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U.S. Army Cancels Interim Combat Service Rifle (ICSR) Program

Last week, The Shooter’s Log ran a throwback article on the Top 5 Combat Rifles of All Time. The debate was lively to say the least, but the one overarching theme was a feeling that the 5.56 simply did not have enough punch. The U.S. Army seems to agree. So, last August, the Army announced the Interim Combat Service Rifle (ICSR) program. The ICSR was tasked with replacing the Army’s M4 carbine with a 7.62 mm rifle. A month later, the program was cancelled. What are the implications and the Army’s next steps?

Patenet diagram of self-destructing bullet


Army Engineers Patent ‘Limited Range’ 50-Cal Bullet

A proof-of-concept bullet developed by the U.S. Army will disable after flying a certain distance, helping to prevent injuries from stray rounds. Click to read how the bullet, equipped with a reactive material that will ignite when the bullet is fired, burns during flight, making the bullet unstable.

Picture shows a worn pair of military surplus ski goggles.


Military Surplus Spotlight: “The Ski Troopers” WWII Ski Goggles

Though you know heroes and freedom fighters of yesteryear used much of the military surplus items you acquire, it is rare to come across a piece with such a specific history. Buried deep in a Swiss bunker, we found original WWII, U.S. Mountain Troop ski goggles manufactured by Foster Grant. These well-worn military surplus goggles are a true piece of history. To know that a member of the “greatest generation” fought so hard in such harsh conditions fighting off the Germans, the well-worn goggles are worth every penny.

Sandra Uptagrafft — photo courtesy of USA Shooting

Competitive Shooting

USA Shooting Team Member Profile: Eric and Sandra Uptagrafft

You could say shooting is a family affair for Eric and Sandra Uptagrafft and shooting and marriage go hand in hand for this dynamic world-class shooting duo. One look at their resumes and it is easy to see these two share a love of the shooting sports and an obvious attraction to the thrill of elite levels of competition.

Range Reports

Range Report: Adcor Defense B.E.A.R. Elite

When I read that the Army had cancelled the carbine competition because the B.E.A.R. Elite and seven other highly regarded rifles hadn’t made it out of phase II function and accuracy testing, I admit I raised my eyebrows. I didn’t take very good care of my B.E.A.R., but I never had a hiccup. I know recreational civilian shooting is not Army torture testing, but from my experience on the gun, I can only say the B.E.A.R. Elite from Adcor Defense is an awfully good piece of machinery.