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Picture shows a military surplus gas mask with elongated mouth piece with a filter attached.


How to Buy, Collect and Repurpose Military Surplus Gear and Equipment

So, you want to start collecting military surplus gear or maybe you have compared prices with modern hunting and camping equipment prices to surplus prices. Whatever your reason, your curiosity has piqued an interest in purchasing military surplus items. Maybe you have questions and concerns about quality and condition—totally understandable. It can be difficult to judge via a picture online and information can be equally as difficult to find. There are a limited number of resources when you attempt to research a particular piece—especially when it comes to foreign military surplus. Not sure where to start? I hope this quick-start guide will be a good starting point to start your collection.

Picture shows a green rubber gas mask with filter and OD green canvas carrying bag.


Yugoslavian JNA Gas Mask: MIL-1206

The Yugoslavian JNA gas masks date from the 1970s to the 1980s, with no choice of year. The one I received was dated 1978. They are exact copies of the extremely popular U.S. M9A1 gas mask. It is one of the most copied designs in the world and is one of the only proven-in-battle gas masks to work against nerve agents and mustard gas. The Yugoslavian gas mask Cheaper Than Dirt! sells is the model M-1. It comes with the gas mask, canvas bag, instruction book (not in English) and one 60mm-threaded filter. Each gas is new and unissued, heat-sealed in a plastic bag. The filter also comes in a separate, sealed plastic bag.

Photo shows two German military field phones, encased in a OD green Bakelite case.


A Secured Line of Communication: German Military Field Phones

Afraid your communication is being intercepted? The field phones are a solid way to communicate between you and your comrades securely. These simple to set up and easy to use field phones only require four D batteries and standard single- or multi-strand copper wire to operate. Useable for more situations than they were designed for—communication between bunkers, trenches, hide-outs or foxholes—you can use them to communicate between any two locations you choose up to a mile apart.


The Ultimate Long-range Shooting Accessory

Though not as easy or convenient as a modern day laser rangefinder, the WWII Finnish military surplus stereoscopic rangefinder is half the price of its modern day counterparts, and just as reliable. Not only does the WWII rangefinder provide a topic of conversation and a challenge to its operator, using basic principles of prisms, mirrors and your own visual cortex you can calculate the correct range of a target up to 25,000 meters. That’s 15 miles!


Choices: AK-47, AK-74… or AK-12?

I was in the market for an AK (Avtomat Kalashnikova). The primary reason was that it was one platform that is noticeably absent in my safes; a hole that needs to be plugged. This led to an extensive investigation of AK offerings and a choice between the AK-47 and AK-74. “Besides honey, this isn’t just for fun, this is work.” That was the basic gist of the conversation when my wife caught me browsing sales fliers for new AKs.

Adventure Medical Kit

Camping & Survival

Got a Tourniquet?

In subsequent discussions with like-minded friends, most were under the impression—prior to the bombing—that tourniquets were taboo and had been for decades. A little research revealed the use of tourniquets traces back as far as the Roman Empire and were popular during most of the 1800s and 1900s. It wasn’t until Vietnam Era that doctors came out against their use and most of that was due to a perception that tourniquets were responsible for the amputations. It’s true, some were misused and attached too high unnecessarily sacrificing tissue and others were not tight enough, which can actually increase bleeding, but lives were, and are, being saved by the use of tourniquets.

Repurposed military surplus gear makes a perfect and cheap camp set up.


Repurposing Military Surplus Gear: Camping Old School Style

Camping gear can be as expensive or as cheap as you are willing to spend. If you are planning on camping this year and need some new equipment, have you thought about repurposing military surplus gear? For light backpacking, primitive and car camping, mil-surp gear will save you a ton of money. Military surplus gear is also perfect for the kid’s backyard camping adventures. sells a wide variety of military surplus gear from all over the world. Some of it is used, some of it is new. For a great price, you can find almost all you need for a weekend camping trip in our military gear category. Now is the time to buy however, unfortunately military surplus items are getting difficult to find.

US Military General Purpose Waterproof Box

Camping & Survival

Prepping 101: Build a First Aid Kit

The surplus medical box is ideal for storing valuables such as IDs, money, food, and even ammunition. The gasket seals spillage inside if something breaks during transport and the steel latches secure the gasket in place. These things can roll around in the back of a truck in any climate, and the heavy-duty construction will hold up to the elements.