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Gewehr 98: Highlighting an Old Adversary

The Gewehr 98 is no exception when it comes to premium engineering. In service from 1898-1935, the action on this weapon is so good, that military and hunting rifles over a century later still emulate its basic design. Pick up a Springfield 1903 and you may notice some very Gewehr-like details. Glance over the action of a Winchester Model 54 or 70, and you will notice some distinctive German characteristics. You can’t really blame them. When it comes to a bolt-action design, this Mauser is as close to perfect as you can get.

Drip Gun


When the Drip Gun Saved the Day

Much of the First World War was a standoff. Like any standoff, eventually someone has to retreat. During the Gallipoli campaign, where Allied forces tried to invade Constantinople, a major offensive to take ground failed.


Rifles of the First World War

All troops, both foreign and American, serving in WWI were issued a bolt-action rifle. Due to their reliability and accuracy, bolt-action rifles were common in combat through WWII, and the Model 1903 Springfield saw action through the Korean War… This history snippet gives you a peek into the rifles of WWI.