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What is Your Emergency Communications Strategy?

I was intrigued to see where he was going with the conversation though. In my thinking, Ham radio was a dead art. Sure, it had its purpose—in its time—but we have cell phones, email and text messaging today. Communications are much easier than they were 30 or 40 years ago.

Picture shows a white emergency radio.

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30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 3: NOAA-Approved Emergency Weather Alert Radios

NOAA broadcasts continuous updates on a network of radio stations around the country called NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) All Hazards. Not only does NOAA report weather, but also information on natural disasters such as avalanches and earthquakes, as well as environmental problems such as oil spills and chemical explosions, along with Amber alerts. NWR uses VHF frequencies from 162.400 to 162.550 MHz. However, you cannot hear these broadcasts on regular AM/FM radio receivers. Cheaper Than Dirt! sells four different emergency weather-alert specific radios. I have highlighted the main features of each.

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30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 5: Purchase a NOAA Weather Alert Radio

The best tool you can have to stay safe and warm in sever winter weather is to be aware of what to prepare for. Investing in a NOAA weather emergency alert radio helps you stay informed on conditions not only in your local area, but also in all around the nation. Before severe winter weather hits your area, get to know NOAA and the differences in terminology used by meteorologists to describe a weather event.

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Review: Kaito Voyager Emergency Radio

The Voyager is more than a one-trick pony though and can be operated or charged via the AC adapter, built-in rechargeable batteries, solar panel or USB port. And speaking of solar panels, the Voyager’s panel can easily be articulated. The Voyager features extremely efficient charging technologies that make sense. For instance, you can play the radio for about 20 minutes after charging the radio for about a minute using the crank handle. This is one of those mileage may vary statements, because signal strength, solar assistance and volume would all effect the charge, but you get the idea.

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When Communications Go Down

Just when you thought you had everything covered under shooting to include guns, ammo and accessories and just when you thought you had your escape and evasion plan, or your bug out plan, or whatever you want to call it planned, food is taken care of, transportation is covered, someone has to bring up communication.