MWAG—Man With a Gun

Woman openly carrying a handgun

For those not up to speed, MWAG means Man with a Gun. I am a man with a gun, and I have been on the receiving end of a few police MWAG calls. When I lived in Florida, it happened twice. Both times, the responding officers were polite, very professional, and a little embarrassed to speak with me about it.

Woman openly carrying a handgun
Not mowing the lawn, but not threatening in anyway

For those who do not know. Florida is not an open carry state, with a few exceptions. One such exception is when you are on your own property. One call happened because I was openly carrying while push mowing the lawn. A person driving by was so unnerved, they called the police.

The officers and I had a pleasant conversation for about 30 minutes, mostly about guns. It made kind of a nice break from mowing. The other call was similar, and one of the officers knew me by reputation from the prior encounter.  He ended up meeting a group of us at the local range the next day, and a good time was had by all.

In Tennessee, an open carry state, I have also been the subject of an MWAG call on two occasions. The first one happened as a result of openly carrying while pumping gas. Someone called me in, and the police arrived as I was driving away. They followed and pulled me over.

One officer was very friendly and polite; the other was new and quite agitated. After about 5 minutes, everything was great, and I ended up giving them a recipe for candied bacon. They gave me a warning on my expired tag. We all left happy, and the veteran policeman used it as a training example for his freshly minted partner.

Woman openly carrying a handgun
Only scary to a hoplophobe… and bad actors

The second call went quite a bit differently. I will summarize the incident by saying that a local city cop fed into the fear of an assistant bank branch manager and almost chose to draw on me for the sin of openly carrying in a bank. It ended well, but it almost didn’t.

I bring this up to point out how important image is. In the first three incidents, the officers had a positive image of gun permit holders and entered the situation cautiously but with room for the assumption that I was a permit holder. After some initial polite questioning, everyone relaxed and we had pleasant conversations before peaceably going our separate ways.

Ironically, in the last incident, I was dressed the best. From that perspective, my image was great. My attire was khaki pants, a black button-down dress shirt, and freshly-polished combat boots. I had a spare mag on my left side and a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm in a Safariland level 3 retention holster on the right. That mattered not at all to the officer I encountered. He seemed to have a strong opinion against carry holders, and the fear and agitation of the bank employee fed into that preconceived idea. His brain did the math and came up with a probable bank robbery or similar.

Woman openly carrying a handgun
Prepared and ready…

When the officer arrived, I raised my left hand and waved him over. He slowly realized I was the MWAG and started to draw on me. His gun never actually got anywhere near clearing his holster, I think partly because I was waving him over and sitting calmly in a chair. It took him a while to overcome that preconceived image and deal with the reality in front of him. To his credit, he finally did.

Image is important. Whenever I openly carry, I present at least a decent image. That does not mean I am always clean shaven and wearing a suit. It does mean I am dressed well for what I am doing and leave any chip on my shoulder at home. My interactions with people are overtly courteous and polite. I am sure to open doors, thank people for similar courtesies, and actively work to project a picture of genteel civility.

On more than one occasion this has helped in the MWAG interaction. An example would be the second Florida interaction. My reputation preceded me. In the first Tennessee interaction, being in a button-down dress shirt and providing my driver’s license and carry permit as the officer reached my car window helped. My polite demeanor didn’t hurt either. It helped that the officers brought similar attitudes to those encounters as well.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We can choose to be our own best friends. Give it a try.

Are you a MWAG or WWAG? Do you favor or oppose open carry? Share your answers in the comment section.

About the Author:

John Bibby

John Bibby is an American gun writer who had the misfortune of being born in the occupied territory of New Jersey. His parents moved to the much freer state of Florida when he was 3. This allowed his father start teaching him about shooting prior to age 6. By age 8, he was regularly shooting with his father and parents of his friends. At age 12, despite the strong suggestions that he shouldn’t, he shot a neighbor’s “elephant rifle."

The rifle was a .375 H&H Magnum and, as such, precautions were taken. He had to shoot from prone. The recoil-induced, grass-stained shirt was a badge of honor. Shooting has been a constant in his life, as has cooking.

He is an (early) retired Executive Chef. Food is his other great passion. Currently, he is a semi-frequent 3-Gun competitor, with a solid weak spot on shotgun stages. When his business and travel schedule allow, you will often find him, ringing steel out well past 600 yards. In order to be consistent while going long, reloading is fairly mandatory. The 3-Gun matches work his progressive presses with volume work. Precision loading for long-range shooting and whitetail hunting keeps the single-stage presses from getting dusty.
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  1. Here is an open carry scenario which I think presents a reason not to do so. You are walking along the street in open carry mode. Approaching is a man with two children about 5-7 years old. The man has no opinions about guns or people who carry them, just couldn’t care less. This issue is simply not on his radar. As soon as you pass each other his little girl looks up at him and asks “Daddy, is that man going to shoot me? Well you guessed it. Now he the issue has popped up on his radar, and now he has an opinion, as uninformed as it may be. He was well dressed, and probably has some money which he will now donate to a politician who doesn’t like you either. And he votes, and will now vote for anybody who is anti-gun. You have made at least one, and possibly more enemies. And for what? To exercise your tiny ego by showing off your gun? Or to prove to nobody who cares that you have the right to open carry? What do you think you were going to gain or prove? And to top it off you have also created an enemy for me, and I wasn’t even involved.

  2. Carry while mowing lawn? What the heck,
    afraid of a grasshopper gettin the best of you?
    Relax your insecurities and mow like a man!

  3. @ RKC

    (1) What is your issue / problem with our Constitution and our Supreme Court Cases?

    (2) Why did you provide a ridiculous example of crooked corrupt politicians / crooked corrupt judges and criminal gangsters? Obviously, Neither of these TWO entities care for nor operate within the Law.

    (3) Why did you “ASSUME” that I am “non-tax paying SOVEREIGN CITIZEN”???

    It is people like you, that add to and exaggerate facts / information in order to distract and misinform. It is people like yourself that add unnecessary complexity to relatively simple issues.

    You are selling the idea that we should Sacrifice All or Some of our Constitutional Rights for the illusion and feeling of safety. You sir, are selling a defective product! Most Tyrants and Dictators would love to have you as a salesman!

    I am a proud son of anti-communist parents that finally escaped the communist Tyranny of Eastern Europe some decades ago. I am the proud grandson of severely wounded / some killed in combat decorated veterans that fought against the German Marxist Socialists and the Russian Marxist Communists!!! I love the Constitution and the Constitutional Republic of America. I strongly believe that there must always be Due Process and the prosecution has to show an Injured Party that can be cross-examined on the witness stand in court. No Exceptions! I don’t believe in forced “Extortion” such as having to register the same vehicle to myself over and over, again and again, and year after year. If I were to forget to fasten my seat belt, I would like to cross-examine the injured party before being forced to pay hundreds of dollars, having imaginary points placed on my driving record, and having the cost of my vehicle insurance go up.

