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Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Rangefinder


Nikon Releases Latest Laser Rangefinder for Archers

Nikon recently unveiled its newest archery laser rangefinder (LRF), the Nikon ARROW ID 3000. The ARROW ID (Incline/Decline) 3000 is tailored to the rangefinding needs of archers across the globe—whether hunting, shooting 3D, or any other competition.


The Ultimate Long-range Shooting Accessory

Though not as easy or convenient as a modern day laser rangefinder, the WWII Finnish military surplus stereoscopic rangefinder is half the price of its modern day counterparts, and just as reliable. Not only does the WWII rangefinder provide a topic of conversation and a challenge to its operator, using basic principles of prisms, mirrors and your own visual cortex you can calculate the correct range of a target up to 25,000 meters. That’s 15 miles!