they do work.

    1. I’m sure these weapons all work as designed. The premise of this thread sounds like these 3 weapons are all you are going to get. Extremely durable and battle tested might make the best choices.

  99. #1. Remington 870 Super Mag. Versatile, will handle any 12 gauge shells.

    #2. Sig 1911 Scorpion. Accurate, reliable, and it’s a .45!

    #3. Sig 716 Patrol. Easy to maintain, very dependable, good power to weight.

  100. 1. Glock 17 9mm

    Ammunition availability, Accurate, Reliable, Easy to shoot.

    2. Armalite 5.56/.223

    Accurate, Reliable and lightweight.

    3. Remington 870 w/extended magazine 12 Gauge.

    Accurate, Reliable, Knock down capability, Ammo versatility (slugs or Shot)

  101. I’m surprised at the lack of enthusiasm for .22’s in a survival situation. My first choice would be a good quality semi-auto .22 LR. With a high cap mag you can do some damage in a pinch but it’s greatest value is filling the camp pot with small game. All the other choices were good ones especially the 870. So, a Ruger 1022, an 870 or Mossberg, and any of the other mentioned .30 cals!

  102. Glock G41 .45 auto. Long barrel & slide gives more accuracy, less felt recoil. Knocks down the target.

    Remington 870 pump. Need I explain this?!?!

    Sig Sauer 556 chambered for 5.56×45. Keeps on shooting, gas piston/rotary bolt design provides greater reliability.

  103. Secundius, I admire your meticulous mental reasoning. CTD Suzanne will not remain undiscovered long in her Cush Washington underground bunker thanks to you. ( Humor ).

  104. 1. AR-10
    Heavy caliber battle rifle. Reliable, in combat, for self defense, and hunting.

    2. Mossberg 590 12 gauge
    Versatile ambidextrous shotgun. I have personally used mine to kill deer, wild dogs, and snakes. I never get in the patrol car without it.

    3. Ruger SR40 handgun
    Combat handgun with both a high capacity and a large caliber. Built like a Glock with the added bonus of a loaded chamber indicator and safety.

    1. #1 Ruger PT140, fits my hand, accurate, handles almost every brand of .40 SW- American made

      #2 Winchester Model 12 12 gauge pump with magazine tube restriction removed and upland game shotshells for close quarter take down (Mine is 82 years old)

      #3 Winchester model 94 in .30-.30- outstanding 50 yard weapon that lends itself to reasonable rapid fire while maintaining excellent accuracy. Mine is over 80 years old, as am I…..

  105. I’m going with the trusty old guns for this one. A new manufacture Winchester lever action in 45 colt. A SA/DA revolver in 45 colt, possibly a Ruger or an Uberti replica Schofield. And of course the Remington 870 in 12 ga. When you really need them, all three will go bang every single time. Your limited to 100 yards, but thats no problem in the right terrain.

  106. 1911-.45, KelTek 9 mil, and AR-15- .556. If money was a factor and/or I wanted to bury backups I would go with HighPoint rifle and pistol in .45 and maybe the third would be a 1911 in a common caliber so I could utilize ammo found out and about and not part of my 900 rounds I carried with me.

  107. 1. WILSON COMBAT 1911. 45 cal
    2. REMINGTON 870 SHOTGUN 12 ga

    The best in every discipline…. Hands down!

  108. This has been a fun read! I’ve enjoyed the comments and everyone’s combinations. The “what if’s” of the world are always worth a bit of ones time to game out. I liked Carl P’s ideas that “it’s the three one has that there good with that count” and one needs to consider tailoring their choice to the environment they will be operating in. So, if I was going to start a new bug out bag and buy some new iron for it if I don’t already have it, I’d have. . . . .

    An M4 select fire, suppressed Bushmaster in 300AAC with a secondary 14″ barrel in .223, AGOG optics, RedDot, and offset iron sights, WITH an M26 MASS 12ga system attached underneath. As its all attached I’m going to call this GUN 1. This weapon will allow for very CQC to midrange (say 300 meters) effective engagement

    For a primary handgun I’m inclined towards a Springfield XD, (never was comfortable with a Glock) Tactical/Match. 5″ barrel in .40SW (as much as I’d prefer it in .45 I think .40 has some distinct advantages in a Survival/ELE/SHTF event), suppressed, trininum night sights, 200 lumin rail light (AA Battery)
    High capacity, accurate, and additional munition would be plentiful and the ones I have haven’t failed me.

    An last on this wish list
    Sako TRG 42, .338 Lapua, Nightforce 9-24×50.
    For that reach out and touch things ability to 1350 meters.

    Now . In addition . . I want a Mil Spec Scout Hummer with the full armor package, extended range armored tanks, Turbo charged engine, full comm/sat/computer suite, full under hull armor plate, front and rear brush/crash guards, full 360 off road lighting system, 5 ton duel drum winch …… Well, anyway . . Something to carry this firepower and ammo and all the rest of the gear, foot, and water that will be needed.

