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Demonstrating a proper cheekweld when shooting a shotgun

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Adaptive Tactical ExPerformance — Performance for Your Combat Shotgun

Are you looking to breathe new life into an old shotgun? Perhaps a good, modern stock that makes the shotgun well suited for tactical use, works great with slug loads, and mimics the fit and feel of the AR-15 stock, is what you are looking for. Regardless your motivation, the Adaptive Tactical stock more than works well. This is the final evaluation of the author after more than a year of testing and use. Read the full story.

Black fixed blade knife with Tanto plain-edged blade

Blades and Knives

New Pocket Knives and Fixed Blades

The gear we choose for our everyday carry is just as important and varied as the guns we chose for self-defense. Be it a small, folding tradition pocketknife you inherited to a fixed blade partially serrated boot knife made for thrusting, a knife is usually carried every day. Not only for backup self-defense, but a knife can also save our life. If you like edged weapons, survival tool and tactical knives, check out these six new blades at on The Shooter’s Log.

Black, Surefire flashlight with strike bezel.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

SureFire 6PX Tactical Lights

SureFire set the standard for tactical and duty lights. These tough-as-nails flashlights have gained quite the reputation for the best quality light for military, law enforcement and civilians a like. Building on the features of the 6P Original, SureFire released the 6PX Pro, 6PX Tactical and 6PX Defender tactical lights. In this article, the three flashlights from SureFire are compared.

Consumer Information

Gift Guide—For When You Can’t Carry: UZI Tactical Glass-Breaking Pen

Tactical pens are good for those who work in the field in law enforcement, first responders, emergency services or serve in our military. Civilians can use them too, as backup self-defense weapons, as durable and unbreakable writing implements, or as a way to get yourself out of a vehicle after an accident. There is no reason to spend a lot of money, when the UZI tactical glass-break pen works just as well and sells for less than $15. Read this article to learn more.


22 Uses for Tactical Operator’s Bag

I usually find it quite difficult to find more than two uses out of most military surplus equipment. Designed to fulfill a specific need, gas masks and weapons gear top my list of favorite collectables. However, neither really are useful beyond its single purpose. Once and awhile, though a product comes along that is so versatile, I can’t pass it up—such as the tactical operator’s case. I’ve come up with 22 different uses. What about you?

British Soldier Wearing Osprey MK4 Armor Carrier


The Real Deal: A True British Operator’s Modular Osprey MK4 Body Armor Carrier

Thankfully arriving pre-assembled for “complete fighting order,” the Osprey MK4 body armor vest set is a smoking deal. It includes nine MOLLE pouches, which alone is worth the price of the entire rig. Incredibly well built, these vests are not Chinese imports made for those who play airsoft. They are the real deal and easily worth $300. However, Cheaper Than Dirt sells the whole unit for less than $100. Read why this is one heck of a deal for this true operator’s armor carrier.