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Bumpstocks: If You Can’t Win, Change the Rules

Bumpstocks have been on the hit list for some time now. Not because they are intrinsically dangerous in the hands of hundreds of thousands of gun owners, but because one miscreant, a murderer, decided to use one in a horrific crime. Politicians and anti gunners, as usual, have decided to blame the implement and not the criminal. As a result, under the direction of President trump, the Department of Justice has reclassified bump stocks as machine guns. The ruling becomes official when it is placed on the Federal Register, likely this Friday, December 21, 2018. At that time, it will kick off a 90-day clock to either destroy or surrender your scapegoat bumpstock.

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FDIC Chairman Chokes on ‘Choke Point’ Testimony

When FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg testified about his agency’s involvement in Operation Choke Point, he insisted FDIC was simply trying to inform banks about high-risk businesses and reduce fraud — not threaten banks or blacklist industries such as firearms retailers.

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Legal Issues

‘Choke Point’ Gets Choked Off

Top officials of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) have admitted wrongdoing by participating in “Operation Choke Point” and have said they would cease classifying businesses that dealt in “Ammunition Sales” and “Firearms Sales” as high-risk ventures along with escort services, Ponzi schemes, pornography, and firms that produce racist materials, to name a few.

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‘Operation Choke Point’

The National Shooting Sports Foundation probes into the role of the federal government in influencing bank lending practices. Read this article to see what impact this will have on the firearms industry.

A civil lawsuit has been filed against Attorney Gen. Eric Holder.


DOJ Looks to Use ‘Smart’ Guns in Gun-Control Policy

Attorney General Eric Holder told a House appropriations subcommittee last week that the Justice Department is looking into gun-controlling bracelets as part of its overall gun-control efforts. Does new technology — such as the ability to unlock a safe with a fingerprint scan and RFID-equipped bracelets — have any place on firearms?