    If I was allowed to, and I know this is cheating and I wouldn’t mean to do that but if your not cheating your not winning . . . . I’d have
    A Ruger10/22 with 25 round magazines, RedDot, suppressed
    A Ruger 22/45 UltraLite, suppressed
    An old school Swedish K, or Uzi 9mm, sub gun, suppressed
    An an M1A Scout or SOCOM 16, ACOG 5.5×50
    And because no prepper, with unlimited funds and a class III or friends in the less than legal markets, should be without one lets throw in an M79 Grenade launcher or better known as a “Thumper”. If your saying right now “WTH does he need that for???” Your not asking the right question(s).
    Oh and I always thought it would be fun to walk into a gun store and in my best Arnold S., Terminator voice say “….. And the 10mm Cold Fusion Plasma Rifle with lower 20mm Railgun Kenitic round launcher…..”
    Yup, it’s the stuff dreams are made of …. if wishes were horse . . . .

    “Well that was funny an a bit weird but what’s he really gonna take?” You ask.
    What’s in the current in hand B.O.B. at the moment is;
    1EA – MSAR STG556, 556×45/.223 Bullpup, ACOG/RedDot/offset iron, modified to accept standard AR magazines and original mags, GemTech suppressor, 325 lumin side rail light.
    Primary – XD, Tactical/Match, 5″ , .40SW
    Secondary – IMI Baby Desert Eagle Compact, .40SW
    Stealth – Ruger 22/45 UltraLite, .22LR, suppersor
    Remington 870 (tactical configuration) in a BullPup stock
    And it all fits neatly behind the front seats,

    I know it’s more than three, but it is what it is.

    Thanks for reading, couldn’t sleep so this was fun to write! Looking forward to hearing what more of you think would be your best 3!

    1. @ Pete in Alaska.

      Yeah, a 40-Watt Plasma Rifle would be nice, but getting BATF permit to use it is probably going to be a BITCH. I wonder if a “Noisy Cricket” for MIB, would take down an Alaskan Brown Bear???

    2. LOL!!! Secundius you think they would try and put a Plasma Rifle under Class III restrictions???

    3. @ Pete in Alaska.

      Yeah, I’ll probably never see a Civilian Model of a 40-Watt Plasma Hunting Rifle in my lifetime. But would love too see at least a Gauss (Rail-Gun) Hunting Riflein my lifetime, if all possible…

    4. Yes Please,
      .50 caliber, use 1/2″ rebar for Kinitic round, (very easy to reload!) civilian model would reach .65 of C (mil version classified but suspected at.85 to .92 of C)
      Made by Barrett , of course, smart optics/ballistic computer including IR, UV, Starlight, Lidar and Radar with a sonic ranging option. Man portable without powered armor should weigh in at around 12.5 pounds.
      So . . . . Shall we go in halfzies on this or just wait and see who can get the first one??

  109. 1. 1892 model S Winchester repeating rifle in 44-40 and large loop..
    . Reliable
    . Durable
    . No magazine to worry about
    . Just because !

    2. Winchester Defender 1300 12 gauge pump
    . Easy to use
    . Reliable
    . Ammo choice 2/3 or 3 (double 00 buck of course)
    . Holds more rounds than the 870 fella’s

    3. Bushmaster Carbon 15 Semiautomatic .223 / 556 NATO
    . When you need fast constant firepower
    . Ammo choice
    . Holds many rounds
    . Accurate and lite weight

  110. Pistol : 1911 45ACP – my favorite is the Officer Model (Kimber Ultra Carry) – easy to conceal and deadly accurate at CQB distances – 300 rounds Federal HST 230 gr

    Rifle: AR15 with additional 458 SOCOM upper (both Rock River) – 60 rounds 223 Hornady 75gr BTHP Amax – 60 rounds of LAP XM855 62gr green tip – 60 rounds 458 SBR Barnes 300 gr TTSX – toss-in a 22lr conversion bolt and120 rounds 22 CCI Velocitor 40gr

    Shotgun: Mossberg 500 20 ga – 16.5 barrel with pistol grip and 24 in barrel with butt stock – 100 rounds #8 bird shot – 100 rounds #3 buck shot – 100 rounds slug (DUPO20 is my favorite).

    All weapons have laser sights and the long guns have blinding white lights w/strobe. Maybe a few rounds of frangible ammo for each caliber/gauge and you’re good-to-go.

  111. For all those folks questioning the overall discussion here, calm down. These type of questions are extremely valuable for people like me who are new to firearms. Before the last couple of years, I had only fired a single shot .22 with the Boy Scouts. I decided later in life (now 46) to take a leap into your world and now own 6. These blogs have been extremely valuable for me in deciding what would make sense to purchase. 2 years ago I had no idea what .40 was or that 12 and 20 gauge shotguns even existed.

    I guess I would take my Ruger 357 revolver (for reliability), Mossberg 500, and S&W AR15 in 5.56 NATO. If money were no object than all of those should be upgraded I’m sure. I love top 10 type lists because it forces one to really evaluate what is important. Please keep up the articles and feedback! Just remember when you use technical jargon that many readers like me will have no idea what you are talking about! And yes, please vote for our rights!

