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Concealed Carry

I Trust My Life to Taurus

“I left the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I noticed an odd sound as I walked up to the car’s door. My feet were crunching on the pavement—yet there was no snow or ice. I looked down and saw glass. Then, I saw him and knew my my life might never be the same.

Camping & Survival

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 28: Learning by Example: The Survival Story of Thomas and Tamitha Garner

In January 2008, a Utah couple Thomas and Tamitha Garner, along with their dog Medusa, set out for a drive in a remote area of Southwest Utah to photograph wild horses in Modena Canyon. Before heading out, they alerted family members of their plans and stopped in Panaca, Nevada for gas and two boxes of granola bars. The couple ended up further down a road than they should have when a severe winter storm came through. Thomas says the snow got too high and he was unable to turn the truck around to get out. The Garner’s ordeal lasted 12 days. I want you to tell me; what did the Garners do right and what did the Garners do wrong?

A survival mindset means staying positive.

Camping & Survival

Resilience and Building the Survivor Mindset

As someone with a survivalist mindset, you believe you have all the gear you need to survive an emergency or disaster. Not only have you stockpiled food and plenty of water, but also you have cached ammunition and mapped out a strategic route to get out of town. However, there might be one thing missing from your bug-out-bag—a positive survivalist mindset. Having the correct mindset when it comes to surviving a disaster could be the difference between life and death.