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Thunderstorm Foul Weather

Safety and Training

30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 6: Throwback Thursday Shooting in Foul Weather

Practicing under various weather conditions does more than allow me to practice the fundamentals under adverse conditions. It also allows me to better understand how my gear works when wet, cold, and muddy. If I’m going to have a piece of equipment fail, I’d much rather have that failure occur while at the range instead of out at a competition or while watching that trophy elk dissolve into a misty tree line. The fall and winter hunting season have one thing in common with the spring, and that’s cold and often wet weather. The deer and elk I pursue are out in the elements, and if I want to get to them I have to brave the elements as well. It’s important to me to know that my gear performs well on the range and how to overcome the problems that foul weather presents.

Safety and Training

A Safety Reminder About Lead

Due to the lead in the primer and ammunition, the gases expelled from firing a gun contain lead. While at the gun range—whether indoor or outdoor—we inhale these gases. Lead particles and dust also settle on our fingers, hands, arms, hair, clothing, shoes and our face. In fact, the air around your face at the shooting range contains toxic levels of lead. Always wash thoroughly after a range trip.

Glow Shot Reactive Target with bullet holes

Safety and Training

Discouraged? Stop Comparing Yourself!

Being a female shooter can be tough. Being a female shooter who works in the firearms industry is even tougher. Every day I read about people who shoot better than me. All day I’m surrounded by guys who know more than me. And it gets discouraging. Nothing is more discouraging than a bad day at the range. But a bad day compared to what? When I feel like throwing in the towel, I remind myself why I shoot. Most importantly, I go to stay proficient with my personal guns. When I review my targets, I have to ask, “would that have stopped a threat?” “Did I have a good time?” If the answer is “yes,” than by all means—that was a successful range trip!

A man is summer shooting a rifle at an outdoor gun range.

Safety and Training

Summer Shooting

As temperatures heat up, we usually find ourselves more active and getting out more. We start spending more time outside enjoying the sun and hopefully go to the gun range more frequently. If you shoot at an outdoor range, you will want to pack a few extra items in your range bag to prevent sun damage, dehydration and itchy bug bites. To prevent painful sunburn and the long-term effects of the sun’s damaging rays, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 15 SPF. Take a few bottles of water with you and take breaks to drink some before you feel thirsty.

Safety and Training

It’s Okay to be Nervous

I have a confession to make. I’m not a huge fan of the gun range. Now don’t get me wrong—I love to shoot, just not at the range. Why don’t I like the range, you ask. Quite frankly? Because it makes me nervous. Its loud, there are weird people, and I’m self conscious. I’ve gotten over my issues and I hope you can too after reading my blog “It’s Okay to be Nervous.”