  112. 1 pistol grip mossy 500. 100 slugs and 200 #4 shot. open doors and game. #4 for anything else close. common ammo

    2 thomson .45 – clear the f^^& out of some rooms. common ammo

    3 .308 A10 – inherent scope for surveillance. nato ammo. touching baddies at 800 reliably

  113. As others have stated, the three are already in my arsenal. First, a .357 rifle- my Marlin or other brand. Not a big power long range rifle, but enough for anything I’ve ever encountered in my neck of the woods (unless someone imports a few grizzly or lions, I feel safe).
    Second: the Ruger .357 revolver. Ammunition compatibility gives me 600 rounds already for whichever of the two I’m carrying.
    Third… I’d love to pick another .357 in either rifle or handgun (dare I say Coonan- which is sadly not yet in my inventory) and have 900 rounds for whichever I choose to carry. However, in keeping with the over-all idea, I will select a 12 gauge pump or single shot for reliability and longevity. Model isn’t all that important: Mossberg, Remington, Marlin, Winchester- all are quality products IMO, but so are many of the “imported” brands. Buyer’s choice there. (My current 12 is a 30 year old Marlin pump.)

    1. This is how I would go too, with a Rossi 92 and a Ruger GP100. You lose ammo capacity and increase reloading time with the two .357s, and you also lose long range, but what you gain is a simple, reliable, and versatile package that would hold its own well in the woods. Throw in a good 870, and you’re covered as well as you can be with just three guns.

      It’s always better to have more than three guns though.

  114. My handgun would be a FN 5seven with 100 rd of ss190, 150 rds of ss198 and 50 rds of ss195
    The rifle would be a keltec .308 RFB with Acog sighting
    Lastly, I’d go with the mossberg 500 also with a mix of double 0, hybrid slug/double 0, birdshot, dragons breath and flechettes.

  115. I’m sorry you felt the need to “moderate” my comment to Hank Alverez off the blog… As I was simply pointing out that his insinuation that Glock was the “reason” for the woman being in a wheelchair, was his way of bolstering his dislike for Glock. Shame on you for allowing that.!

  116. 1) Mini-14 .Ranch S/S .223

    2) Rem 700 .308 Win w/ 4×12 Leupold

    3) S&W Sigma 40F .40S&W
    This the original, mfd before the Glock settlement

  117. Glock 26 because of the small size.(with extra magazines (50 rounds)

    Remington Tactical 12ga Pump 7+1 loaded with 00 Buck Shot (50 rounds)

    AR-15 Chambered in NATO 5.56 (200 rounds)

    Ammo is cheaper and more readily available than ammo such as .45 cal
    .308, and 7.62 rounds….. Remember, its not about how big a round is…its about where you place the shot! &.62 may be a larger round but chambered in the NATO 5.56, you’ll be able to shoot either 5.56 or .223.

  118. Well, first would be the Barrett 50cal so I could reach out and touch someone.

    Second would be the “ma deuce” Browning M2 50cal with a M3 tripod. Fully auto and could use my rounds from the Barrett with spent links if shtf.

    Lastly, a calico M950 in 9mm with the 100 round mag, less reloading.

  119. I’ve gotta go with a 12 gauge, mossy 500/590 is fine, no problem with a Remmy slugs, buckshot or birdshot cover a lot of situations..
    22 pistol for small game and follow up on deer etc., also good for situations where quiet is good.
    Last an AR in 223/5.56 extends your range on game and predators, 4 legged and 2 legged.
    If you have to take down an elk for dinner I suppose you pull out the K-Bar and go Rambo.
    Crossbow and slingshot round out the arsenal.

  120. Glock 21 SF 45 acp 13 rounds

    Saiga .223 excellent for social work

    Baikal sxs 12 ga with 20 inch barrel Russian guns are tough as a tank!

  121. S&W 686 6″Barrell
    Marlin 1894c
    Ruger LCR
    300 rnds buffalo bore 180 gr jhp .357mag
    300 rounds federal hydrashok 158gr 357 mag
    300 rnds 125 gr hornady critical defense
    Max ueable ammo, reliabilty, enough fire power for whatever

  122. Pistol-Glock 21 45acp – will accept 25 rd clips used in Kriss super-v
    Rifle – S&W M/P AR-15 scoped
    Shotty – Mossburg 20 inch 590 3 inch 12 ga. 8+1 Ghost rings. Like dual extractors on bolt for safety sake.

    Hunting – Browning A bolt 30.06
    Kriss super-v 45acp – possible close in work. Same clips fit in glock 21.

  123. I would choose my AR 15, for due to its accuracy, mine is set up as a long range or CQB platform, and it’s light weight. Second my Saiga 12, great home defense capability, can be used to hunt medium to large game, and AK style reliability and toughness. Third my FNS-9, great ergonomics, high capacity magazines, and easy to conceal.

  124. Glock 22, from what I have read, should not be converted to 357 Sig. The better option is the Glock 31 and converting to 40 cal. The G31 is designed for higher pressure of the 357 Sig.

    Glock 31 for the reasons mentioned in the article.
    Remington 870 with slug barrel for hunting and CQB.
    Ruger 10/22 because no one else has mentioned it and I will be able to find more ammo, literally everywhere.

  125. Springfield Armory 1903 Bolt action in 30-06

    Mossberg 500 12 ga easy to swap out barrels for hunting or defense the thumb safety alone makes it idiot proof.

    1911 in .45 ACP is my handgun choice.

  126. Im sorry but this is what you carry.

    Spring field 1911 45ACP (50 rounds)
    Mossburg 500 (200 rounds)
    Bolt action Remington .308 scoped (50 rounds)

    That would be the best.

