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Woman shooting a semi automatic handgun wearing a pink and brown ballcap

Safety and Training

Training: Interacting With Female Shooters

As might be expected, a goodly percentage of the shooters that attend my training classes are female shooters. Some have developed an interest in the shooting sports, others are just curious. unfortunately, many women regard those of us who are armed as a lifestyle with about as much fear as they fear thugs. This is a challenge that must be overcome.


Is the .380 ACP the new .38 Special?

Ladies, does it annoy you to walk into a gun shop and immediately be directed to the small, .38 Special revolvers? Have you noticed a switch? Next time you go into a gun shop, ask at the counter for a semi-auto. I bet they will hand you a .380 ACP. Revolvers and .380s are great, but they aren’t everything. Is the .380 the new .38? Read on for my conclusion.

Picture shows a screen shot of Girls Guide to Gun's Facebook post.


The Best Facebook Pages for Women Shooters

Though half of my girlfriends are gun owners, when we are together we spend more time engaging in girl talk rather than gun talk and we rarely shoot together. Thankfully, though, I have over 35 friends I can turn to when I need a does of gunpowder. I like and follow over 35 Facebook pages dedicated to women in the outdoors. Out of the 35 plus pages I like, here are my top five favorite women-gun lovers pages on Facebook.