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Picture shows a row of SWAT team holding riot shields standing in front of a fire

Camping & Survival

The First 5 Things To Do After a Crisis

In the majority of crisis situations, no matter what the crisis is, you want to do the exact opposite of the mob of people. In other words, instead of running to the bank or the ATM machine, you want to check in with your family and make sure they’re safe. Check out these and other tips for surviving a crisis.

Mag of Jade Helm 15 military exercise depicting Texas as a "hostile" state

Camping & Survival

Jade Helm 15—What if Martial Law Was a Reality?

Martial Law would be one way President Obama could actually take our guns. Operation Jade Helm 15 began this week in seven states. This massive military training exercise, of the likes the country has never seen before have many speculating on what it is exactly the military is training for. Is Jade Helm preparing the U.S. Military for nationwide Martial Law? Are Blue Bell and Wal-Mart in on it? Read to find out all you need to know about Jade Helm and how to survive Martial Law.

Picture shows a drawing of the San Diego skyline after an apocalyptic event.

Camping & Survival

The Only Thing You Need to Survive an EMP

Those aware of the serious consequences of a large EMP attack suspect that literally millions would die in the first week. And our government isn’t doing much to prepare for it. The entire electric grid is at risk to go down. Even very little military communications would work after an EMP. Preppers already know not to depend on anyone else to save them during a disaster. A survivalist mindset is already one of self-reliance. Another group living self reliantly is modern homesteaders. We could all learn lesson from homesteaders, as it will most likely be the only way you and your family will survive the years it will take for our country to recover from an EMP attack. Unfortunately, I do not have a 10-easy-step guide on how to survive an EMP. However, I do have ideas that will help. To learn the only thing you need to know about surviving an EMP read on.

Camping & Survival

Is Urban Survival Urban Hype?

Most of the hype and popularity of survival and preparedness–especially urban survival–is based on watching spy movies and won’t do a thing when you’re in a real-life survival situation. Read this post to discover a few of the important survival techniques to master.