  127. With 300 rounds of ammo apiece for each weapon, I’m going with these three:
    1. Glock 32. Accurate, flat-shooting , just as reliable & versatile as the Glock 19, but the .357 Sig rounds have more velocity,with better penetration and knockdown power than the 9mm rounds.
    2. Mossberg 590A1 pump action shotgun, with ghost ring sights, and 20″ barrel with 8+1capacity. For the allotted 300 rounds, I’d go with 200 rounds of 00 buck and 100 rounds of lead slugs.
    3. S&W AR-10, in .308 Win. The AR-15 is a great rifle, but if limited to only one battle rifle I’d rather have 300 rounds of .308 than 300 rounds of .223.
    Glad this is merely hypothetical, as I would never want to be limited to having only 3 firearms.

  128. Well, I’d have to do some research if I were to try to come up with the “perfect” three guns, but I can tell you exactly what three guns I do own already that I would keep.

    1. My genuine Colt .45 1911. Modern, not antique, but still my first and only sidearm. Plenty of knock-down power and a good weight for pistol whipping if need be. I’ve found it starts to have problems after 250+ rounds fired in one range session without cleaning, but there are very few situations in which that would be important…

    2. My Wasr-10 AK47 knock-off. Cheap ammo, no jamming under normal circumstances, bigger holes than .223, no need to clean, what’s not to like? (You know, except for the safety, poor accuracy, recoil, no bolt hold-open feature… Eh, whatever, I can spray and pray with the best of them.)

    3. My Marlin/Glenfield Model 25. Old school bolt action rifles made with wooden stocks are manly, even if they only shoot lowly .22LR. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. ;D It has a little problem with the magazine tab(?) that I need to fix, but it is plenty accurate and doesn’t jam. Cheap ammo for the plinking and hunting of innocent little forest creatures.

  129. 1) S& W 4506- built like a tank
    2) AK-47- durable, parts plentiful, 7.62 will drop everything in a hunt
    3) Mossberg 500 12g, 20″ barrel, 7rd mag

  130. We get feed back and info from all over the country and world. Alaska, CA,DC,FL,HI and probably most others.One guy on another blog is from the UK and cant even own a gun.Still has lots of input and adds a different flavor to the mix. This is also therapy and ” !!! STRESS !!! ” relief at the end of a long week. It is nice that the Shooters Log stays “civil” even in disagreement .(or at least on the posts I tend to follow). It’s nice to know there are others like me out there.

  131. Employee #3
    GLOCK 22 semiautomatic handgun in 9mm; accepts .40 S&W and .357 Sig interchangeable barrels

    Interesting – I did not know that Glock 22 was available in 9mm. Is that a typo or is that a new offering from Glock?

    I would love to find out more on this as I own a Glock 22 gen 4 in .40S&W.


  132. RH; I think the significance of a blog like this would be to do a mind check. The “what if” scenario. It is a hard decision for many of us to think of the, “which do I take” and “for what reason” issue. For me it is a sort out the junk issue.
    If someone does not choose to participate in the “game” that’s okay. We all do a certain amount of “for what purpose does it serve” and “who is watching this” questioning.
    As Pete said, ” It will be a shame to loose your input in the future”. Please continue with your view from Alaska. All thoughtful input is important.
    PS Correct, you can NEVER have enough ammo. MOLON LABE.

    1. No big significance at all .Just fun when nothing else to do. Some times we need something lighter to talk about. Or dream about. —-And CTD might be gathering “marketing data” on us.

      Don’t forget to vote!


    2. Really RH???!?
      Let’s see if I can clear this up for you a bit. O&G has one Handel on it. One of the others is a sharing of information. Another reason we do this is an interest on the general subject of all things firearms. It does seem like a game at times I’m sure. Fact is that there is a fair amount of knowlage and information that passes thru this blog from those that comment on it. Like all blogs you may have to wade thru a fair amount of chaf to get to the grain but it’s often worth it. If you can find no value here I’m sure that there are other blogs that will be more to your liking. It will be a shame to loose your input in the future.

    3. @ RHenry.

      Agreed, that’s why it took me days to answer the question. Its kind of like asking a Marine, if he has enough ammunition. You NEVER have enough ammunition. It’s like trying to solve a Paradox with another Paradox.

    4. Geez, RHenry, lighten up. Even though it’s just in fun I actually get good ideas about what guns I would like to own.

  133. My personal battery is:
    1) FN FNAR carbine, 7.62X51 (.308) with 20 rd magazines;
    2) ParaOrdinance P-13, .45 ACP, custom night sights; and,
    3) Mossberg 500 modified with extended mag tube and interchangeable barrels.

    Works for me and years of use on the P-13 & Mossberg establish their reliability and dependability. FNAR is relatively new but sure is a shooter. Bit heavy but no felt recoil worth mentioning. Excellent accuracy!
    Works for me and whatever works for you is fine, too.

  134. A very interesting question and one with many good answers depending on the situation. I’m interpreting the reasoning behind such as scenario to be an invasion by X (pick your favorite America-hating country or group idiots), or perhaps a zombie apocalypse if you want. We tend to think that we’re immune to bad and evil but as much as we’d love for this to be true, the fact of the matter is that anything can happen and those of us who stand a better chance of fighting back or at least making it through are those who don’t shrug at such possibilities and equate being prepared with being paranoid.

