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Cimarron 1911 handgun left side

Range Reports

Cimarron’s Wild Bunch 1911

There are many like it, but the Cimarron 1911 Wild Bunch stands alone. Check out why Bob Campbell recommends this particular model 1911 for Cowboy Action Shooting.

Two-toned SCCY CPX 2 with black handle and silver slide on white background.


Throwback Thursday—The SCCY CPX 2

The SCCY CPX 2, with the 9mm Luger, is lightweight, fires a powerful cartridge and is perfect for personal defense and concealed carry. This handgun is reliable, fits in the hand well, has controllable trigger action, features good sights and has good manufacturer support.

S&W SD 40 with laser

Range Reports

Range Report: Smith and Wesson SD 40

Searching for a new reliable handgun within a tight budget isn’t as hard as you may think. Bob Campbell reviews the Smith & Wesson SD 40 .40 caliber pistol and proves its accuracy, concluding it makes a great gun for self-defense.

Galco ankle holster with Ruger LCP inside.


Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Still trying to find the right gun holster? Guest blogger Lori Winstead has an answer. She’s found that the Galco Ankle Lite ankle holster is a great fit for her EDC Ruger LCP. Here is her assessment.