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Dark gray Taurus 85 .38 Special with a black grip on a white background.


Taurus 5-Shot Revolvers – The Model 85 and More

The snubnose revolver is an excellent option for personal defense, especially with the right ammunition. In fact, it is an excellent option for the firing from a jacket pocket which means it’s also available when you need it for personal defense. Read this post to discover the best option for you.


SHOT 2014 — Norma-USA Expands U.S. Caliber Offerings

Norma USA created quite a buzz with the announcement regarding the expansion to its American PH and brass components. In 2012, Norma Precision expanded it high performance offerings to the United States and hunters have taken full advantage of Norma’s double-diameter expansion and deep, terminal penetration.


SIG SAUER Scorpion – Modern Battle Pistol with a Sting

The SIG Sauer Scorpion takes the 1911 to a new level in performance and reliability. From the Cerakote finish to the beavertail grips, it is a winner. Although there are different lengths, the author chose the Commander length to test it’s usefullness as a personal defense handgun and it proved an excellent, powerful choice. Read this post to learn the details and options, plus check out how it performed at the range.

A dark gray and silver LW frame .45 with a wood-grained grip lying on a gray blue background with a box of ammunition.


Taurus PT 1911 Range Report

The original 1911s, first manufactured over 100 years ago, were handmade by skilled worksmen: that puts it out of reach for today’s market. The Taurus PT 1911 performs beautifully at a mid-range price with stellar performance and many options.




DARPA is creating a new .50-caliber bullet that changes direction after firing. Check out this article to see how the new technology revolutionizes rifle accuracy.

A black SAR 9mm with a box of PowerStrike Ammunition against a background of gray boards.


Allegiance Ammunition PowerStrike

The Allegiance Ammunition PowerStrike gets the author’s highest recommendation for frangibility and affordability. Read this post to learn why adding this ammunition to your home defense arsensal is an excellent choice.

Five AR-15 magazines with a gold-toned one on the left and four others in shades of gray on a white background.


Magazine Maintenance

A magazine isn’t an accessory; it is a necessity AND it is a renewable resource. When you use the tips and steps in this article, you can renew those magazines you thought were headed for the trash bin.