    For the purpose of survival and self-defense in such situations, I personally would go with a:

    – Glock 17 (with night sights and laser sight) because I would want to have the advantages of a longer barrel than what the 17’s smaller 9mm cousins have and 17 round magazines (would have at least 2, preferably 3 mags). The 300 rounds of ammo would be at least 200-250 147gr hollow points, the balance would be 115gr FMJ/TMJ;

    – Remington 870 tactical (with day/night sights). It has a 7 shell capacity (if you go with 2 ¾” shells) and a shorter barrel for easier close-range/tight space maneuverability but is equally effective at 25 yards. It also has a slim frame (for a 12guage) -a much more desirable feature than a bullpop configuration if you have to travel with it and other gear on you. As far as shells, I’d want 40 slugs, 60 game loads (preferably 7 shot), and 200 buckshots (00);

    – And lat but not least an AR-15 (5.56 NATO with day/night scopes and laser sight) with 50rds XM855, and 250rds XM193.

    For someone of my build and physical strength, this combination wouldn’t put a big dent in my agility and ability to maneuver and sprint when on the move. Other make it or break it necessities would also have to be brought along, namely a knife for unpleasant surprise in-your-face-close kind of encounters and filed-dressing game, a flashlight with a couple of extra battery sets, and a 2L hydration pack (which when full only adds 2kgs to the overall weight of the gear). In such situations one, in my opinion, shouldn’t worry about canned or packaged foods (at least not right away) because nature is very generous and provides a long menu of options which provide carbohydrates, fiber, and some protein and which if you’re not too clueless will not kill you (yes, not all mushrooms make for a good mushroom soup, and not all berries make for a good fruit salad).

  135. As much as I dislike using movie saying, there does seem to be on from one of the SyFi “Riddick” series ………
    Im going to go with the idea that if it hits the ground, it’s yours.
    Truth be told, its simply going to be how good you are with the three you have with you when it comes time to “stand to post”, how much you practiced, how much training you got, and then . . . How you apply all that when you have too will have something to do with how how well you navigate an event.

  136. I agree with your choice comment. What ever you like is the best ones to have. As you said when the bad guys are neutralized then you get theirs too. Weather the bad guy hold their hand gun side ways or is a wannabe dressed in black. The edge will be to the person or group that knows the lay of the land. The hunters (8 million strong) will be the hunters of the hunted. The preferred weapons will be our favorites and the wannabes will have to consider their limits in the terrain.

  137. Just about any three arms with which you feel most comfortable, and can make the most use of available ammo after you expended your current supply should be sufficient; However, when the stinky brown stuff hits the mechanical rotating device, and you relieve the bad guy(s) of their arms, can you keep theirs in addition to yours?

    1. Hell yes! That’s what dirt bags all over the world have been doing to us for years, Tommy guns sent to China in WW2 ended up in the hands of the VC. What do you think ISIS is using? SHTF–Keep what you find.

      MOLON LABE!!

      Don’t forget to VOTE!

    2. @ will-j.

      Its going to be pretty much, like in the 1997 movie “The Postman”. At least until a New “Semi” Stable Government is formed.

  138. A really tough question to answer!

    1) Browning BAR 1 Bullpup in .30-06Sprnfld. (7.72x63mm).
    2) 1730-pattern Kentucky Rifle/Deckard Rifle/Long-Rifle/Pennsylvania Muzzle-Loading Black-Powder Rifled-Musket in .45-caliber, w/44-inch barrel (during lean ammunition times.)
    3) SigSauer P227 .45ACP w/14-round magazines.

    1. Interesting choices! I hadn’t considered black powder as an option but there is certainly an argument to be made for that choice. Black powder being a simple compound to make and bullets also early manufactured from materials at hand or found. Even the process to “corn” black powder is something that can be DYI.
      Given the black powder option I’m thinking that a bow or crossbow options might also enter into this discussion or an extension of it.
      As a side comment I like the idea of the BAR Bullpup! Do you have this platform currently?

    2. @ Carl P.

      I thing the Browning Bar 1 .30-06Sprnfld. (7.62x63mm) Bullpup Rifle, your referring to. Is made in Dillinger, Germany by Waffen (Arms)-Greger. Its ~31&1/2-inches long. Also its a Hunting Bar, and NOT a Military BAR.

  139. Thank you Suzanne for your timely response. I have learned over the years to listen closely when technical experts in speciality fields dialog on topics that have possible new wrinkles. Many times these experts think out loud inadvertly exposing their audience to material not yet in motion but possibly considered a variable, though not probable, future possibility.

    When experts, such as yourself, think out loud, intuitive listeners pick up on the vibes and then have questions, just like me. Perhaps I misinterepted your primary statement but just had to ask anyway. Just my nature to do so.


  140. My choices are for all engagement environments as their could be ongoing changes. I would have a young child in tow as I’m an only parent.

    High quality 1911 (WC, Nighthawk, etc) with tapered cone bull barrels in 10mm and .40, one piece full length guide rod. High quality small parts, all steel everywhere. 10mm for maximum power (hunting deer and livestock) and barriers (vehicle doors, auto glass, interior walls). .40 for additional scavenged/bartered ammo availability.

    12 ga. pump. modified choke to get a little range for birds, rabbits, squirrels. Rem 870 or Mossburg 500 just fine. Shotgun likely to disassembled while on the move.

    AR SBR in .308 with good optics. Long range, short range, firing from vehicle.

  141. Rem 870 12ag.

    The 870 is to shotguns as the AK is to combat rifles— Proven record–IT WORKS!

    Ruger 10-22 .

