Hi-Point Model 995 Review: Is it Worthy of “High Points?”

Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine on a wooden palate

I recently reviewed the Hi-Point C9 and was pleasantly surprised by its reliability. It raised my interest level in exploring some of Hi-Point’s other firearms. Hi-Point was kind enough to send a Model 995 to review. I’ll be darned! It looks like we have another reliable firearm on our hands.

Why grab a Pistol-Caliber Carbine (PCC)?

Some think PCCs are just range toys, but they are so much more. In my opinion, they make for solid home defense weapons and great SHTF weapons. Often found in more compact sizes than their larger counterparts make maneuvering in tight spaces and clearing rooms all the easier. Should there come a time when we see a SHTF scenario play out, you can share ammo between your handguns and carry more of it (from a space perspective). Oh yeah, and there’s the fact that grabbing a box of 9mm is going to be much easier on your wallet than the same amount of 5.56.

Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine atop the shipping box with accessories set to the side
Out of the box, you’re good to go. The 995 comes with a 10-round magazine, trigger lock, sling, and swivels.

Unboxing and First Thoughts

Opening the box at my FFL, I found a 10-round magazine, sling, swivels, and trigger lock in addition to the 995 itself. At the low price point the 995 hovers around, it was nice to see any extra accessories at all.

The 995 is not meant to be an ultra-light and compact carbine. It has some weight and bulkiness to it, but honestly doesn’t feel as bulky as it looks when you shoulder it. Even though there is plenty of polymer on this gun, it feels well-built. I was excited to get it out to the range stall.

Hi-Point 995 Features

Just because the 995 is affordable, doesn’t mean it lacks in the features department. Similar to what you’d find on other PCCs, the 995 has adjustable iron sights, picatinny rails, and a threaded barrel. Unlike the C9 I tested, this trigger is consistent with a predictable break.

One of the rather unique features is the skeletonized stock that contains an internal recoil buffer. It helps to absorb some of the minuscule recoil from the 9mm round. The funny thing, it pinched my cheek a couple times. After a small position change, it was fine. However, I was not expecting that to happen in the first place.

Rifle barrel with the threaded cap removed
A threaded barrel can be found on the 995, allowing you add a suppressor.

I always like to make a point to mention when firearms are made in the USA, and the Model 995 is 100% American-made and assembled. Just some icing on the cake at this price point.


Caliber: 9mm
Action: Semi-Automatic
Length: 31 inches
Weight: 6.25 pounds
Barrel Length: 16.5 inches
Barrel: Threaded (1/2 x 28)

Throwing Lead Down Range          

Luckily ammo prices are starting to normalize (slightly) again, so it hasn’t hurt too bad putting the 200 rounds through it that I have so far. The 995 has given me zero issues with FMJ or JHP rounds. The one area that I did have issues, but not technically malfunctions, was getting the magazine to fully seat. Oddly enough, the magazine would remain inserted as if it was, but it still needed that extra push.

Hi-Point 995 carbine atop a MTM Case-Gard rifle case
Since the 995 comes in a simple cardboard box, the author decided to transport it to and from the range in a hard rifle case from MTM Case-gard.

When it came to accuracy, I wound up having to work so out some kinks but found the gun to be average to slightly above average given the standard sights. My first several magazines were spent trying to slightly adjust the sights, but afterward, I was able to get roughly 3-inch groups at 15 yards indoors and was able to place shots on 8” gongs out to 40–50 yards.  

High Scores?

The time has come to give my final thoughts. Given the reliability and potential accuracy with some adjustment, I think the Hi-Point 995 is a solid, entry-level PCC to familiarize yourself with the platform. It has what you need out of the box to hit the range right away and leaves you with some money for ammo or accessories. If you’re looking at PCCs, it’s worth giving the Hi-Point 995 a look and weighing its features vs. cost.

What is your favorite 9mm carbine? How does it compare to the Hi-Point Model 995? Share your answers in the comment section.

