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Darl metal Ruger Single Six variant in .32 H and R Magnum on a background of leaves


.32 Revolver Cartridges

Powerful they are not, but .32 revolver cartridges are accurate. They are mild shooting, inexpensive and well suited for small game. Read this post for details about what makes this a great solution for you.

(Left to Right) A .45 Auto Rim with a heavy-cast 255 grain SWC, the .45 Colt with a 260-grain bullet and the .45 ACP with a 230-grain JHP. The .45 AR is easily among the most versatile of all cartridges.


The .45 Auto Rim

The .45 ACP loading has a long history, starting in WW1, and with the addition of the auto rim, it is a clean burning load for personal defense or target practice. Enjoy this post with both the history and recommendations for the best options today.