    Good for feeding your self and with large mag you could fight in a pinch.

    GOOD pistol–Take your pick.

    1. Instead of a standard pistol I would probably take a stubby old school eastern block made AK.

      This is the sales pitch.–

      GIs found a VC who had died on top of his AK weeks before.He rotted over into and through his weapon.Weeks of rain mud bugs jungle rot. They rolled him, racked the AK, Pulled the trigger BANG!! Worked just fine.

      If I can only have three I don’t want beauty I want the BEAST!!

      ELECTIONS are 3 weeks away. Get off the computer and go VOTE!!!

      MOLON LABE!!!

    2. Forgot ammo.
      12ga– Target-bird for feeding us. assorted buckshot. Lots of Nobel Sport Buck and ball,nasty stuff! CTD sells it.(Suzanne there’s the plug) Some slugs.

      .22– CCI mini mags and stinger.ALSO something often overlooked. .22 shot shells .If you ever have to eat out of your back yard they will take down small birds. rats,and other small stuff that is no rely food but will keep you alive.

      AK-What the heck ever it wants!

  142. I think everyone, should have a good rifle, shotgun and handgun. All three should be quality pieces too. And of course whatever accessories the aforementioned weapons systems need. As well as, plenty of ammo stock piled. And perhaps the ability to re-load too. The three I own, which I will never part with. And what I would have on hand for a SHTF situation are:

    1. BCM AR-15 in 5.56mm
    2. FN- FNS model in 9mm
    3 Mossberg 500 Tactical Persuader model with an 18.5″ barrel and a 22″ barrel for hunting purposes.
    4. S&W, M&P, 15-22 (.22 LR).

    Substitutes: a Tavor, Springfield M1A, and a S&W M&P 15-22. It’s an excellent .22LR and the mag capacity is 25 rounds which I like. And a lot of the accessories for the AR or Tavor could be inter-changeable with the M&P 15-22. Like a light, optics, sling attachments, etc.

    I feel for my 4 weapons systems I have. I could address any need or situation that might occur. I can’t emphasize how important it is to have plenty of stock piled ammo for your said weapons. As well as, necessary accessories, i.e. plenty of mags, Load Bearing Vest or Chest Rig, Flash Lights, Optics, Cleaning Supplies, and Spare Parts & Tools And a good back pack, to carry an assortment of things you might need. Whether it’s for the day or a few days in the field.

    For my AR I have 30 mags, for the M&P, 15-22, have 15 mags, And for the FN-S, I have 20 Mags,. I have more AR mags. However the 30 mags are dedicated to the BCM and S&W, M&P-15 with a 1.8 twist barrel. Surprisingly, the Smith AR trigger is incredibly smooth and pulls at about 5.5 lbs. Was so impressed with the Smith trigger, I didn’t have to replace the stock trigger. And it’s incredibly accurate using 55 and 62 grain ammo. I have so many magazines because, you never know when they will break. And mags are relatively cheap…except for the FN-S ($40 per mag). And you never know if standard magazines will subsequently become illegal. Considering our political climate today. Hence, I don’t want to take a chance. And we all know, magazine capacity will continue to be challenged…and not in favor of us shooters.

  143. 1 – Pistol: Glock 19
    — 9mm ammunition available world-wide
    — rugged, universally available for spare parts, etc
    — compact, reliable

    2 – Shotgun: mil-spec Mossberg 500 in 12 gauge
    — ammunition available world-wide
    — military standard, rugged, parts universally available

    3 – Rifle: AR-15 (self-made)
    — ammunition NATO standard, universally available
    — parts universally available
    — proven on the battlefield

    That said, I’d supplement with:
    — HK compact .45 USP (I favor .45ACP and the HK compact .45 is about the same size as the Glock 19
    — HK91 (my favorite rifle in .308/7.62×51 NATO, rugged, accurate, and long-ranged)

    .45ACP and .308/7.62×51 is widely available from military and police sources.

  144. My intent in this comment is to widen this discussion by offering perhaps a different way to look at this “question” and evaluate ones choices. What ever your choices may be for whatever reasons you make them, they will mean little without TRAINING, PRACTICE, and MORE PRACTICE!!!
    Weight and ones likely “engagement environment” are paramount I think when considering this question. I’m going to presume that I would have the time to be able to make a considered choice. That being the case I’m going to give my take on my “only three” from a different POV. I’m also going to make a presumption that one should expect to be in a specific environment for an extended period of time.
    Further, If this was a “could only have FOUR guns” question every category following would have a .22LR or .22 Mag as one of the four . . . . Just saying.

    InnerUrban / City
    AR platform .223 with 4x optic / RedDot / IronSight, light//laser unit, Suppressor
    .40 SW auto of choice with Tac Light and Suppressor
    12ga 870 or 500 in Bullpup configuration, light

    Requirements for Inner Urban / City I define by:
    shorter engagement range under 200 meters
    availability / scavenge of specific ammunition type
    QCB focused

    OuterUrban Residential / Suburbs
    Springfield SOCOM 16. – .308 with optics and suppressor.
    Ruger 22/45 UltraLite (.22LR) with Gemtech Outback II suppressor.
    12ga 870 in bull-pup configuration, light

    Requirements for OuterUrban Residential / Suburbs defined by:
    Engagement ranges out to 500 meters
    Small game hunting and CQC
    Additional munition availability

