Intuit’s Policies on Firearms Business Don’t Add Up for 2A Companies

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Intuit is most commonly known as  the maker of Quickbooks, Quicken and TurboTax. However, when it comes to Intuit’s online business accounting platform that processes credit card payments, Intuit has proven itself not to be very intuitive when it comes to firearms-related businesses. In fact, it has gone so far as to shut down the credit card processing services of firearms related businesses.

Intuit TurboTax logo
You would think that the company that started Quickbooks, TurboTax, and Quicken would be better at making things add up.

The Mountain View, California-based company, is spinning in circles after being questioned about the recent denial of service to two firearms-related businesses. Honor Defense, a Georgia-based handgun maker, and Gunsite Academy, a premier firearms training facility in Arizona, found themselves at a loss for financial services when Intuit recently shut off their accounts. Intuit stopped, reversed, and even held money that was in transit from customers. It did it without warning. Now, Intuit is offering competing reasons for why these things happened.

Ken Campbell, of Gunsite Academy, told the New York Post, they were dumped because Intuit believed they were selling firearms directly to customers. That’s not the case of course. Gunsite completes all sales through dealers that hold federal firearms licenses and conducts FBI National Instant Criminal Background System checks (NICS). Gunsite had just switched to Intuit when their service was abruptly halted. Intuit didn’t accept the explanation.

The same happened with Gary Ramey, president of Honor Defense. Funds were frozen, and his company had to scramble to recover money from their customers. “It’s a reality, small business is the backbone of America, and financial institutions are infusing personal bias into their decisions,” Ramey explained.

This is hardly new. Montana Tactical, a small brick-and-mortar store, suffered the same discrimination. It was the same story for The Gun Cabinet, Inc., in Conroe, Texas. There are plenty more.

Intuit said that it doesn’t discriminate against firearms business. It said it just requires sales to be conducted face-to-face. Except, Montana Tactical got a notice that their business was being cut off for Internet-based sales and because they sold gunpowder.

Intuit spokesperson Heather McLellan explained that companies agree to the terms of service, and if they can’t operate within the agreement, they reach out to the companies to explore solutions or work to transition them off Intuit’s service.

McLellan explained that their banking partner, J.P. Morgan Chase, requires all sales to be done in person—but that’s not true. A very reliable source told me that J.P. Morgan denies Intuit’s blame-shifting excuse and is not pleased.

You would think that the company that started Quickbooks, TurboTax, and Quicken would be better at making things add up.

Why do you think Intuit is targeting firearms businesses? Share your answer in the comment section.

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  2. Really Seattle, how did the NRA even enter into the question. I never saw the NRA even mentioned in the article.

    THE ISSUE IN QUESTION IS a financial organization (Intuit) DISCRIMINATING against and HARMING small businesses and their customers that are operating within the laws of their state and this nation.

    Sounds like in your book DISCRIMINATION is A-OK.

    1. Hey, guess what? Discrimination against a person or organization is perfectly legal. The NRA discriminates against Democrats in every single election when they give money to Republicans, and no money to people on the left. There are lots of us on the Far Left who own guns, enjoy shooting them, and agree with Karl Marx that the proletariat must be well armed, and skilled in their use. I mean really, how are we going to seize the means of production otherwise.

      So yeah, as long as the NRA is an extension of the Republican Party, expect good people to oppose businesses who support the NRA.

  3. I have used Intuit’s products for years but gladly will take my business elsewhere, to a company that understands American ideals. Let us meet injustice with the justice of unity. God bless the USA!

  4. It’s sad so many people are so ignorant about our country and our Constitution. The 2nd amendment gives us the right to defend ourselves. If a person like Seattle socialist choses not to exercise that right, they are exercising the right to become a victim. The police aren’t here to protect you. You are responsible for your own safety. Exercise your rights.BTY, we are a Republic fighting socialisism.

