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Summer Scouting Tips — Make A Plan

I cut my G2s in the big woods of the Allegany region of Pennsylvania. In the big woods, you’ll want to key in on mast such as acorns, persimmons and wild apples. Read this article to learn a few valuable summer scouting tips.

Huntress with shotgun over her shoulder and GPS in hand.

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield — Up Your Odds on Public Land

A little legwork may help in the long run by signaling if the areas you hope to target produce the most, or even trophy, animals. This allows you to select lands that fit your hunting plans and hunting style and cuts down on wasted opportunities. Read this article to learn how.


Preparing for Your First Big Game Hunt

As the days become shorter and the leaves begin to change, hunters across this great nation are preparing for their respective seasons in mind, body, and spirit. Guns come out of storage; decoys cleaned and repainted. Bows are shot and deer silhouette targets are popping up in suburban backyards. Read this article to learn more about preparing for your first big game hunt.


Are You Ready for Turkey Season?

If you threw your shogun in the closet last year and haven’t touched it since, it is probably time for a pre-season gun cleaning. Take it out to the range and do some functions testing. Get some turkey targets and make sure you are using the optimum choke and load for your gun.

Red deer stag silhouette in the mist

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Sizing Up Deer Hunting Property

When searching for a good deer lease or hunting property, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account other than the cost of the property or lease. Check out this article for the top tips to make sure you have a successful deer hunting season.