    As far as your so called, “Test Case” is concerned, there is no need for such a case because the matter has long been resolved because, “ANY LAW that is in violation of our Constitution is null and void from the start and it is the “Duty of the People to Disobey” such Law!

    I suggest for anyone to sign documents (ie. drivers license) in the following manner:

    First Name Last Name U.D.
    1-207 & 1-308 Without Prejudice

    Signing this way, you give notice that you are signing out of convenience and ***RESERVE your Constitutional Rights under Common Law.*** If you do not sign documents in this way, you agree to the Duality of Citizenship and are automatically placed under the Jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) based on Admiralty / Maritime Law.

  4. Thanks Tracy for your fine input. It requires 2 actions to fire an open carry firearm In Utah unless you have a CCW permit. Since I was addressing the open carry scenario I am absolutely correct, not “likely wrong”. Please keep up your excellent analysis of this debate but you may want to query “Google Search” as their are so many different state statutes.

  5. Hemingway

    You are a fruitcake. Period.
    For God’s sake I remember when no one could get a carry permit. In the north it was mobsters given permits by judges and in the south, only the well heeled. Today most states are shall issue. A hard driving grass roots movement in the Clinton era led to the gradual adoption across the US of concealed carry legislation. IT was hard work, very hard, and a few courageous legislators pushed this legislation.Much of it was a reaction to the party in power in DC. So good for them and good for us finally. If a state has constitutional carry good if not I am thankful for the carry permit.
    This is among the few things the government has done in the past few decades that is good for the people and led to greater liberty. If you choose to disobey the law then you be the test case not I. See how that goes. BTW I suppose you are a sovereign as well and will be paying federal taxies. Let us k now how that goes as well.

  6. Colorado has open carry. I also have a CCW. I mostly, almost exclusively, carry concealed.
    I believe CC is better. I avoid any MWAG calls on me and I retain the element of surprise in case of criminal activity, which puts me at a huge tactical advantage.

    OTOH, carrying openly could serve as a deterrence, though it could also draw unwanted attention to the carrier. A double edged sword, and one where the law barrier must weigh the cons more than the pro’s.

  7. Last week a 45 year old male I have know since he was 6, who always open carried, was having an argument with his wife of 23 years and while his 13 year old daughter was in the house, and the end result was the wife was shot and killed and the 45 year old father then committed suicide. I am all for concealed or discreet carry but to quote the movie character, “this ain’t Dodge City and you’re not Wyatt Earp.” I had used those very words to this young man several years ago the first time I saw him in open carry. With absolute certainty, if you can not control your anger or your temper, leave the firearm locked away. Nothing is worth leaving a 13 year old daughter and a 16 year old son (who drove up about 10 seconds before the shots were fired)…not money, not adultery, no domestic argument is worth that.

  8. DENNIS J.

    “APRIL 14, 2019 AT 2:43 AM
    Why would you open carry and let every bad guy in the room know who”
    What a dumbass response. Do you project much for your small accommodations?

  9. I spent 20 years U.S. Army – Infantry. I retired in February 2011. I am a born and raised Pennsylvanian and an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (Pistol; Rifle; Shotgun; Personal Protection In The Home & Outside The Home; Home Firearm Safety).
    I have open carried in Kentucky; concealed and open carried in Tennessee; concealed carry in Georgia and Texas; and open carried in Colorado. I have had NO issues with authorities pertaining to carrying in any of those states.
    For years, I have concealed carried in Pennsylvania from 1996 to 2007 when I stumbled upon Pennsylvania’s open carry statute. Since I was a child, I relied on the old “gun guys” for what I can or can’t do with guns, then started learning the laws and ordinances on my own. I used to believe that the only time you could open carry in Pennsylvania was while hunting (that’s what the old “gun guys” told me). Once I read Pennsylvania’s open carry statute, I began open carrying in the Commonwealth. I have only had one negative reaction to open carry by law enforcement and that was from a mutual friend who is a County Sheriff’s Deputy. He gave me considerable grief for open carrying. After I quoted the statute “Officers of the law are prohibited from editorializing against lawful open carry, such editorializing could subject the officer and their department to possible legal action against them.” (I summed up the paragraph for brevity), I have not had a negative interaction with any law enforcement since then (City, County, Township, or State).
    I have heard and understand both viewpoints for open and concealed. I leave that choice to the individual for how they wish to carry. I have gained a little girth in my midsection since retiring and do not feel like buying LARGER pants just to conceal my full sized pistols (.45 ACP or .40 S&W). I only own one pocket pistol (A S&W Bodyguard in .380 Auto) and it only works when a wear dress pants (very rarely) or back when I used to drive a tow truck (perfect fit for their uniforms).
    I personally do not care what anyone’s opinion of me is and even “gun experts” are biased.
    “A right not exercised is a right soon lost.”

  10. I don’t carry in public that often, but when I do, I carry concealed. I’ve never been stopped or questioned.

    I carry around my house quite a bit and sometimes onto the BLM land adjoining my property. When I do this, I’m usually carrying “semi-concealed.” By that, I mean that I put an IWB holster inside my front pants pocket. Anyone looking closely might see the grip of my pistol sticking out of the pocket, but the grip is often concealed by a sweatshirt or jacket. No one lives near me, so anyone seeing me is driving past my property at sixty or seventy mph and is fifty to a hundred yards away. No one seems to care.

    I’ve never found a holster that gives me good concealment with comfort. The most comfortable holsters I’ve tried have been ankle holsters. Even so, I generally prefer concealed carry. I’d prefer we have a society where less than perfect concealment is acceptable.

  11. Cheaper than Dirt once again CENSORS free speech. Specifically, on Sunday April 14, 2019 I posted Supreme Court cases that clearly state that, “No state Can Issue a CCW because the act of requiring a FEE and a LICENSE / PERMIT converts our Constitutionally Guaranteed Right into a PRIVILEGE.” Why would Cheaper than Dirt censor this kind of information? Which side are they on?

    So here is that information one more time.

    “MARBURY vs MADISON vol. 5 U.S. page 37” states that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.



    This means that the prosecutor has no case against the person DISOBEYING the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL LAW because the person relied on the above given Supreme Court Cases and the Constitution, therefore there the REQUIRED WILLFUL INTENT ELEMENT is MISSING, therefore the prosecutor has no case.

    The next TWO cases are important because they REMOVE IMMUNITY for Judges and prosecutors and allow a person to bring LAWSUIT against the corrupt judges and prosecutors that are NOT FOLLOWING the CONSTITUTION.

    “OWEN vs CITY OF INDEPENDENCE VOL.100 Supreme Court Reports page 1398”


    “MAINE vs THIBOUTOT vol. 100 Supreme Court Reports page 2502”

    What does this all mean? These are real Supreme Court Cases therefore it means that the so called “CCW PERMITS” are a complete FRAUD / SCAM!!!
    The State requiring a FEE and LICENSE / PERMIT CONVERTS our CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT into a PRIVILEGE and that is in direct VIOLATION of our CONSTITUTION. It is all there in black and white. Will a person get arrested without the EXTORTED “CCW” PRIVILEGE? Probably because the corrupt people in authority have decided a long time ago that they know better then Our Founding Fathers what you and I are entitled to and they know that we will most likely not stand together in unity to push back their corruption. It seems that CTD is NOT in favor of us having “FULL 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS” just the parts that the CORRUPT people in position of authority decided that we should have!!!