    1. Wow, how clueless are you? Of course I exercise my right to keep and bear arms. I’ve been shooting since I was a kid, and a pretty good shot.. Karl Marx was very clear that the proletariat must be armed, and proficient in their use. How else will they rise up, kill their bosses, and seize the means of production? I oppose the NRA because I am a Socialist, and oppose all groups on the Fascist Right, especially those groups that support the Traitor Trump.

  5. I believe Intuit may breaking the law. The DOJ needs to investigate and prosecute, if necessary. If Intuit doesn’t want to work with firearms related business, they should clearly disclose that in their customer agreement. Holding funds is a banking issue…J.P. Morgan may be “guilting the lily” too. Investigate, investigate, investigate.

  6. The only solution is Boycott, Boycott and boycott. This company is home based in Commiefornia which should tell you all something. It’s time to Boycott all California business and let the liberals swim in their own mess they created by voting for the Gestapo!

  7. BOA refuses to do business with a gun shop, at least they did in Bodfish California according to a gun shop owner here. It wasn’t his credit, he was told it was the business he was in.

  8. While I agree with Intuit’s decision, I wish they had a more robust response when questioned about it. They should have simply said that they are more interested in attracting the business of the growing number of Americans who oppose the NRA as a domestic terrorist organization, and would gladly sacrifice the business of the small number of extremists that support the NRA. They should have said they will gladly take the business of anyone in the firearms trade that openly opposes the NRA, but will no longer care for the business of those extremists who support the NRA.

    1. Really, NRA is extremist, paying 9/ hr employees 15/hr is the ultimate definition of extremism!!

    2. No, they should have said they were more interested in business from an increasing number of ignorant Americans, who know nothing of the NRA except what their elitist handlers tell them (you too), with virtually no understanding of the 2nd Amendment and the importance it has to the preservation of the Constitution (and your rights). Try hard to think for yourself, and do your homework and really find out for yourself what the NRA really stands for.

    3. Interesting, since you think I am ignorant, what law school did you take Constitutional Law from, and what university do you have a degree in American History from? I see, just another ignorant ammosexual who confuses his opinions for facts. Smile, we will destroy the NRA!

      BTW – Dick’s is doing great in the face of the gun-humper’s boycott, and selling lots of Yeti coolers to sportsmen and women who hate the NRA!

    4. pathetic and evidence of the stupidity that followers of Marx exhibit.

      Folks that purdue that line of thinking should be banned from owning weapons of any kind.

      Cuba would be a nice place for you to move to. MArxism has no place in the US of A.

    5. Gee Alan, I see you stopped banging your sister long enough to spew your barely literate opinion. How many years did it take you to pass 9th grade?

      BTW – Intuit, Yeti, and Dick’s have all seen their profits go up since they showed the NRA the contempt they deserved! Oh, and we passed some impressive gun control to day, here in the Soviet of Washington.

    6. Seattle Socialists, please crawl back under your rock and the slime that you call home(WA) state. You idiot socialists have ruined the entire Western Seaboard, with you insane marxists ideology, and liberal agenda.You don’t deserve the freedoms, that thousands of Americans have given their lives for, and your obvious disdain for America and what she stands for. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

    7. Why would I go away? I’m so looking forward to Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats investigating the NRA’s ties to Russian military intelligence, and how the NRA illegally laundered Russian money into elections to help the Fascist GOP. Hell, just laughing at how you clowns have been played by the GOP is worth hanging around for. Where’s that concealed carry reciprocity they were promising? Two years of complete GOP control, and they never passed it. What about suppressors? You got jack. The 1% sure for their giant tax cuts, that mean Social Security will certainly be gone when you get ready to retire, unless us Socialist save it for you. Smile, Donald Trump will be the last Republican president, and once we get control in 2020, expect to see all semi-automatic rifles becoming NFA weapons, and expect to see the price of all of those NFA stamps adjusted for inflation. Oh, and as Scalia said in _Heller_, anything short of a complete ban is fine in regards to the 2A.

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