  • sight picture of the Hi-Point 995 at an indoor range
  • Hi-Point 995 carbine atop a MTM Case-Gard rifle case
  • Rifle barrel with the threaded cap removed
  • Forend and accessories on the Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine
  • Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine atop the shipping box with accessories set to the side
  • Author's hand holding the grip for comparison
  • 10-round magazine with a 20-round Redball Sports magazine
  • Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine on a wooden palate
  • paper sight in target with 5 five-shot groups showing the performance at varying distances

About the Author:

Ryan Domke

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Comments (78)

  1. Let’s see. First time at the range with my shiny new 995, the firing pin bent and cracked after approx. 30 rounds. I made a call to HP and their customer service rep. said, “Not a problem, we’ll send you a new one, no charge.” Right answer! I’ll give HP high marks on that one.
    The next few times out at the range I had trouble getting the magazine to stay firmly seated in the mag well. This resulted in frequent failures to feed. I had heard the HP carbines are mag sensitive, so I purchased two additional mags from HP. The new mags are not only just as finicky to seat on loading as the original but will occasionally unseat themselves entirely and just spontaneously drop out the bottom of the weapon on firing.
    I cannot remember ever having fired a single magazine load of 10 rounds using any of the three magazines I now have that has not resulted in at least one malfunction. This is usually a failure to properly feed the 10th round in the magazine, but not always. This problem has remained consistent using many differing types of ammunition. So much for magazine issues.
    The charging handle refuses to stay in the bolt and works itself loose during firing. I have tried torquing it into place with a wrench significantly larger that the all-purpose disassembly tool provided by HP. I have tried Teflon tape in the threads, and when that failed to keep the handle in place, I tried the liberal application of Lock Tight. No Joy! The bolt handle will consistently work itself loose after about 10 rounds. If I am not observant and continually screw the thing back in place after every magazine is fired, the bolt handle will perform an unscheduled disassembly and high-speed parts relocation by the 20th round. This is an embarrassment at the range, and a thorough pain in the drain in a field of tall grass. Don’t ask me how I know.
    So, in summary the unit was busted right out of the box, is horribly unreliable and literally falls apart in normal use. FOR SALE 9mm Boat Anchor!

  2. Just received a 995 9mm from Hi-point. In the controversy of Canadians having their guns taken away, another option appears. Just supply a low cost gun that supposedly fires cheap ammo and build it so it doesn’t work…problem solved…enter the Hi-point 995 9mm carbine.. just for the canadian market you say? PITY!
    It’s made out of country…quality control is not an issue..There isn’t any!
    And no come back on a canadian company…

  3. I have had the pleasure of owning this carbine for a few years
    I have some clips that are very long that I purchased in NewHampshire
    I have so much fun with this weapon I put a golf ball on a tee at 75 yards and blew a hole right through it
    I like to shoot this and also have a SKS that’s fun weapon

  4. I have had a 995 for over 10 years. Accurate and reliable. Added a Hi Tower bull pup conversion. What a difference. Completely changes the 995 from a good gun to a great gun. You do still have a funky trigger, but once used to it, no impact on accuracy. Also shortened to just over 26”. If you have a 995 check them out!

  5. Ive got the 4595ts.
    After around 1000 rounds i tend to hafta replace recoil springs.
    They send new ones along with firing pins with springs each time… No questions except a address to send them.
    Mine has a scope n a laser.
    Tends to shoot well till recoil spring becomes week.

  6. A 995ts under the Christmas tree…! 300 rounds downrange, and I’ve already bought 2 more magazines, I really like shooting this gun…surprisingly accurate, runs fine, a small chore to breakdown but under 10 minutes to get there, $286.14 out the door…i’m going to test hollow points soon, and expect to add the gun to the HD…it just runs, and that is the bottom line…

  7. Gun snobs beware! I just shot mine for the first time and was impressed! Just functional and accurate! I put a tripod on it and had no problem putting the round exactly where I wanted at 50 yards with open sights. I really like the sights! I shot over 200 rounds with it and did have any problems feeding or ejection. Very smooth. Hi-Point, Smith & Wesson, Ruger. I have and love them all but for the price, heck regardless of price I this firearm rocks!

  8. I have several of the HP Carbines – and I think that they are not only one of the best value firearms out there – I think that they are an IDEAL choice for someone interested in getting their first firearm and celebrating their 2A rights while they still have them…
    They are fun and easy to shoot…
    With the pistol ammo, much cheaper than a rifle…
    And are a solid home defense option if needed.
    And it’s worth noting that not only are they made in the US, but they also have a LIFETIME WARRANTY and great service backing it. Any issues – let them know! I’ve heard of them repairing firearms over 20 years old…

  9. My .45 is reliable and accurate. Bought it when they first came out. It’s the one the girls like to shoot at the range.

  10. I bought a Marlin Camp9 carbine *many* years ago and still have and love it. I also have an early Hi-Point 9mm that runs very well, and I’ll look for a higher capacity mag on their site, in addition the the two standard mags I have.

