Affordable Precision — Riton RT-S MOD 7 Meets Savage 110 Tactical

Savage 110 rifle topped with a Riton scope

Having owned several $3,000-$5,000 precision rifles, the quest for accuracy can be expensive. The goal of this build was a rig with fine, precise accuracy with a price tag most shooters could afford. At full MSRP this complete ready to shoot setup is under $1,800 including gun, optic, rings, and magazine and easily delivers sub-.5-inch 100-yard groups—all day long.

Savage 110 Tactical Desert 6.5 Creedmoor
Savage 110 Tactical Desert 6.5 Creedmoor

A very long time ago, I had an amazing, long range shooter tell me that the secret to great long range shooting on a budget was to spend all your money on the optic. If you could not see the target, you certainly would not hit it. He went on to note that what seperates good optics from great optics is the clarity at 500-1,000 yards.

Lesser optics drastically fall off delivering detail at distances beyond 500 yards. This is a perfect case in point where a great affordable very accurate Savage rifle is paired with a high tier Riton optic in an affordable solution that allows a reasonably prices option to jump into precision shooting. Savage does not offer this as a combo, but everything can be easily dropped in the cart at Cheaper Than Dirt.

Riton was founded in 2013 by law enforcement and military veteran Brady Speth, and his wife, Carrie, with the simple goal of delivering quality and affordability to the optics industry with customer service as the biggest focus.

According to Brady Speth CEO Riton – “There are certainly great optics companies making great optics, but our frustration was that the optics industry as a whole really was not delivering the value, quality, and service without a big hefty price tag attached. The optics technology is already out there and is just getting better every year as we can see by the quality even camera phones are able to produce, but prices are really not dropping in hunting, sporting, and military optics, so we started to ask why.”

Target turret on a Riton rifle scope
The locking pop-up turrets-provided a great feel and excellent resettable precision.

When you consider that nearly every optics company in the world from budget to premier optics all source from the same small number of manufacturers in Japan and China such as Nikkor for glass and assembly. The term “quality” has been extremely subjective and really comes down to quality control processes commitments of the company, marketing, and the profit the company is willing to make. “We just felt the higher-tier optics prices were really over inflated and saw an opportunity to deliver a premium tier optic at a mid-tier price point” noted Speth.

Riton optics designs the optics in Tucson AZ and leverage overseas manufacturing relationships where they can assure complete quality control. All Riton optics are Dry Nitrogen Purged and Sealed, feature premium Riton HD Glass, Riton (Multi-coated) Performance Coating, and rugged 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC machined one piece tubes, Type III Hard Coat Anodized construction and quality control tested by Riton’s certified technician in Tucson, AZ.

Handling the $1,100 MSRP Riton RT-S MOD 7 5-25X56IR reviewed here, the 34mm tubed optic has the feel and durable heft of optics in the $1,300-$1,800 tier. This did not feel like just another $500 or $800 optic attempting to imitate the look of a $1,500 optic, without the specs to back it up. The optic is amazingly clear throughout the entire magnification range without any visible edge distortion. Turret adjustments are consistent, defined, and lockable with reference indicators.

The MRAD version delivered shots consistently after calibrating my ballistic calculator to this rifle and optic. The optics passed a simple box test and precisely returned to zero. For a sub $1,000 optic, the glass is phenomenally clear with a rugged durable construction what will certainly last a lifetime. The illumination is tuned for low light use and was appropriately dimmable at night and still visible if needed during daylight.

Savage 110 Tactical Desert 6.5 Creedmoor on a box of Hornady ammunition
The Savage-110 features a detachable Magpul mag, tactical bolt, and included optics base

The intent of this build was to allow the $769 MSRP Savage 110 Tactical 6.5 Creedmoor to achieve its precision potential which is well documented as a sub-MOA capable rifle with many shooters achieving sub-.3-inch 100-yard groups. The Savage 110 format is well known to be incredibly accurate and the 6.5 Creedmoor adds to the precision with what many describe as an accuracy “cheater” round.

The Creedmoor rounds were designed to optimal accuracy and they certainly have proven themselves from nearly every gun chambering them. The Savage 110 in 6.5 CM delivered impressive sub-.5-inch 100-yard groups, after only a dozen rounds out of the box. However, I was most impressed by the ability to easily hold 5-inch 500-yard groups, which was due to the brilliantly clear Riton RT-S Mod 7 5-25x56IR.

The optic was mounted simply with an available set of 34mm Tactical 6-screen Weaver rings, which I believe were the weakest link and could be improved upon with a set of high quality precision Seekins or APA rings. My experience is that investment in precision matched rings will mechanically deliver a jump in accuracy and prevent failures in the field. I do also feel the Savage really could use a picatinny rail for a more substantial bipod attachment, however it certainly performed well without that feature for me.

The Savage and Riton both performed amazing for such an affordable precision rifle rig. Notably the Savage 110 is very well appointed considering its price. Savage’s Accu Stock, trigger, and fit systems all work very well. Savage also includes some nice out of the box features on this 110 Tactical, such as the 10-round AICS Magpul compatible magazine well, tactical bolt knob, 20-MOA EGW rail, and the fact that it is threaded for suppressor attachment. I easily attached my APD Suppressor, which has shown to be one of my more accuracy improving .308 suppressors, while delivering a more pleasant shooting experience. This Riton Savage setup is an excellent combo for the shooter that want premium tier precision without sacrificing a house payment to do it.