    Open Land / Road (I think that this category could be further broken down And refined depending on environment and geographical area. Will try for a general load out here)
    AR Platform in either .223 or .308 with full leant barrel, optics, light, suppressor With a upper .22LR conversion unit
    .40, 9mm, or .45 of choice, night sights, light, suppressor,
    12ga 870 or 500 in Bullpup configuration, light

    Requirements for Open Road / Road I defined by:
    Longer possible engagement ranges, to 650 meters
    Wider potential uses and operational requirements CQC, protection, offensive deployment, hunting
    3) Additional ammunition availability

    Remote and Extreme Environment (again, I’ll be general here as there could be a number of possible combinations depending on the geographical environment)
    Tactical Bolt long gun in .308, .300WM or .338WM, mag feed, optics, bipod suppressor
    AR platform in .223 with conversion kits for .22LR and .308, optics, light, suppressor
    12ga 870 or 500 with tactical barrel, rifled slug Barrel, and hunting field barrel, light and RedDot

    longer engagement ranges possible out to 1000 meters
    Maximum use spectrum of the three platforms by use of conversion kits
    Broadest use of three platforms – Hunting/Subsistence, defense, offense, standoff engagement, CQC
    Reloading ability
    Accurate, reliable, versatile, simple operation, reload able

    IF, a forth (4th) weapon was allowed it would of course be a pistol, likely a SA revolver in .357/.38 or .41 magnum, 4 or 5 inch barrel, Stainless Steel or Titanium construction.

    I know that this is coming at this Question from the side or back door but believe that such a trifecta should be considered from at least these and likely other Requirements and Specific Shooter Needs. I’m sure that many will disagree, have other requirements that may be as important and certainly other ideas as to the weapons and calibers to fill those slots.
    I was only interested in the exercise to come up with what I would look for in an “only allowed three” discussion.
    Another comment is about the consideration of “weight”. Ie; how much weight can you carry If you on foot? Ammo And weapons can be heavy, and if you have to also consider water, food, first aid, shelter, clothes, knife, flashlight, batteries, radio, binoculars, ……….. Well, you get the idea. This line of thought may well change how many of us may consider this question or choice.

    1. SW was supposed to read as “XD”. I don’t own an auto Smith.
      Open Land and Road pistols should also read as XD’s too.

      Sorry for the confusion . . . . PiA sends …

  145. Not a single 1911 or .45 ACP in the bunch? Are you sure the “employees” you surveyed aren’t Glock salesmen?

    1. LOL! The “GLOCK” virus has struck again! That’s OK GC, just leaves more options for the rest of us. Like ….XD’s or XDm’s, Sig, and so forth. From a strictly “3 gun only” POV is be more inclined towards a .40 or even a 9mm just from an ammunition availability standpoint but that being said there will always be a spot somewhere near me for a thumper in .45 APC.

  146. I would probably take the Glock 20 with Lone Wolf bbls in alternate calibers for my handgun. I have an old Ithaca 37 riot gun like the L.A. Police used, and it is in excellent condition. Being in the city, I don’t really need a rifle. Here in souther Kommiefornia there isn’t many places to hunt, and I’m too old too travel to hunting areas north of me. However, I have a Savage 99 in .308 that I would keep because it was my dads. Yes, it is probably around 60 years old and in excellent condition.

    That being said, if the Glock 20 with the extra bbls counts as more than one gun, I would probably keep my HK .45acp, or my CZ75 9mm, two of the finest guns ever built. In my case I really see the shotgun as more versatile than a rifle.

  147. Oh let me put my 2 cents in here…for what it worth…

    12 gauge 18.5 inch barrel…Mossberg, Remington style gun…

    Ideally though I’d go with a Kel-Tec shot gun only because of the # of rounds it can be loaded with…

    AR15 .223 style weapon for longer range , scoped out for 200 yards.

    Then a S&W M&P 40cal ….only because I’ve always been a Smith guy…

    That would give me 3 weapons that would fit the bill for my home defense needs…

  148. First why should any government have a say in what I own?
    If you let them say only 3, then it will be none.In the house or on my person, Glock 23 (40 cal) or 1911 (45), 870 riot or a Double Barrel coach 12 ga (single trigger). AK 47 (7.62×39) or M-14 (7.72×51), then AR-(5.56). Even though I have a fondness for the M-1 Carbine (30 cal).
    Off the wall choice, I love the old grease gun (45).
    But if a government says only 3, then what is off your property buried (anything that goes bang when you pull the trigger)

    1. It would be very helpful if you would learn to actually read the article prior to making comments….Nowhere does the article say the word Government…this is supposed to be a light hearted conversation about an individual’s preferred top three firearms…READ!

    2. @ ss1.

      Seem like just about everybody that FEARS the government, is PARANOID about the government. I live within 5-miles of WDC. and I DON’T fear the government…

    3. Nice to hear from you again Secundius! I usually agree with all your posts. I didn’t know you lived so close to WDC. I thought maybe you were in the South.

    4. Get a half dozen shots of Tequila in them both that might be fun. I have been to a drunken left wing forth of july party north of Frisco on goat island.

      (it was a loooong time ago) Like I said in a different post I enjoyed the 1970s.