  11. Bought one a while back and all I can say is it made me want a real gun it jams frequently and it’s a pistol round so. Atleast I sold it for what I paid for it

  12. I got one in 10mm it’s pretty dang accurate ugly but it functions I use it when I’m out riding atv or buggy at the farm wished they made bigger mags for it

  13. I have owned a 9 mm since they were first introduced. The original stock left a lot to be desired, BUT. ATF offered a replacement stock that emulated the Beretta Carbine. Mine does not have a rail And I would like the ability to mount a red dot and light for home defense. As everyone has mentioned, this carbine just goes bang. My groups are far smaller than posted here and one can easily hit a 3” disc at 50 yards with every round. I think it is a perfect home defense weapon for recoil adverse shooters. If you can’t dissuade intruders with 10 rounds from a rifle, you need to go back to the range. I now have a 223 bullpup and have relegated the Hi Point to back up status. But if I needed to use it, I would have complete confidence it would do the job.

  14. I have a “gen1” 995 that I got to play with years ago. When the new stile stock came out I got that one and put it on. I kept the old stock and still have it. I am not sure how many rounds have gone through it but lots. It has at one time or another it has had a laser, light, red dot as well as the original sights. I lost the original sights several years ago somewhere and had decided to put the original back on. Had to call Hi-Point to try to order some and when I told the nice lady my problem, gave her my serial number and other information she said it was guaranteed and it would not cost me anything to replace them. They cane in a few days and are now on the gun. Only problem I have with the gun is it’s weight. Over the years ( I am now 76 years old and lost some of my strength due to health issues) it seems to get heaver like all of my rifles have done. Now days I shoot for fun. I have not been hunting or shot competition for a long time now. But get the same thrill from tin cans.
    BTW they now have a large capacity mag on the Hi-Point web sight for sale.

  15. I have a “gen1” 995 that I got to play with years ago. When the new stile stock came out I got that one and put it on. I kept the old stock and still have it. I am not sure how many rounds have gone through it but lots. It has at one time or another it has had a laser, light, red dot as well as the original sights. I lost the original sights several years ago somewhere and had decided to put the original back on. Had to call Hi-Point to try to order some and when I told the nice lady my problem, gave her my serial number and other information she said it was guaranteed and it would not cost me anything to replace them. They cane in a few days and are now on the gun. Only problem I have with the gun is it’s weight. Over the years ( I am now 76 years old and lost some of my strength due to health issues) it seems to get heaver like all of my rifles have done. Now days I shoot for fun. I have not been hunting or shot competition for a long time now. But get the same thrill from tin cans.

  16. My wife bought a 995 at a gun show in pcb Florida. For the price you can’t beat it. It shoots accurate after some adjustments but overall a fun gun to shoot. And the ammo is way cheaper than my ar 15 rifles.

  17. About 20 years ago my Border Patrol station (El Cajon) was right across the street from an indoor gun range. They gave PAs a discounted rate, so a number of would stop by after shift for target practice. They had a 995 in their rental rack which seemed to be pretty popular with shooters. I was curious about it, so one day I asked the counter man for a look at it. When I asked him about the take-down he told me “I don’t know. I’ve never had to take it apart. All I ever do is wipe it down, swab the bore, and squirt some CLP in it.” Now, this gun had been burning beaucoup ammo for at least six months, and was running like a champ with that minimal level of maintenance. I was impressed.

    Sixteen years ago I picked up the .40 version. It still chugs along nicely. I’m not wild about the proprietary magazines, but I can live with it. The finish didn’t hold up well, but nothing a little steel wool and engine block paint can’t fix. As I recall, it was $206 out the door of a pawnshop in Carlsbad, NM. Money well spent!

  18. I had one of these for several years. It sort of served it’s purpose, that of firing 9mm rounds, but I found it bulky and unwieldy at best. WAY too much polymer all over, and all that weight and the weird spring in the stock did nothing to alleviate recoil. It is anything but sleek or easy to carry and handle. Also it comes with proprietary 10 round mags which are the only mags that really work in the thing. I worked for a firearms distributor at the time, and tried an aftermarket “20 round magazine”, which was actually 2 ten round mags molded together which were inverted. So 10 rounds could be fired, then the thing would have to be removed, and then reinserted after flipping it around, charged again before firing. A very cumbersome setup which made the entire experience of using the carbine literally the same as using their 10 round mags, and just a bit worse. If one wants a REAL sling, then the plastic has to be milled in front to accept a swivel. A real chore just to be able to fit a decent sling to it instead of the awful nylon strap it comes with. The sights were lousy, the accuracy was questionable, the sheer bulk of the thing made no sense and added to the overall rotten experience and clunky looks of the thing. So after a few years of TRYING to like it, I traded it for cash at a pawn shop and got about what I had payed for it initially, then went and got a Ruger PC9. Difference between them is like night and day. The old saying, “you get what you pay” for holds true again, as always.

