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BLACKHAWK Legacy X6P, X9P, X6 Night-Ops Hand Held Flashlights

Light it up! The three handheld flashlights from BLACKHAWK are a very good choice in tactical illumination. The name BLACKHAWK has always meant quality to me when it comes to most anything tactical. These three lights are no different. For the person not able to spend close to $100.00 on a light for there night shooting or to attach to their shotgun you will thrilled with these lights.


Starting Your World War II Rifle Collection

Many of us have respectable firearms collections. Some of us collect everything we can get our hands on. Others collect specific guns from different eras, countries, or conflicts. A fellow gun collector had mentioned to me that he wanted to start collecting firearms from World War II.


Hard to Beat a Mossberg AR-15

Companies like Smith & Wesson and Remington have made ARs for the civilian market for years, and now O.F. Mossberg & Sons wants a piece of that AR pie. Check out this post for the up-to-date details on the Mossberg MMR Hunter.

Allen Camo Cloth Tape In Realtree


Gizmos & Gadgets — Allen Camo Cloth Tape

Camo cloth Tape has it naysayers, most of which have never used it. I started using camo tape in the ’80s when all bows came with high-gloss wood or painted finishes. A few years ago, I used a roll on a test gun that had seen better days. Once a year, I pull it out to remove the old tape, check the status and apply a new role. So far, the tape has not caused it to rust or pit, but let’s look at a few criticisms.

Drip Gun


When the Drip Gun Saved the Day

Much of the First World War was a standoff. Like any standoff, eventually someone has to retreat. During the Gallipoli campaign, where Allied forces tried to invade Constantinople, a major offensive to take ground failed.