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A black Ruger .22/45, barrel pointed down, with 2 boxes of ammunition against a wooden background.

Why Buy the .22 Long Rifle Cartridge?

A proven resource in creating a marksman is the use of inexpensive .22 caliber ammunition and .22 caliber firearms. The rimfire offers little or no recoil, minimal report and good accuracy. It is recognized that the rimfire is a good training aid for pure marksmanship, that is trigger control and learning sight alignment and sight picture. In today’s tight economy, we see both .22 caliber conversions and dedicated .22 caliber firearms pressed into service in training. With the high, and increasing, costs of training, .22 caliber conversion units and .22 caliber firearms appear to be a good buy.


Top 10 Most-Read Posts of 2012

Chronicle staff writers pay attention to stories the Cheaper Than Dirt community enjoys—how information is delivered and what topics our readers prefer in The Shooter’s Log. Based on what customers actually clicked-on and read in 2012, lists are a favorite kind of article—the top-five most-read items over the past year were compilations of some sort.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Four Guns Every Shooter Should Own

I know gun owners who have unique pieces. I regularly see rare and beautiful firearms lining gun cabinet walls that would feel more at home at a museum than in a buddy’s gun safe. However, with as much time as I’ve spent collecting firearms, I’ve noticed some common denominators the majority of gun collectors have on hand. While they may not be rare gems, they certainly fill their role as useful tools quite well. A new shooter would do well to purchase one of each.