  19. Hi points are great. The are a fantastic value gun. They will shoot and shoot and shoot. Smart choice for anyone paying attention.

  20. I bought a highpoint 45 acp carbine from a hock shop in north carolina . its sisters up nicely with my glock 21 . I love them feel of them gun ( kinda reminds me of the slug thompson ) bulky but manages/tames any 45 acp recoil . I love my “small” capacity 40 round mags . a all day sucker so to speak . I’d definately recommend this weapon to those looking for a blast and a “blaster” for nothing hits like a 230 grain hard baller . peace…..

  21. I’m glad you gave this review of the Hi Point 995. I knew they Had to have some redeeming qualities and the way it was described as an “Entry Level” PCC was the best way.

    I bought my PCC back in 1988 and Boy am I glad I did! Because now my model B UZI Carbine is worth Triple what I paid. It came equipped with two 25 rd mags. It’s a breeze to Field Strip & clean and will digest everything from 90 gr fmj to 147 gr jhp’s with flawless cycling and Impressive accuracy.

  22. I love this 995 it is very accurate out to 100 yards. I only wish hi point would make it in different calibers like the 41 mag 44 mag I would definitely buy those calibers

  23. I have one of each caliber carbine Hi-Point makes. Nice guns for the price! Lots of fun to shoot. Great value!

  24. If you spent good money, it is dark, shiny and new, you ate at local buffet and have left a poo then you have the quality, style and strength of a Hi-point.

  25. Did a side by side comparison between my CZ scorpion EVO 3 carbine and my 995 and at 35 yards the 995 produced tighter groups using same ammo.

  26. Contrary to previous posts, I consider my 10 mm pretty aggressive! Attached a foregrip and barrel tip, it hangs at the ready along with my 12 gauge semi and GSG replica 9mm MP-40. Options with superior firepower are always important.

  27. Great article. I purchased one a few years ago for $280+tax. Wasn’t completely satisfied with a 10 rnd mag, so, I bought a 20 rnd Red Ball magazine. I’ve only had issues with the ammo being used in it. I like the idea that this gun can have an alternate configuration. It really is a fun gun to shoot and many friends have enjoyed firing it. One friend gave me a hard time because it’s a Highpoint, but he didn’t have anything negative to say about the 995.

  28. I too have shot this Hi Point carbine and I will tell you it is a tac driver!

    I have a Feather AT-9 that is a great carbine and accurate.

  29. I too have shot this Hi Point carbine and I will tell you it is a tax driver!

    I have a Feather AT-9 that is a great carbine and accurate.


  31. I love my 995 it’s my beater. However I have found my beretta storm cx4, 9mm carbine to be the better rifle. It cost twice as much but you do get what you pay for.

  32. Have the 10mm, absolutely love it!! Erroneously, didn’t find the cocking handle. Hi-Point customer service quickly shipped me a replacement at no cost. Wonderful service!!

  33. great gun… impossible to clean though… this was a good gun for the money in the beginning… now, not so much!

  34. I bought one in 9mm. Came with 3-10rd mags & I bought a 25rd mag as well. Have had trouble getting all the mags to load correctly. Keeps trying to push the round downward. Has anyone else had this trouble. Tried rearranging rounds in mag but no luck.

  35. I have 4595 love it shoots good I have several factory mags but I love the redball 20 mags. Seats well lastshot open bolt. I added a forward grip with led light. Added green dot. Also changed charging bolt oem little small and ruff on hand. Inexpensive does not mean cheap

  36. My wife and I have several of these sweet little carbines, 9mm and 38acp (2 houses and a camper). I was first exposed to them when a family member bought one and let me play with it. I was immediately taken by functionality and quickly forgot about looks. We want to add 40 and 10 calibers to our collection. I say collection because we don’t really need them.
    I recommend getting one next time you have an opportunity.

