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Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro


Bersa’s 9mm Pistol—A Great Buy

The Bersa is a well-kept secret, a world-class 9mm at a fair price. Read this review to learn more about this pistol that serves law enforcement as well as civilians well in defensive situations.

Black Beretta NANO and magazine


The Beretta BU9 Nano—A Powerful 9mm Pocket Pistol

An odd name, the Beretta is American made. A product of NANO technology the Beretta Nano BU9 is a neat well-balanced little pistol that will save your life. Read this article to learn the details of what makes it a great concealed carry option.


The Striker Fired Revolution

Makers are trading hammer fired for striker-fired handguns as they hope for success in the marketplace. By what we have seen, the change is beneficial. Check out this feature comparison to see why they’re becoming so popular.

Range Reports

Range Report: Colt’s Combat Elite

Colt’s Best Pistol? It is a 5-inch steel frame Government Model and that says a lot. However, the list of improvements goes on. Check out this article for the details of how it performed and the great features for this reliable, accurate handgun.

Black SIG P227 barrel pointed left on white background


SIG’s P227 High Capacity .45

Is the SIG P227 a high-capacity P220 or does it feel more like the P226? Is it a typical SIG or a little better? Let’s get shooting and find out.

Black Colt M4A1, barrel to the right on a white background


The Colt M4A1 Rifle — An Old Friend

Colt was first with the most and arguably best; this rifle is one that delivered. Whether you need a first class AR-15 or simply enjoy pride of ownership, the Colt is a great rifle and you’ll discover why in this article on the M4A1.