    1. I have no idea what you are talking about, but I do not show any such post being censored or moderated. ~Dolbee

  12. I am a concealed carry permit holder, and regularly carry anywhere that legally allows me to. I am not a fan of open carry simply because it makes so many people uncomfortable, including me. I feel that it makes you more of a target, and certainly makes you the center of attention when you walk into an environment wearing a gun and your not wearing a badge. It’s kind of like riding around with a deer strapped across the hood of your vehicle…not everyone is a hunter, and many who may not really have a negative perception about hunting can form negative opinions when they see what they feel is an unnecessary display of a dead animal in public. Keep the deer in the back of your truck w the tail gait up and go show it off to people who you know will enjoy seeing it. Keep your carry weapon concealed, enjoy the confidence of carrying, and prevent the unnecessary stress that it causes to others who don’t have a clue of who you are.

  13. For those of you who can open carry, but choose not to, that is perfectly fine with me, For those who think OC is a sexuality problem, like dumb ass dennis j. that is too bad. I open carry for many reasons. The most important are: I choose to wear clothing which does not conceal weapons well at all; I would rather OC and be comfortable having quick access to my weapon; and, I would rather have a bad guy see my weapon and think, “Hmm…maybe I better go somewhere else”, then to have to shoot it out with someone. Dennnis Putz, you have ZERO evidence of any significant number of criminals who have killed an OC BEFORE they committed a crime. Many, many more CCW’s are shot while trying to respond. I will take my chances, and I welcome you to take yours, but don’t play pre-school psychologist with me over such an absurd contention.

  14. I think some people are forgetting the one incident was on his land, mowing his lawn. Key word here, His Land.

  15. So many points of view regarding “CCW” however most are missing the point that, THERE CAN BE NO PERMIT ISSUED FOR A CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT! Not possible, no State can require a FEE and a License / Permit because by doing so it CONVERTS the Constitutionally Guaranteed Right into a PRIVILEGE! “Murdock vs. Pennsylvania section volume 319 page 105 U.S. Supreme Court” states, no State can require a FEE and a LICENSE / PERMIT for any of our Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights! Further, “Shuttleworth vs. Birmingham Alabama volume 373 page 262” states, if a STATE passes a law that violates our Constitution then the individual HAS the RIGHT to DISOBEY such law. Further, “U.S. vs Bishop volume 412 page 346 states that there is no ELEMENT of WILLFUL INTENT when a person relies on the CONSTITUTION and Supreme Court DASE LAW. This means that the PROSECUTOR does not have a CASE because the REQUIRED ELEMENT of WILLFUL INTENT is MISSING. Everyone should remember that, “Marbury vs. Madison volume 5 page 37”, states that the CONSTITUTION is THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. The next TWO cases actually allow us to go after the CROOKED / CORRUPT / ANTI-CONSTITUTION Judges and Prosecutors by taking away their IMMUNITY from lawsuit. Specifically, “Owen vs. City of Independence volume 100 Supreme Court Reports 1398” and “Maine vs. Thiboutot volume 100 Supreme Court Reports 2502” take away the Judges and Prosecutors IMMUNITY if they do not follow the CONSTITUTION! The entire “CCW” process is a FRAUD / SCAM. We all need to put in extreme effort to inform everyone in the firearm community about this FRAUD. Next they will tell us that we need to pay a FEE and get a PERMIT in order to exercise our RELIGION or FREE SPEECH. Imagine yourself in a courtroom and the judge tells you that you don’t have a RIGHT to an ATTORNEY because you didn’t fill out a PERMIT APPLICATION and did not pay a FEE!!! Imagine finding yourself in a situation where you want to invoke your “Miranda, the right not to INCRIMINATE yourself, and the police office tells you NO, you can’t do that because you did not fill out a PERMIT APPLICATION and you did not pay a FEE!!! The entire so called “CCW” is pure FRAUD! The politicians and people in authority PREFER that we are UN-ARMED and cleverly sold us this feel-good made-up “CCW” narrative. The truth is they people in authority want to know pretty much everything about you and would like to CONTROL as much as they could. They do not want you to be aware of these Supreme Court Cases, they want you to keep believing this “CCW” FARCE that they have going for so many years. The saddest part of all is that the people that have been fooled into this “CCW” FRAUD will post likely continue to defend this notion and idea of their PAID PRIVILEGE. A CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT can NEVER be a PRIVILEGE!!! While I do not support the “CCW” FRAUD, I do believe that it would be extremely wise and prudent for anyone that has firearms to get proper firearms training on their own. As much firearm training as possible but NEVER, EVER, compromise any of your CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHTS.

  16. I see no reason to attract attention beyond being handsome, well-dressed, and accompanied by beautiful women. Now if I could just manage those three things…. 🙂

  17. One more comment. Do not assume the police even know that open carry is legal…even if it is. I actually live in Tennessee and do a lot of work with the police, sheriffs, and even local FBI. Its shocking how little many people in these agencies actually know about the law…what is legal what is not I had a 15 minute heated discussion (while unarmed) with a Memphis police officer who tried to “school me” on why open carry is illegal in Tennessee. Ultimately he refused to be convinced until I pulled it up on my phone and showed him and even then he said he would have to confer with his superior to see if I was right. Ugh….

  18. Man you guys are tough…I mean talk about bash a person for the simple act of deciding to open carry?!?!? I agree that I prefer concealed carry…but there has been more than a few times that my attire did not permit concealment…so open carry I went.

    I would also point out to Mr. Heugly how wrong you likely are. In most CCP states, an AR or AK Pistol as well as (AOW’s) are usually allowed to be carried with a round in the chamber…because they are not rifles. I have a 22″ (total length) .45ACP PCC that easily fits under a light windbreaker. I have a 300BLK with an 8″ barrel that also easily fits under a light jacket. Do I do it often? No. What is the likelihood of ever needing twenty’seven .45ACP rounds or thirty rounds of 300BLK to stop a bad guy? Not very likely…but then again…who knows…

  19. As a concealed carry permit holder I am licensed to carry in 39 states. I have lived most of my life in an open carry state. I open carry on private land and public ranges. Otherwise, I carry concealed.

    I do not like being the attention of curious or startled bystanders. Nor, do I want to have to maintain a defensive posture at all times to defend against a possible “gun grab”. IMHO

  20. Many years ago, concealed carry was considered something that criminals did and open carry was what law abiding citizens did. I occasionally spend time in Idaho where open carry is permitted (I have a carry permit for Idaho and it is a Constitutional Carry state) but rarely see anyone open carrying. My home there is next to the Oregon border and the Oregon Sheriff refuses to issue a carry permit for anyone not immediately next to his county full time. I will open carry in Oregon.