  149. S&W .357 Mag, it works and it’s versatile
    M1A – If there is something out there that bullet can’t handle I don’t want to be around it.
    Mossberg 500, 12Ga

  150. Beretta (9mm) – accurate, reliable, follow-up shots more consistant
    Ar-15 6.8spc – caliber, best all around round, what NATO wanted back
    when, but US ignored
    Mossberg 500 shotgun/shotgun – versatility, power, ease of use

  151. Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of Glock. Neither is a lady I know in a wheel chair who was innocently crippled by one. Considering parts availability and access to ammo my three would be my 1911 and my 12 ga pump. The third would be the Springfield Armory M1-A I’m saving for. I have the pre-requisite 300 plus rounds of ammo for all three. Both the 1911 and 12 ga can, “Take a lickin’ and keep on clickin.” The M1-A has fascinated me ever since I saw it at a gun show. It has all the features I wanted in the Garand I carried and full dressed with a scope and bipod in the 308 about the only thing it wouldn’t stop is a locomotive. I’d probably cheat and hide my 357 revolver because I love the simplicity. None have failed me.

    1. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. This lady friend of yours could have very easily been put in a wheelchair by any fire arm…just say you don’t like glock….man up!

    2. I agree with you Dave Wiest. Hank likes to badmouth Glocks in all forums, and for no good reason since they are so reliable and safe. Plus he gave no details about the old lady, which I really don’t care about other than the fact that it shows that he has nothing to contribute here regarding Glocks. Regarding his 3 picks, only the M1-A is a decent pick.

      Oh and then he cheats and “hides” his 357 revolver…..another weak pick, and a violation of the ground rules here.

    3. Obviously not a Glock fan. Still stuck on the “tradition” of a 1911 – which includes the need to constantly disassemble/clean/reassemble – taking precious time when you may need to have that firearm at the ready! Looking through the comments here, Glocks seem to be preferred over 1911s by an overwhelming majority. There must be a very, very good reason for that.

      By the way – I just bought my 4th Glock – a new Gen4 Model 41 .45auto. None of my Glocks have put any little old ladies in a wheelchair. And the best way to clean a Glock is to shoot it again.

  152. I have grave concern with your statement { If the government allowed us to keep only three firearms in the house }.

    What is your fundamental base reasoning for posing such a hypothetical argument here? Are you privy to background discussions the general public is unaware of on this topic?

    Posing such a possible scenario taking legislative shape would scare the hell out of the 2nd Admendment community and drive law abiding weapon owners underground and into the woodwork.

    Would the NRA even consider this folly a viable negotiation option if dealing with the anti-American, rabidly anti-Christian co-opted present government?

    With all due respect, this is a gigantic can of worms you have opened here with reference to your above quoted statement.

    Please clarify!!

    1. Hi Scotty,
      Thank you for your comment.
      The blog does not say, “If the government allowed us to keep only three firearms in the house,” as you claim.
      It states, “For the sake of argument and discussion, let’s say for whatever reason you could only have 3 firearms and 300 rounds of ammo for each.”
      This post is merely a way to open up a discussion of what everyone feels are three of the most useful firearms.
      You asked if I was “privy to background discussions the general public is unaware of…” If I was privy to background discussions the general public is unaware of, I’d be writing this from my cush office in a undisclosed location somewhere in Washington D.C. and I can promise you—that is not the case.

    2. @ CTD Suzanne.

      Interesting math problem???

      Geographical Center of Washington, DC. is “Zero Milestone” of the Ellipse in WDC. 38,895North by 77.036388889West.

      Sphere of Influence, 150-miles raduis, and/or 70,685.8347058-square miles.

  153. If we’re allowing caliber conversions, my list is very different than if we aren’t.

    With conversions:
    G27- with a 9mm barrel, it takes 6 models worth of magazines and the 2 most popular calibers for semi-autos.

    AR 15-with .22 dedicated upper.

    Mossberg 590a1-nothing is as versatile as a 12ga pump. Can hunt anything in my area and 8 rounds of 00 buck will ruin a bad guy’s day for sure.

    Without conversions;

    G26-still takes all Glock 9mm mags

    AK 47- x39 has similar terminal ballistics to a 30-30, but with a 30 round mag. A 300rd limit negates the weight savings of 5.56.

    Mossberg 590a1-no surprise there.

    1. “AK 47- x39 has similar terminal ballistics to a 30-30, but with a 30 round mag. A 300rd limit negates the weight savings of 5.56.”

      You know, I never would have thought of that. Excellent point.

  154. Ruger SR 40 – 40 Cal semi auto

    Ruger SR762 – 7.62 / 308 semiautomatic rifle

    Remington 870 semiautomatic shotgun, 12 gauge

    1. I would keep/take my Glock 23 which is a 40 S&W. I have the .22 barrel change and slid kit which is a great accessory.
      The .308 is a reach out and touch something gun. With the current scope nothing under 500 yards escapes unharmed.
      Having a shotgun necessary. To me it is the most versatile gun in the world. I would take my 12 Ga. Ithaca deer slayer along with the bird barrel to change out to.
      That for me would fill in all the needs for protection and hunting.
      How many rounds would we get?

    2. Right on the mark, Roger. Your choices reflect mine perfectly. But….I wish I could have had another choice: a Ruger 10/22 for small varmints. I probably have used mine far more than the other two—including my AR.

    3. Smitty I know your wish for another choice. My .22 WMR Would be my 4th choice. It has the reach of a .22 and the ability to be used as a damaging personal weapon in a pinch.

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