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Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-In Edition

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Video: Bullseye Camera Systems AmmoCan Sight-In Edition

The days of hiking back and forth, hundreds of yards or even a mile, to your target are over. Now you can see your shot and adjust from over a mile away via an app on your cellphone or tablet and the AmmoCan Sight-In Edition or AmmoCam Long Range Target Camera Night Vision. REad the story and watch the video review and demonstration with professional 3 gun shooter Corinne Mosher.

Man-shaped torso metal reactive shooting target

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Reactive Targets

Spice up your training or make your time at the range more engaging and exciting with a reactive target. Reactive targets will take a boring range session and transform it for instant feedback during training and more fun than a new shooter ever imagined!

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Free 4th of July Target

Happy Independence Day from Cheaper Than Dirt! There is no better way to celebrate our freedom than a few hours at the range. Have a little bit of fun this holiday weekend with our free downloadable 4th of July fireworks target.

Patrick E Kelley


Santa Claus is Coming to Town…with Patrick E. Kelley

Patrick E. Kelley rings out his heavy metal version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town in this fun video just in time for the holiday season. We hope you enjoy Patrick’s spin on Christmas carols —and if you do, be sure to share it with your friends.

Zombie target with red-haired clown in red/yellow costume

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Target Training: Paper Just Won’t Do

Zombie targets are too much fun! Available in diverse selections, they may range work fun. Who knows you just may sharpen you skills as well! Check out this article on the latest and greatest in Zombie targets and the right guns and ammo to take them down.