    Frankly I believe more people should open carry more often and that we should get back to law abiding citizens open carry. We’ve raised a bunch of snowflakes that are afraid of their own shadows and they won’t change until they get used to seeing a gun.

    Now if you open carry you should have a retention holster. But I don’t believe all the gloom and doom stories of you’re making yourself a target, and someone will steal your gun and use it against you.

    Giving in to the fools/snowflakes doesn’t help support the 2nd Amendment but it does give in to the whiny story that guns and people who carry them need to be feared. Initially no doubt it will cause some fools to call the police but they will eventually get used to an armed population particularly if they get cited for false police calls (something that should be done where open carry is legal).

  21. I live in NH we have open carry and now CC no permit. I do not open carry because I do not want the bad guy to know I have a fire arm. I also taught self defense/ karate. “Real kind not Hollywood junk”
    and I always told my students to NEVER let on you had any training at all. SURPRISE THEM! If I was a bad guy I would scan the room for threats first before I did my crime. If I was serious about doing something bad guess who I would take out first?
    At home, outside yes open carry. In a crowd or public never. It would have to be a very unique situation for that to happen.

  22. I have had a CC permit in NY since 1980. A very long time.
    I carry open during hunting season, but ONLY when in the field.
    I just don’t see the point to open carry.
    Like my all time favorite president Teddy once said,
    “When you pass a man on the street in NYC with his wife,
    And his hand is in his coat pocket…it Could be because it’s cold, or it could be holding a problem solver!”
    Either way, people were a LOT more courteous back then!
    Even if you were 6’5″ and still stepped aside for the ladies, and tipped your hat!

  23. Open carry in a bank? Really bad idea. Why scare the hell out of everyone for no good reason? PA is an OC state, but I never do. My 3 CCW permits enable me to carry with confidence that if things get ugly, I’ll have the element of surprise on my side.

  24. Background:
    A pure civilian, I hold a CCW from my home state of Colorado, plus NE, UT, NH, FL, and have completed 30 8-hour days of formal training from a NE shooting school, with a Distinguished Graduate certificate in Handgun. So, I believe in the importance of investing in training in all weapons platforms possessed. I carry concealed only, and only where allowed.

    I suspect many open carry because they wish to exercise second amendment rights available to them. Fine, so far. But, beyond the question of the tactical wisdom of open carrying, there is this: if you are a uniformed peace officer, people can assume a certain commonality of training, attitude, and lawfulness. If, on the other hand, you are a civilian, you are a complete unknown. Others cannot read your mind, only your exterior. And your exterior reads, “possible deadly threat!” Now, for every civilian worried enough to make a MWAG call, many others are quietly nervous. This, I submit, does not win hearts and minds to friends of the second amendment. Please note: they vote! If, after feeling so threatened (though you intend no threat but believe you are there as a sheepdog), they are presented on the ballot with a tighter gun control measure or a politician advocating same, how will they be tempted to vote? Does not the open carry movement then shoot itself in the political foot and risk damaging the legal environment for the rest of us?

    If carrying openly, perhaps unloaded only, is the only legal way you can carry at all in your jurisdiction,, you already live in such a damaged legal environment. It’s too late for you, unless you can get the law changed (very difficult in today’s polarized environment) or choose to move.

    For others, please get a CCW and carefully carry that way. Concealed means *concealed*! Not making the voters nervous can avoid negatively shaping public opinion. Providing on-the-spot competent protection when the professionals can’t be timely there can create positive change.

    Please consider it. Please get permitted, armed, and trained, so you’ll be prepared and skilled enough when the bad day comes. If you haven’t spent several times as much on training as you have on weapons, you are probably not training enough. Since you will only be half as good under pressure in a real situation as you are on the range, how good is good enough when life and limb are on the line? You decide.

  25. While open carry is not illegal here in Ohio, as a certified handgun instructor, I do not recommend open carry. Most of my students are relatively new to the business of carrying a handgun. I teach that open carry invites the bad guys to take what you’ve got. You might as well have a target painted on your back. Ask yourself, ” What is the advantage of open carry vs. concealed carry”? Personally, I don’t want the world to know that I am armed. I wonder if showmanship has anything to do with it, or maybe the open carrier wouldn’t qualify for a concealed carry permit? Regardless of the reason…..its a bad idea.

  26. I really can’t buy into the open carry mind set. Utah is open carry but I seldom see it. I did encounter one dumb ass with an AR-15 slung across his back. It is unlawful to carry open and chambered so anyone could easily (maybe not too easily) relegate the unchambered AR into a weapon only useful for bashing others in self defense for the carrier. Obtain a CCW and carry that way. It will not upset the anti, paranoids and everyone will have a better day.

  27. Why would you open carry and let every bad guy in the room know who to shoot first? Does it help your masculinity to let everyone see you have a gun? And do you think that police officers have nothing better to do then. To answer calls about a MWAG? Oh and by the way…your open carry responding officers are being wrongly “taught” by your actions that a MWAG is not a threat. So what happens when that MWAG is a threat?
    Please mature a little and cover up your little thing.

  28. Hello everyone, I hold 3 CCWs and I am allowed to carry 39 states. I now reside in Florida and my previous state was Nevada, which is an open carry state. i am an ex criminal justice instructor and have had 7 people in my family involved in law enforcement. I am not a big fan of open carry and my reason is not because I don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment, that’s not it. The reasons are because of the issues that were brought out in this article such as (1) People freaking out at the sight of a firearm (2) They are ticked off because you are carrying a firearm and they are not (their choice, not your fault) (3) Everyone should be like them, defenseless. Perhaps they think that if you are not armed also, that they have a greater chance of surviving because there are more targets to choose from by the shooter???

    Anyway….I have seen many times citizens carrying firearms in public , male and female, holstered and not being a problem for anyone. Did it make me nervous? Not really, I just looked them over real quick and made a note of it in my mind. However I was also carrying concealed at the same time. Nice to know that if something goes down that I will probably have someone to back me up. One of the big reasons that I would not carry openly is because of the reasons above (in the article) plus the reason of some crazy running up to me and stealing my firearm from my holster by force. I do carry non-lethal weapons also. I had the open carry conversation several times with Las Vegas Metro Police. Here is what they told me. Anytime someone calls into the police department about MWAG or WWAG, the policy is to treat the threat as real. However, the officers will approach with caution but not show any outward appearance of fear. The officers will ask for some type of legal ID, a CCW, driver’s license, state identification card, etc. They will most likely tell you to remain still and keep your hands away from your body. After they run your ID through the computer, and if there are no wants or warrants, they will then have a brief conversation with you. They will say that they respect your right to the 2nd amendment and perhaps thank you for wanting to defend yourself (because that does make their job a little easier because they can’t always be there when trouble starts). They then will ask you to please get a CCW (if you don’t already have one) so that future incidents like this can be avoided. They will tell you that their coming out on a call like this took them away from the streets where crime is occurring and they could have helped someone who really needed their help with a crime. I did hear an officer thank me for carrying a firearm, just in case an officer should ever need backup and they are by themselves. I was also told by officers that open carry is becoming more of a problem as time goes on because of a lot of people are relocating to Nevada from liberal states like California, New York, etc.. There is no open carry in those states and many times no concealed carry possible also. One time my weapon became exposed when I was walking my dog in Las Vegas and my neighbor’s wife spotted my weapon sticking out of my shirt and I heard her gasp and saw this look on her face. She was a transplant from New York but had lived in Las Vegas 2 years. I spun around and looked at her. I was mad! I said “You better get used to it because Nevada is an open carry state and I have concealed carry on top of that”. I looked at her husband and said, “You work for the local newspaper and you know the laws, so please school your wife.” I was hopping mad, and I walked off.