  37. I have owned a 995TS for 6 years, have put several thousand rounds down range with it. It is always fun to shoot, never jams and consistent on accuracy. I own 14 firearms and this is always a favorite to shoot and like stated in article 9mm is cheaper to shoot than 5.56(which I own two AR-15 Carbines and 1 AR-15 Pistol) You can not go wrong with the purchase of this carbine. For the Hi-Point haters, get off your high horse and try shooting one for yourselves, you will be surprised!

  38. My only complaint is the small capacity mags. I would like to see something in a 17 0r 20 round mag. I know there are larger cap mags, but they stick way out of the bottom.

  39. I have a first gen 995 (Planet Of The Apes gun)
    It hits where aimed, Goes bang every time, and comfortable.
    I always laugh at the gun snobs, who think you gotta have a
    really expensive gun, for it to be any good.

  40. Long before the PCC craze really hit, I put a min. bid on a Beretta CX4 to match with my PX4 Pistol: siblings! Weeks went by and I forgot. At a gun show I saw the 995 and said what the heck! Got home with an email I had won the min. price CX4 ($650 I think). So now I have two PCC’s I wouldn’t part with. Nowadays, you can buy one modern PCC for the prices I paid. But I can hit the same targets reliably dual wielding mine, too.

  41. My friends at the range call it my “Planet of the Apes” gun when I take it there but it is a blast to shoot and with the laser and light I have on mine it is a good home defensive weapon. it is also easy to just throw n the truck when going out to hear noises in the fields. My son calls it my poor man’s MP 5. Don’t know if I would go that far but it is a nice piece and has it’s place in the collection.

  42. I have 2 of these and found them to be very reliable. I had a 3rd of the old style and fired at least 500 rounds thru it with no problems. I added a red dot to mine which makes them very cool and purchased extra mags as one 10 round mag doesnt cut it.

  43. I bought the .40 cal version when it first came out a couple decades ago with the original style stock. When the current design stock came out I ordered one $40.00 No shipping charge. The Forty is quite accurate, I can keep it on a pie plate sized target at 100yds. Gotta admit the gun is ugly, make a train take a dirt road ugly. But it works like it should, hits what I aim at. Back the it was just under $200 New. Have since added a red dot, bolt on muzzle break and Dura Coated it Black as original finish wasn’t that durable. Ugliest gun I ever Loved!

  44. Great to see this review. I am a huge fan of my 45 ACP version (model 4595) of this carbine. I also happen to own a JHP45 as well, so they share both ammo AND mags. I removed the iron sights on both ends and added a red dot optic, laser, light and a front grip. I also recently added the dual magazine clip accessory which attaches to the stock. I love this carbine. I know that Hi-Point gets a bad rap sometimes but I love that they are 100% American made, affordable and for me? They function flawlessly. Maybe their guns are a little bulky and there ARE more accurate guns out there (often, for much higher prices), but I love my carbine and can consistently bang 6” gongs at 40-yards—more than enough accuracy for any home defense situations. I added the 14-round magazine and a suppressor as well, and now this thing is packin heat! More than worth the money; great fun at the range; and it rests snugly in my home defense rack…right next to my 12-guage.

  45. I have the 4095 and after getting tired of the aftermarket parts I spent money on the hightower bullpup stock. This makes it versatile enough for use as a trunk gun or home defense. Also purchased the 15rd mags.

  46. I have a Hi-Point 4595 (.45 caliber). Absolutely reliable. Shoots every kind of ammo without fail. I have never had a FTF or FTE. I use 9 and 20 round magazines. Decent accuracy and easy to use. The recoil is very light.

  47. I have 2 one in 9mm and one in 45acp. I have never had a problem with them they maybe cheap and some gun people laugh at highpoint but I think it is reliable only down side I have with it is the capacity it could have be double stacked mags.

  48. I’ve used my Marlin 9mm camp carbine for going on forty years. Easy to shoot, handle and maintain. Useful for smaller and lighter shooters. Okay for left and right handed shooters (we are a mixed family). Backpacking, campground/RV and home defense are best uses. For me, having a PCC with a compatible pistol magazine is the big seller. My S&W 469 and the Marlin camp carbine use the same magazines. Can’t top that for utility or SHTF.

