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Black SIG P290 with boxes of ammo on a wood plank background

Range Reports

SIG’s Light 9mm, the P290

The SIG P290 is a great pistol for personal defense: it is light, compact, functional, smooth in operation and accurate enough for the task at hand. Discover how it performed at the range and get all the details about the features and functions by reading this post.

Late Model P229 with Modern Light Rail for attaching a combat light on a white background, barrel pointed to the left.

Range Reports

Range Report: SIG Sauer’s Best Pistol—the P229

The SIG SAUER P229 is powerful, reliable, accurate and useful in 3 calibers. It follows in the high quality tradition of the SIG line, with double-action, high combat-worthy sights and an unusual versatility that makes it the best SIG SAUER pistol yet. Read this post for complete details and a range report.

The SIG P226 Navy Model


Range Report: The Navy Model P226, MK 25

This handgun has been in every hot spot on earth with our sailors and Navy Seals. To many of us this is the bottom line: the operator. While the mechanics of firearms are interesting and well worth anyone’s study, it is the people who use the firearms that are most interesting. As such, the SIG Navy Model P226 MK 25 is a handgun that is approached with reverence. It has been used in many actions, including an operation that was among the most important and successful anti-terrorist operation of all time. Read more about this legendary handgun at The Shooter’s Log at

Black grip Colt Series 70 in Gunsite Omega holster in bright rusty brown on a belt

Range Reports

Which Model Colt 1911 is For Me?

The long-used and admired Colt 1911 has been updated in the reintroduced Colt Series 70. From the high end finishes to the attractive price point, the Colt Series 70 comes out of the box ready to go with no break in period and is a shooter’s delight. Read this post for all the details and specifications.

All black SIG P938 9mm subcompact handgun

Range Reports

9mm SIG Sauer P938 Review

The SIG Sauer P938 and I had a torrid love affair, but it was just enough to know we definitely need a second date. SIG’s P938 is a locked breech, tilting barrel single-action only semi-automatic sub-compact handgun chambered in 9mm. I really like the fact that the gun is all metal and aluminum, except for the grips. It’s a refreshing change from all the polymer-framed concealed carry guns on the market. The frame is aluminum alloy and the slide is 416 stainless steel. Weighing in at 16 ounces unloaded, it is difficult to compare the P938 to other guns, as there are not many metal-framed sub-compacts to compare it to. The Kel-Tec P11 is lighter at 14 ounces, while the Bersa Thunder 9 and Kahr MK9 are considerably heavier at 23 and 22.1 ounces respectively. I shot the model that SIG calls “Nightmare”—an all-black version minus the matte nickel controls.

Black Colt Government Model Rail Gun .22, barrel pointed down and left with box of Winchester 22 Long Rifle ammunition on a background of gray weathered boards.


.22 Colt Government Model Range Review

The Colt Government Model .22 is a purpose-made. versatile, affordable, accurate pistol true to the 1911 template and chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge. With multiple versions available at different price points, this pistol holds up well on the range and can used with a wide variety of ammunition and would be great as a farm or ranch pistol. For all the details on what ammo the author tested and the results, read the full post.


The Auto-Ordnance Thompson Carbine — Americana at its Finest

The Thompson submachine gun works as a home defense tool or for police agencies who need a pistol caliber carbine. With a long history of being carried by the military, both American and European, in many wars, the Thompson SMG has definitely earned it’s place as a part of Americana and a powerful weapon. Read the post to learn more about it’s history and the current model.


SIG SAUER Scorpion – Modern Battle Pistol with a Sting

The SIG Sauer Scorpion takes the 1911 to a new level in performance and reliability. From the Cerakote finish to the beavertail grips, it is a winner. Although there are different lengths, the author chose the Commander length to test it’s usefullness as a personal defense handgun and it proved an excellent, powerful choice. Read this post to learn the details and options, plus check out how it performed at the range.