  29. I believe that if you want to open carry you should be able to. Someone wanting to commit a crime could be deterred by people around with guns. I conceal mine. If they know you have a gun, they know where to take it from and it could mean you’ll be the first one shot.

  30. Fantastic article. This applies to all interactions with authorities. To many of the news stories we see today extend from a lack of respect and courtesy toward authorities and the people around us.

  31. Four encounters with cops, a couple of them ready to do violence because they knew a civilian had a gun, and none would have happened if carrying concealed. Seems like open carry added a fair amount of risk to the carrying equation, and for what? A chance to education the public? I’m not putting my life on the line simply to be a gun evangelist. The whole reason to carry is to mitigate risk, not increase it.

  32. A really good article. I think we should always be kind and courteous, and certainly if you are carrying a gun.

    But, I feel the need to make a quick clarification: Banks and other businesses are private property, and thus they can make rules that prohibit guns. If there is a “No firearms” sign on the bank you are entering, you can’t bring your gun into the bank legally, even with a permit. Granted, there isn’t much consequence for doing this (you just get removed from the premises), but if we want people to respect our right to carry guns, we should really respect their right to private property.

  33. I am a strong believer in the second amendment and support people who choose to carry a firearm for self-defense. I personally do not carry openly due to my feeling that it presents more of a problem then a solution. I am also a law enforcement officer and have seen how people react to others carrying a firearm openly. I approach each situation individually based on what is presented to me. I have been out and seen people acting stupid while carrying a firearm. I also feel like it makes a target should something occur and others are looking for a target. Either way, I think we should all take responsibility for our own safety and not depend on someone else.

  34. I feel that, while wearing a sidearm(everywhere that’s legal for me to do so), discretion is wise. I don’t want to reveal to a potential threat that I am armed! This also avoids making phobic or uninformed people uncomfortable.

  35. After reading this post, I would include with your story the option of concealing your firearm under certain circumstances. Even though the state or location may accept open carry it doesn’t always mean it’s the right choice. A bank would be a no brainer I would think. With how things are in the world today, bringing upon any unnecessary attention from people around us is a better choice to avoid bogus emergency calls.

  36. I have to agree, society has stigmatized legal law abiding citizens who honor our second amendment rights. Montana is an open carry state and I have never encountered as issues.
    My only question would be, banks are a federal institution and carrying a firearm in any capacity, open carry or concealed is illegal.
    Am I incorrect?

  37. For the obvious reason well documented, open carry puts a target on one’s back/person.
    In the event a crazy enters and wants to shoot every body in sight or a vengeful partner out for revenge will more than likely see the open carry and that would be their first target

    Sit back, conceal and be ready for the opportunity to unleash.

    That’s my two bits.

  38. I cannot understand the logic of open carry. I have carried concealed for many years being 82 yrs old. Open carry makes you a suspect to many who observe, leading to police inquiry. Open carry makes you a target for the bad guys, likely wanting to eliminate you first, perhaps before you are aware of the potential danger. What is the benefit of open carry?

  39. I am a MWAG in Texas; I do not open carry….personal preference. I have not had any encounters such as described, largely because no one knows that I carry. I believe open carry brings more issues than not.

  40. Great article. I support open carry and constitutional carry. I agree, image and demeanor mean a lot. I carry concealed 90% of the time. I generally avoid open carry in highly trafficked and populated areas like malls. Open carry mostly in my neighborhood (gated subdivision in the country) or in local stores or restaurants where I”m known such as the local BBQ joint or hardware store. Good judgement prevails. I usually have my Viet Nam Veteran hat on and leave my MAGA hat at home. No point in poking the crazies in the eye. Cops are just like civilians. Some have a bad day, some have a bad attitude. Never argue, always cooperate and be courteous, even if they start getting pushy. Like old Davey Crockett said, just keep grinning’ at that grizzly bear. Don’t piss him, or her, off.

  41. Open carry is legal in many place now, should be all over the USA but I digress! This MWAG could have been avoided if the person who answered the call about the MWAG did their job better. Many questions should be asked to calm the situation and then explain to the caller that openly carrying a firearm is legal in (insert place) if they are acting disturbed or angry, brandishing, threatening others with that gun let us know! Otherwise there is nothing we can do except help you to calm down there is nothing wrong! Or carried concealed and not to worry about some trigger happy law enforcement, looking for an excuse to shoot first and ask questions later!

    1. While I understand your point I don’t think this is an option for law enforcement. Just imagine the repercussions if they handled a call as you’ve described and then that individual indeed became an active shooter. The fallout and backlash would be tremendous and justified frankly.

  42. I understand everyone’s right to protect the 2nd
    Amendment. And to use to the fullest state laws.
    But I miss the whole open carry idea.
    If you happen to be at a location that armed
    criminals are preparing commit a crime, you have
    just painted a big “Shoot me first” sign on your back.
    And I mean back, because that is where they are going
    to shoot you. They will not face you down like a real
    man would. So unless you travel as part of a 4 man
    SWAT team, you cannot provide 360 awareness at all
    times. A bad guy with a baseball bat could attack you
    from the back, knock you out and now he is an armed
    bad guy.
    The other thing you do is spit in the face of the
    anti gun crowd. I know the right to own firearms
    is a constitutional amendment right. But amendments
    have been added and amended. And even though it is
    a tall mountain to climb, one day the right may be taken
    away. No reason to scare the neutral voters to go anti
    gun just so you can open carry.

  43. Live in TN- carry concealed and talk openly about second amendment. I carry openly on my own property and have run across the street to accidents- my neighbors know me and never say a word. LEO’s treat me well as I’m usually the RN on site. I’ve encountered a few openly carrying and I engage them in discussion openly after I make sure they aren’t up to something less than desirable and, while prepared, do not reveal my own firearm to them, though I may discuss it with them once I get to know them better. I don’t think it helps us. Most I’ve encountered are not as well trained or careful of their conduct as the average concealed carry person though I’m sure the author is. I am very careful before I consider this an option.

  44. I am glad to see people displaying there right to open carry. I think that the more this continues to happen and the more people see it, it will stop being perceived as a threat, rather a comforting feeling from people, knowing that they are safe BECAUSE of someone open carrying. I want to thank the law enforcement officers for being professional. This also needs to be a right NATIONWIDE. 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏💝🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  45. Well written, Mr. Bibby. I might add, though I pre-date the YouTube generation by a few decades, it is not constructive nor entertaining when someone with a “right” chooses to troll for anyone who might be overly sensitive to concealed or open carry and record the interaction on YouTube. The practice is unfriendly, antagonistic and not helpful to anyone. Carry on, quietly.