Savage 110 rifle topped with a Riton scope
Notably the Savage 110 is very well appointed considering its price. The addition of the Riton was a match made in heaven.

Dry Argon Purged and Sealed

Utilizing Argon gas, the optic is purged and sealed to ensure superior performance in all weather conditions for the life of the optic.

Precision Quality Assurance

Every Riton product goes through a rigorous quality control process by a certified technician in Tucson, AZ. Each product you receive has undergone a thorough dual inspection process, being tested and inspected twice prior to making it to you.

Riton Advanced Turret System

RT-S MOD 7-5-25X56IR MOA riflescope
RT-S MOD 7-5-25X56IR MOA

The Riton Advanced Turret System incorporates push/pull locking turrets, as well as windage and elevation reference indicators for repeatable tracking and accuracy.

Riton HD/ED Glass

The Riton High Density (HD)/Extra Dispersion (ED) glass delivers 99.5% light transmission with extra low dispersion for an enhanced color spectrum. This high quality HD/ED glass provides optimal clarity and an improved sight picture.

Riton Performance Coating

Incorporating proprietary fully multi-coated lenses, all Riton optics feature low light enhancement, full wide band, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings for increased light transmission and overall lens performance.

Riton Rugged Construction

The Riton Rugged Construction incorporates the application of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC machined one piece tubes, and Type III Hard Coat Anodize.

Detailed Features  – Riton RT-S MOD 7-5-25X56IR MOA

  • Advanced Turret System with Push-Pull Locking/Zero Reset Turrets
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fog proof
  • Shockproof (tested up to 1200 G’s)
  • 1/4 MOA or 1/10 MRAD Quick Windage and Elevation Adjustment
  • Fast-Focus Eyepiece
  • Assembled in EP-Level Clean Room
  • Magnification: 5-25
  • Parallax Adjustment: Side, 10-infinity yards
  • Tube Diameter: 34mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56mm
  • Focal Lens Position: First Focal Plane
  • Lens Coating: Fully Multi-Coated, Full Wide Band, Waterproof Coated, Low Light Enhancement
  • Reticle: Riton Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle
  • Field of View at 100 yds: 22.5ft @ 5x – 4.5ft @ 25x
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Weight: 37oz/1049g
  • Length: 15.5in/393mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.9in/100mm
  • Exit Pupil: 12mm @ 5x – 2.3mm @ 25x
  • Click Value @ 100 yds: 1/4in/6.3mm – 0.1 MRAD
  • Adjustment Range: 73 MOA or 20 MRAD
  • Mounting Length: 6.7in/170mm
  • MSRP: $1,099

Specifications – 110 Tactical Desert – 6.5mm and 6mm Creedmoor

AccuFit system lets shooters quickly adjust comb height and length-of-pull

User-adjustable AccuTrigger

AccuStock rail system secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length

Savage 110 Tactical Desert 6.5 Creedmoor
Savage 110 Tactical Desert 6.5 Creedmoor

Detachable 10-round Magpul AICS magazine

Threaded heavy barrel with end cap

20 MOA EGW rail

Synthetic stock

Soft grip forend and pistol grip surfaces

Model 110 design and ergonomics

Tactical oversized bolt handle

MSRP: $769

Action: Bolt

Barrel Color: Black

Barrel Finish: Matte

cap on threaded rifle barrel
Factory threaded for your choice of brake or suppressor

Barrel Length: 24″

Barrel Type: BA

Bolt Release Type: Side

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor

Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds

Hand: Right

Length of Pull: 12.75″ – 13.75″

Magazine: Detachable Box Magazine

Overall Length: 45.5″ – 46.5″

Rate of Twist: 8

Receiver Color: Black

Receiver Finish: Matte

Receiver Material: Carbon Steel

Savage 110 Tactical Desert 6.5 Creedmoor on a box of Hornady ammunition
This is an incredibly well shooting package for under $1,800 MSRP

Type: Centerfire

Stock Color: Flat Dark Earth

Stock Finish: Matte

Stock Material: Synthetic

Stock Type: Law Enforcement Beavertail

Threaded Barrel: Yes

Weight: 8.87 pounds

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Gone are the days of two or three month optics repairs and harsh warranty requirements that are typical in the optics industry. Riton notes they have the industry’s best warranty on all of our products with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty requiring no proof of purchase or registration. If you have an issue with a Riton optic, you send it back to Riton with an Warranty Claim Form and they replace it for you with a brand new product. You will not receive any repair or refurbished products from Riton and they are committed to sending out replacement product within 48 business hours.

The Savage in 6.5 Creedmoor topped with the Riton RT-S MOD 7-5-25X56IR MOA makes for a great, long-range package that is hard to beat. What do you think about it? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. I mirrored this review for my purchase and back it up so far. I’ve only been to 200 yds with this setup and the gun & optics have been great. I just ordered Riton’s 4-32×56 to replace this one (playing musical optics). One question I have is what ammo were you running through it? I have my own preference but was just curious.

    1. Currently we do not have them in stock, but may in the future. More importantly, at The Shooter’s Log we cover products we believe would be of interest and beneficial to the reader. That is our primary mandate. Items that Cheaper Than Dirt! sells is secondary—our first concern is what’s best for the reader. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. You oughta check with Riton & see how many search engine hits they got before & after the article dropped.
      (Like mine, for one.)

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