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A dark gray and silver LW frame .45 with a wood-grained grip lying on a gray blue background with a box of ammunition.


Taurus PT 1911 Range Report

The original 1911s, first manufactured over 100 years ago, were handmade by skilled worksmen: that puts it out of reach for today’s market. The Taurus PT 1911 performs beautifully at a mid-range price with stellar performance and many options.

Walther P22 perched in crook of a tree


Range Report: The Walther P22

Beyond the Bond films, Walther has a serious following among firearms enthusiasts. While the .22 LR is not a primary self defense round for most, practice and plinking with a .22 LR pistol is another story. Bob Campbell puts the Walther P22 through it s paces at the range and has a few choice opinions.

A black SAR 9mm with a box of PowerStrike Ammunition against a background of gray boards.


Allegiance Ammunition PowerStrike

The Allegiance Ammunition PowerStrike gets the author’s highest recommendation for frangibility and affordability. Read this post to learn why adding this ammunition to your home defense arsensal is an excellent choice.

Chiappa 1911-22 pistol with two magazines


Chiappa’s Affordable 1911-22

The Chiappa 1911-12 is a reliabile, inexpensive pistol and a great starter for anyone and a must have for a 1911 fan. It takes less cleaning than most guns in this category and is great for both marksmanship training and recreation.

A black Kahr K9, muzzle pointing right, on a gray to white background. The focus is on the excellent machine work.

Range Reports

Kahr K9: Excellence in Design

The Kahr K9 carries easily and is accurate for long-ish personal defense range (even though it was originally an off duty gun for peace officers). It is substantial with good heft and is comfortable to fire. With proper concealment gunleather, the K 9 conceals and carries as well as lighter handguns

RIA1911 Groups

Range Reports

Rock Island 1911A1 and Tactical .45—Range Report

Fans of Rock Island Armory’s 1911 handguns affectionately refer to their pistol of choice as ‘The Rock.’ This nickname is appropriate and valid. These are reliable handguns and if they do not win a beauty contest, well, we don’t call the 1911 ‘Old Ugly’ for nothing.

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Range Report: Adcor Defense B.E.A.R. Elite

When I read that the Army had cancelled the carbine competition because the B.E.A.R. Elite and seven other highly regarded rifles hadn’t made it out of phase II function and accuracy testing, I admit I raised my eyebrows. I didn’t take very good care of my B.E.A.R., but I never had a hiccup. I know recreational civilian shooting is not Army torture testing, but from my experience on the gun, I can only say the B.E.A.R. Elite from Adcor Defense is an awfully good piece of machinery.

TSX Pro Series Micro-Adjust


Range Report: TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin

I have the envious position of getting to play with a lot of equipment and calling it work. With bow season rapidly approaching—at least in my mind—I have been crawling through catalogs and samples looking for a new bow sight. One product that caught my eye enough to order for a review was the TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin.

The S&W M&P 22 slide functions smooth as butter.

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Range Report: Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Pistol

Looking almost identical to its bigger brothers and sisters, the S&W M&P .22 pistol is the perfect trainer if you own or plan to own one of S&W’s 9mm or .40 caliber M&Ps. Introduced in 2011, the .22 LR M&P is made by Walther in Germany. Though the rimfire M&P looks similar to the centerfire models, the two are functionally different. While the centerfire M&P is striker-fired, the rimfire models have an internal hammer. The slide is as smooth as butter and those who have issues with pulling back a slide on a semi-automatic pistol will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of cocking it. As a trainer, teaching a new shooter, a fun plinker or rimfire competition gun, the S&W M&P 22 rimfire pistol is excellent for its ergonomics, reliability and functionality.