  46. IMHO open carry is at best stupid. You give away any tactical advantage you have if things go sideways. Reminds me of the “Banty Rooster syndrome.”Running around in circles and all bluster.

  47. I live in Arizona so I see a lot of open carry . I agree with open carry but don’t think it is always a good idea . Open carry makes a lot of people uncomfortable .
    I was in Wallmart the other day and some clown was walking around in cameo with a made for concealment leather shoulder holster over his shirt with a small cannon in it hanging spare mags on the
    other side with a large hunting knife on his belt, all legal but not in good taste . We who carry should think how we look to the general public, sometimes I am sure my concealed weapon prints or my cover is raised up to expose my weapon but open carry makes that accident legal..
    I do not open carry because if I am in the Bank and someone who is intent on doing evil see’s I am armed guess who he will shoot first ? THINK of how we who are armed look to the public and the bad guys… PLEASE JUST THINK

    1. Amen!!! They made it legal to carry a weapon into schools in ga. Within weeks some idiot walked into his child’s school with a loaded handgun on his side fully exposed. Chaos ensued. Just because you can do something does not mean that you should.

  48. You know, the way some people react to just SEEING a firearm, you could almost get the impression that they had been chased down a public street, not by a MWAG but, instead, by a gun! On more than one occasion, at that!

    Ignorance may be bliss but some people take it way beyond a new level. And, instead of taking the time to become familiar with firearms, so that they might be able to overcome their irrationalities, they are content to let their ILL-conceived prejudices linger on. The bank incident reminds me of the Outback case (also in Tennessee) where a LEO was asked to leave an Outback restaurant because an ignorant female was ‘afraid’ of his holstered firearm. Like it was going to jump out of its holster and “Get her!” I wonder what those types would do if they had the means to detect every concealed firearm in their vicinities? Run, screaming into the night?

    1. I agree with your statement but I think there is more to take into consideration. A vast majority of the public is uninformed. To further complicate things thanks to a growing number of our legislators and a heavily anti gun media influence they are also misinformed

  49. The MWAG article. What was NOT mentioned, the elephant in the room, was the SKIN COLOR of the MWAG. If it had been Black or Brown, ALL of these situations would have gone vastly different. And we know this to be a fact.

  50. Hi,
    I am a CCW Permit holder in Nebraska and I have no problem with people who want to open carry as long as it’s legal to do so (meaning the state and the location you are in at the time). However I think if you carry outside those parameters, you’re wrong and you’re asking for the trouble that comes your way. I think it is legal in Nebraska and if I’m doing it in any rual part of the state I would be fine but if I tried it in Omaha, I’m asking to be shot. Also I have seen videos of people who open carry and do it legally but they are doing it with an AR-15 standing on the street corner. Duh!!! I know they know what’s coming and I feel they are only doing it to challenge anyone including police to test them on their rights and how well they know the law. I feel all they are really accomplishing, is making the rest of us law abiding citizens look bad. Especially in the eyes of all the anti gunners out there. We don’t need to give them any more ammunition (no pun intended). I say if you can do it legally and in good taste, Go For It!

  51. I live in California, a state that recently outlawed open carry. Even when it was legal, the weapon could not be loaded. For my own part, I own several firearms but I have never felt a need to carry one in public. The streets in San Diego where I have lived since 1957 are fairly peaceable. I can not think of any time, even as a rowdy youth, that I needed a gun to get through my day.

    I’ve never seen anyone open carry in this state when it was legal, but I have seen photographs of folks doing it. To me, they looked like idiots. Like someone who shows up at a swimming pool party with a surfboard and full diving gear.

    I think most people feel the same way in a peaceful city or town. I believe most people who felt a need to carry a gun would prefer to carry it concealed.

    Myself, I think to outlaw peoples right to bear arms runs contrary to our Second Amendment. Under our Constitution, anyone who owns a gun has the right to carry it in any manner they like, including concealed.

    It is not that I would want to lug a gun around with me, but it is that I could if I wanted. If I did, it would be concealed. In California, I would end up in prison. That is wrong.

  52. I have never been subject of a MWAG call , despite carrying open daily in Kentucky (open carry state) for last past 12 years. We live in a relative moderate size town of 50,000 but it is rare to see other open carry advocates. I often am asked if I am a policemen, and I use the opportunity to discuss the open carry law and my beliefs. I have only been told once that it was scary to see me with a gun. I assured her that if some “crazy” guy with a rifle comes in and starts shooting, that I might be able to stop him before the police get here five minutes later. I assured her I was on “her” side, and she seemed to relax. I also tell small store employees like convenience or dollar stores that I always carry, even if it is not visible (I also have Concealed Carry). We also (my wife also carries) tell mall security guards (who aren’t allowed to carry) that we are their in their mall if an emergency occurs ( we are also nurses), that way they feel like we “have their back”. We should try to educate the public.

  53. Very good article Dave. And to your credit, you used a very attractive young model to illustrate M.W.A.G. Well thought out, and presented!

  54. My wife and I were getting gas at Costco on a busy Saturday afternoon, when a guy jumped in my back seat and pulled a knife on us and told me to drive. I jumped out and opened the back door and pulled him out. He ran away and I chased him down and tackled him. The police pulled up as I was chasing him and began chasing me. After the guy was in cuffs, the officer told me he had robbed a lady in the mall and had stolen her purse and coat. He has also carjacked another person earlier in the day and killed someone with a machete. The guy was armed with the knife and also several items of drug paraphenalia. The officer asked where I had come from and why I was chasing him. I explained that the guy tried to carjack my wife and I. Later that evening the officer contacted me and asked for my drivers license number and license plate. After several minutes the officer asked me if I had been carrying my weapon. I told Him I always carry. The officer asked why I didn’t pull my weapon on the carjacker. I explained that If I had pulled my weapon, the officer would have detained me and the carjacker would have gotten away. His response was “I guess you’re right but if you hadn’t pulled him from your car, you and your wife would have been his next victim. Sometimes it’s better to use other means to stop a situation rather than pulling your weapon.

  55. A very well written article! I myself prefer concealed carry, but I support FULLY anyone’s right to carry open. Congrats on calming down the nervous responding officer in the bank!

  56. I am ‘somewhat’ opposed to Open Carry. That being said, I ‘Am’ open to being convinced otherwise. My many LE friends stand on both sides of the issue. My reasons against are this: ALL LE MUST 1) Show Proficiency with/and Annually Qualify (70%) with their Duty/Carry Weapon, and I think ANY CCH should be Equally Required 2) Have Current Knowledge of Carry and Lethal Force Laws. My concern is Not for the Responsible CCW who is/has Trained/Training with their weapon, but rather for the one who has minimal training, or None, and is Willing to spray bullets wildly downrange….in MY Direction! It’s that 10%(?) that concern me, and give me pause to Open Carry. Of course, as you may note by my comments, my concerns apply Equally to CCW Holders, also. Convince me otherwise.