  49. I bought mine a few years ago and it fires today just as it did when I got it
    You can get a bigger clip for it also
    Thank you for your post

  50. I own a High Point carbine and pistol chambered for 45acp. Have had them for years with no problems. They both “eat” any ammo I put in them. Great ATV and truck guns so I don’t ding up the more expensive brands. Always function weather clean or dirty. I broke a rear sight on the pistol and customer service sent a new one immediately. You can’t beat the price or reliability and they are American made. Thanks for a great review.

  51. I’ve had a Hi Point in .45acp for years. It shot 2” groups at 20 yds right out of the box and has held that all this time. Yes it’s a little heavy, but that being said, the recoil in .45 is almost nil. At $300 it was an awesome buy and I would recommend this (and have!) to anyone!

  52. I bought one a number of years ago for various reasons. I have never had a problem with it and it eats everything I feed it. It is not a tack driver, but it was never made to be one and is accurate enough for most things. The rear sight on mine is pretty small, but works. I added a flash hider and plan on trying out a red-dot on it in the future.

  53. I have a 995 and love it
    It is fun to shoot and has been quite accurate
    Never a miss fire or any problems
    Ended up adding a reflex sight to it and it is always right on
    Would recommend it to anyone looking for a PCC

  54. I have the 45 caliber highpoint carbine and it’s a very reliable weapon… have Not had any issues..great value and shoots straight..I recommend

  55. I have owned one of these since they first came out on the market. I guess I should have waited a bit since mine does not have the threaded barrel. I added a compensator to mine though as well as some 15 round mags and a holo sight. I love it. It shoots very nicely and I also own two of the C9’s. BTW, all of the mags from the 995 fit in the C9, securely, and fire without misfeeds or jams. The C9 mag will not fit in the 995 though, too short. That was an awesome find on my part. The gun store I bought the three from was not aware of this capability until I brought it to their attention (the guns being new at the time). They did test to verify and have been selling the 10 and 15 round mags as an upsell for both guns ever since. So no need to carry extra mags (8 round) for your C9 so long as you have plenty of 10/15 round ones for your 995.

  56. I’ve owned a total of 3 high point 995s each in a different stock. They are a great deal and lot of fun to take to the range. I get about paper plate accuracy at 100yards which is good enough.

  57. I have owned a 995TS for about 8 years and have logged considerable range time with it. I have found it to be reliable enough to occupy one of the spots in my home defense closet (also since it shares ammo with my sidearm of choice). Not being a big fan of the stock sights, I removed the front site post and stock rear sight, replacing them with a red dot and AR 45 degree pop up back up sights. Other mods include a compensator, angled fore grip and a flashlight.

    It’s accurate enough to put everything in the 10 ring at 25 yards indoors firing offhand. At about 40 yard outside it scored hits on all six 8 inch plates, rapid fire. Handing it over to my buddy to duplicate the feat ended up with his comment being “that’s almost too easy.” Felt recoil is next to nothing especially with the compensator and everything I’ve fed it with has gone bang without a complaint.

    The mags do take a bit of attention to insert correctly as the author states, and are a bit on the flimsy side. Disassembly for cleaning is also not the easiest but not required often to maintain serviceable status.

    Another thing worth mentioning along with the made in the US is the warranty. Hi-Point has a lifetime warranty (except for abuse and use of unapproved mags that can damage the feed ramps) not only for the original owner, but every owner, no questions asked, just send it back for repair.

    All in all it deserves more respect than the inexpensive price point usually bestows, and it is a lot of fun to shoot.

  58. I purchased a 4095 four years ago. First thing I did was place a red dot scope on it. I originally bought it to use as a truck slash atv gun but one of my granddaughters likes shooting it so much I normally just leave it in the house. We have ran a lot of ammo through it with zero problems. At fifty yards you do not want to piss her off.

    1. Richard, We are in Texas. However, to ship any gun to Illinois, you would still have to have a valid FOID card. The gun ships to a local FFL and your FOID would be checked there as well. ~Dave

  59. I bought one of these a few years back for my son when he was 16. He has muscular dystrophy. In his case weak shoulders and chest. He was afraid of recoil from a higher caliber than his 22. The internal recoil pad worked great. His first shot you could tell he was nervous about to pull the trigger. After that a giant smile and he says it feels lighter than his 22. He has since added a red dot site and the extra clips that can mount on the stock. He refers to it as his Reaper !!!

  60. I would like to know the prices of your guns. I never see a selling priceon them. I’m retired. Thank you

  61. I purchased my 995 and put a red dot optics on right away. Is very accurate at 50-70. Would recommend it to anyone wanting a PCC.

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