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A zombie horde is highly unlikely.


The Shooter’s Log Top 16 ‘Scariest’ Posts

We have had a terrifying couple of years, from Ebola to stripping the 2A rights of hundreds of thousands of people who draw social security. The Shooter’s Log highlights the top 16 scariest posts Cheaper Than Dirt! has ever published—from zombies to martial law to ammo bans…

Camping & Survival

Cheaper Than Dirt! Survive The Night Giveaway

Enter to win a free zombie survival kit, including a Brite-Strike professional knife worth $150. But do it quickly! This contest will be over before you know it. Simply sign up with your email address from Oct. 23 to Nov. 2, 2015 for your chance to win! To enter and see what is included in the survival kit, click to read this post.

Image shows a woman dressed in a wedding dress with blood splatter on it, holding and swinging a bloody baseball bat

Camping & Survival

Five Alternative Weapons for Survival

Sometimes during a survival situation, a firearm isn’t your best choice. The loud report will give away your location and you might run out of ammo. During a zombie apocalypse or any other major disaster or end of the world situation, having a stockpile of alternative weapons is a good idea. Machetes, an axe, air guns, slingshots, and spears make excellent hunting and self-defense weapons. Check out the five best alternative weapons for survival in this blog post.