  57. Texas recently went to open carry. I’ve had a carry license since it became law in the 90s. I’m still not convinced that open carry is nothing more than a childhood or fantasy come real. I owned a motorcycle dealership and anytime someone came in with open carry I was as well as customers were visibly concerned. Besides, if there is a bad actor in the mix, they would most certainly take out the armed target first. Keep the bad guys guessing is my thought.

  58. Precisely why you should never openly carry. The only thing we having going for us is the element of surprise. Why give that one advantage up? Not to mention the general public, myself included, generally sees someone openly carrying a gun as an attention whore. So, the writer is correct. Image matters.

  59. These are great points, thanks for sharing! I am definitely pro open carry. I live in VT, where open carry is allowed, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone here openly carrying (other than hunters walking with rifles/shotguns, of course). I actually do hope to see Vermonters doing it, because I’d love to do so myself but don’t want to “stick out”, if that makes sense. It’s certainly possible, I think, because Vermonters in general tend to be pro gun, and there are gun retailers everywhere.

  60. For what it is worth I will state my opion on open carry . To each their own but I honestly see open carry as unnecessary . I feel it causes unnecessary stress to those around maybe especially kids who dont understand all the truths . I think all honest americans deserve to carry and reserve that right to protect those they love themselves and all innocent lives near them but I feel it should be carried discreetly and effectively not out for all to see . When I see someone open carry I see them as a fool and the first target for someone looking to use a weapon to kill or to steal . I see someone who open carries as someone who feels like an egotistical cowboy trying to prove something but to me only proving they are foolish and ignorant to think they arent the first target and with that cant save anyone . Those are my opions and I am 100% pro gun and pro 2nd Amendment and support the right to carry !

  61. Gun owner for about 5 years, CHL holder for 4, recent NRA member, I live in Tx, which ser have the open carry law and honestly I would never literally carry simply because it paints a target for bad guys but also has a negative effect on civilians who are out and about. Let’s face it, the world is gotten crazier within the last few years and gun shooting happen. So seeing a person with a gun raises a flag in anyone’s mind. I’ve only seen two people openly carry. 1 was at a gas station so I thought nothing of it, the other was an elderly man pushing his father into a cafe. He had a glock 21. I noticed it before my mom did but when she mentioned it I simply told her it’s ok he’s within his right. The problem isn’t the law, it’s that people aren’t educated in the law but also we aren’t sure what mentality that person is in.

    I liked the article.

  62. I live in Tennessee, an open carry state. That said, i think we should all conceal carry. My thoughts are this, yes its legal, but why bring attention to yourself.

  63. I respect people who open carry. I chose not to because of the public phobia seeing a person carrying a pistol on your side. I conceal carry almost everywhere and I do not go into any establishment that post signs against carrying. Out of sight out of mind. Why make an unnecessary spectacle of a mwag. I carry for my own personal personal protection. If I were in a bank and a Robbery was in progress I would remain calm and not draw my weapon and make events possibly worse. That situation I would have to evaluate.

  64. MWAG – yes. Open carry – no. I have nothing against open carry but my personal preference is concealed. I don’t have to deal with gawkers, grabbers, or the occasional LEO as you did in your article. And should I have to, God forbid, draw my weapon in what could be a life or death encounter, I want the other guy to be surprised.

  65. I live in Indiana, where the firearm permit is a “License to carry handgun,” and does not specify concealed or open. Both are legal. That said, you don’t see a lot of Hoosiers carrying openly, at least not around where I live. The only time I’ve carried openly was when my Oath Keepers group guarded a local Armed Forces Recruiting Center following the terrorist attack on the recruiting center and Navy/Marine Corps Reserve center in Chattanooga, TN in 2015. Open carry in that instance acted as a deterrent, and local law enforcement quickly became our friends as daytime crime in the immediate area dropped to zero very quickly.

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  67. I agree with the message here and I feel that this applies to anyone who decides to carry a weapon concealed or openly. I do however respectfully disapprove of the act of open carry. Primarily because too many people that carry open do not exhibit this demeanor. And as incidents that you’ve described are evident, the public is just not receptive. You had overall positive encounters with the officers. But the individual that made the phone call in the first place is no more the wiser. It reflects poorly on gun owners as a whole in my opinion. I’ve also witnessed personally occasions where my own children and others have seen a MWAG and referred to him as a police officer just because he was wearing a handgun. That makes me uncomfortable. Furthermore, I believe in the 2nd amendment whole heartedly. But it wasn’t put in place for the purpose of self defense. And let’s just be honest. Not everyone has the necessary mentality or skill set to carry a weapon in a public environment. While I do believe every law abiding citizen should have the right to purchase and possess the weapon of their choice, I do not believe they should all be carrying that weapon out into the street. While self defense classes are encouraged within the shooting community, all the public ever sees is you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to all of us if we said hey you know we understand that this makes some people uncomfortable, and we’re willing to educate ourselves and take necessary steps to be responsible and respectful citizens with the public’s safety at heart.
    Just my opinion

  68. As a 20 year ffl holder, le dealer and constant conceled carry for 10 years, I am opposed to open carry. It fosters the wrong image to too many people and I don’t think you need to carry at the family picnic or kids birthdays, both of which I’ve witnessed. Keep up the good work! BD

  69. I personally choose not to open carry, to carry concealed, for a few reasons. But I do appreciate people’s freedom to choose to carry how they think is best. Whether we open carry or concealed carry, as much as we can we need to carry ourselves in a way that will change peoples preconceived ideas of what we “crazy Right-Wing gun nuts” actually are. Lol We are normal everyday polite, friendly, honest, helpful citizens. Let’s leave any chip that may be on our shoulders at home. Go above and beyond to extend kindness and a helpful hand. News media and politicians can say what they want. But we can prove that narrative wrong by our own actions.

  70. we need to change the perception of a ccw carrier in the Commiewealth of Massachusetts,I realize the implications of the “other side” seeing my weapon in public. that stated, the US constitution needs to be adhered to. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

  71. Great article, and thank you for posting it.

    I spent much of my life in Tennessee, and when their handgun carry permit came into being, I did what was required to get one. I carried concealed for about 4 years even though I didn’t have to. I finally got “brave” going to Subway, and nothing happened. Then, well, being from Tennessee, I did Walmart on a slow day. Nothing happened. So, after that, I carried openly almost exclusively. So did my wife (AND SHE WENT BACK TO WEARING TIGHT JEANS, AGAIN . . . WIN-WIN). The ONLY time I was ever approach by an officer was to ask about where I got the carry rig I had which turned quickly into “what’s a 10mm?” We ended up shooting together a lot over the years.

    I really thank the author for bringing this subject up. I was criticized by some, as was my wife, for openly carrying. I heard all the tactical reasons, and that I would be shot first by the bad guy. My feeling was always that the bad guy is either going to shoot everyone anyway OR he’s thinking “I’ll let the nice couple with the scuffed up modified tactical guns leave before I go in” (eh, why not?).

    What I would like to see more of is States allowing open carry, and PEOPLE DOING IT! I heard a man speak on this, and it really rang in my ears. If more good AND NORMAL people carried openly, daily, then guns become a “normal” thing. Good people have guns. Nice people have guns. Helpful people have guns . . . AND ON THEM AT THE TIME. If we break that fear of MWAG and we make that JAMWAG (just another MWAG) then maybe we help the next generation see guns as both normal and our right of protection.

  72. Where I live, the banks post no firearm signs. Some have a double set of locked doors where you have to be buzzed through. Sorry, but even though it is legal, I do not agree with open carry and would never personally carry that way. I am very use to conceal carry but, even I get nervous around someone that is open carrying, for a couple of reasons. First, just the fact that I do not know that person or their intentions. Second, it puts a bad light on defensive carry for people that do not understand why someone should be entitled to protect themselves. And those people vote. I do not want to give them a bad experience to reflect on when they do cast their ballot. I would much prefer trying to educate the public regarding personal protection. Something that I feel the “gun community” (I hate that term) could do a much better job of doing.

  73. Open carry brings a lot of problems according to the writer above. If an mwag stumbles into an armed robbery he or she will face immediate problems. The robbers may have the upper hand seeing the open carry as a LEO and take action. Arriving LEO’s may see the open carry as the robber/immediate threat with very few kind words of inquiry. You may get shot by a rookie or a not so rookie and you don’t get to pick. Depending on the neighborhood you may be seen as an opportunity for someone to get a weapon. My suggestion, don’t. Go CCW and avoid being a poster child for the Anti gun groups. There is no great need to be served by open carry. Be the gray man or woman Preppers discuss. Avoid being a target. Think…

  74. Since concealed carry is allowed in these situations with the possible exception of the bank, I am at a complete loss as to the purpose of this sort of antagonism… and that is exactly what it is. Concealed would have prevented all of these taxpayer funded confrontations and allowed the police to do their intended jobs. Repeated actions like this are simply inexcusable. I can proudly state that, though armed every day, no one has ever called the police to investigate me. It is disturbing that such a need for attention distracts from the efforts of well intended gun owners.

  75. This is the very reason I am mildly against “open carry”. As a retired LEO I have responded to similar calls. Because I too am a MWAG I was cautious but friendly. No harm no foul. However it ties up ploice resourses. I see no need. Yes, in many areas it is legal and yes “to bear arms” is a Constitutional right. However, in my opinion it is unnessary for the most part. Yes, the open carry may cause criminals to seek a different victim, but a serious thug will just just kill you first. Mr. Bibby says he carries his firearm in a level 3 retention holster. Good for him. He shows that he is rightly protecting against an attemped pistol “snatch” from a criminal. However, most of those I see carrying openly are carrying in cheap open top holsters that almost any one wanting to could at least attempt to snatch said pistol. I often wonder if for many “open carry” persons , this is a status symbol showing how”prepared”they are. Concealed carry won’t cause any of these problems. Flaunting your “Constitutional rights” in this manner seems unnecessary to this NRA member. You are free to disagree.

  76. I don’t care what I look like, unless I’m committing a crime, there is no need for me to have interaction with a police officer unless it is a friendly conversation. No exceptions. Fortunately, I live in a Florida county that has a sheriff that tells us to arm ourselves and his deputies and municipal officers follow his lead. A person with a gun is not a criminal. A person committing a crime is. Kautauing to frightened government fools leads us on a path to totalitarianism. And, the bank manager would get am earful before I left.

  77. Open carry in today’s culture of “mass murder” definitely can draw a quick biased response, resulting in similar scenarios. As a retired military veteran and former police officer with continued regular range time and training, such a bold posture is not to be taken lightly! In other words, you had better have the skill to support the signal you are sending, and those skills should be covertly displayed and not worn on one’s sleeve or like a chip on the shoulder. Confidence in your craft, through training, is totally different than arrogance by the individual who is openly packing the nicest piece just because “he or she can”! Having choice is a freedom, it’s how we choose to execute that choice determines whether we will remain free; Think about that. “SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM”

  78. I have had my concealed carry license since it has been allowed, here in TX. That said I have been covered when I carry. I don’t oppose open carry but I don’t know if I would. I think I will keep it the way it is for now.

  79. in this day and age , i would rather be carrying and not need , rather than be not carrying and need , GOD FORBID !!!

  80. yes’ But most people panic when they see a gun, Then when they call the cops and it can get blown out of proportion! some rookie cop gets nervous you could be dead!

  81. I live in Kansas, a state in which open and concealed carry without a license is allowed. You can get a CCH permit if you want to take advantage of reciprocity with other states, but it’s not necessary to carry in Kansas. I am for licensed carry because that generally means you’ve gone through some sort of training. I am a little uncomfortable with unlicensed concealed (or open) carry because it does not guarantee you know how to handle your weapon. We haven’t seen many ill effects of unlicensed carry that I’m aware of, but the majority of people I discuss this with agree with me on the matter. Personally I have a CCH permit, will continue to renew it and am glad I went through the training because I did learn a few new things in the process. Either way I’m happy to live in a 2A freedom-loving state that allows carrying, suppressors, and the ability to go full-auto if you want. Now if we could only get some firearms industry to move here….just my 2 cents. Keep fighting the good fight my brothers and sisters-in-arms.

  82. How do you think those same scenarios would’ve played out if you were Black? Same situations, same courteous demeanor, same sense of fashion. As most (not all) officers have preconceived notions of black men and are already afraid. It’s my opinion you would not be here to tell this story or it at the very least would be told differently.

  83. I’m happy you had a happy ending but as a Black Disabbled Viet Nam Veteran. But if I was to try thing like ur talking about. I was a Police Officer before becoming a NYBRAVEST for 6 years. And as much I wanna agree with you. But I’m sorry I’m still seen as a Bad guy first before a Good guy. You don’t have to agree with me but I’m just putting the truth out there.

  84. Open carry in a bank?

    I hope you are not as irresponsible as you seem.

    You are lucky not to have been ventilated. Or suffered sudden weight gain.

  85. Lots of problems with open carry

    I was a cop for many years and the chief specified the gun be concealed when we were in plainclothes- and the rule was carry the gun always. We never got an armed citizen call it was man with a gun. ninety nine times out of one hundred the man with a gun call was trouble and bad actors. You are really playing against the percentage to waste a cops time. If I had had more than one brush with Open Carry perhaps I would change my habits. Carrying a GM .45 or short barrel .357 concealed isn’t a problem with the proper leather. I never carry openly unless I am hunting. Old habits die hard but public safety health and professionalism are part of those habits.
    All officers DO NOT have good attitudes. That is a fallacy. About eighty per cent do their job the best they can ten per cent do above and beyond and ten per cent more have absolutely no business wearing a badge. Anyone who is or has been an LEO must realize this!

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